Larry Sang Feng Shui

Larry Sang Feng Shui – An Introduction

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art form and science that deals with the understanding of the relationship between one’s personal environment and their overall quality of life. Masters of this ancient practice are said to be able to bring balance and harmony to the energy or chi (life force) of an area. Larry sang is one such master of this ancient practice, and has practised feng shui for over 40 years.

How Larry Sang Practices Feng Shui

Feng shui can be practised in many ways, with Larry Sang’s method focusing on five main aspects:

  • Land form Feng Shui: In this practice, the practitioner needs to take note of the physical characteristics of the land and atmosphere, and assess the flow of positive and negative energy in the surrounding landscape.
  • Qi Men Dun Jia: This practice identifies certain methods of living and working that will encourage positive energy flow and reduce negative energy.
  • Ba Gua: This practice evaluates the arrangement of things in our living and work environment, and takes into account how it affects the energy levels of an individual.
  • Eight Mansion: In this practice, the practitioner assesses the movement of energy in our personal spaces, and identifies where there needs to be focus and improvement to achieve balance.
  • Face Reading: This practice examines the individual’s face to assess the blocks and obstacles that are holding back abundance and success.
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Benefits of Practicing Feng Shui with Larry Sang

For those seeking a higher quality of life, Larry Sang’s feng shui practice has much to offer. Some of the benefits one can expect to experience directly include:

  • Achieving harmony between one’s house and the land surrounding it.
  • Reducing the risk of misfortune and ill fated events.
  • Improving one’s social standing and luck in life.
  • Activating the potential of one’s career success.
  • Discovering new positive energies in the home and in life.

Thanks to his tremendous knowledge and experience, Larry Sang is helping countless of individuals and families to unlock their potential and reach the highest levels of success. His gung ho attitude and dedication to his craft has established him as a leading figure in feng shui circles worldwide, admired by many and respected by all.

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