Chueh Ming Feng Shui

What is Chueh Ming Feng Shui?

Chueh Ming Feng Shui, more commonly known as ‘black hat feng shui’, is an approach to the ancient Chinese art and science of placement. It is a method used to arrange the elements of chi energy or qi to bring harmony and balance to a person’s human energy field. This type of energy manipulation is said to create an atmosphere that is beneficial to health, work, and relationships.

How it works?

Chueh Ming Feng Shui is based on a system of Chinese astrology, by connecting the positioning of various elements in the home and office to their yin and yang energies. It works by placing these elements in certain positions and locations in order to attract or repel energy in a desirable way.

This energy is believed to come from two major sources: the environment, and the people. The environment provides energy from the sun, stars, and cosmic forces, while people’s energy comes from their inner self. When elements are strategically placed in a home or office, this sets up a continuous flow of positive energy throughout the space, leading to positive effects on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Benefits of Chueh Ming Feng Shui

Chueh Ming Feng Shui provides numerous benefits including:

  • Health: Feng shui is believed to promote balance within the body and therefore improve physical health.
  • Wealth: It is believed that arranging the energies within a person’s physical environment can help to attract wealth and abundance.
  • Harmony: By manipulating the energies within a person’s physical space, emotional balance can be promoted creating balance in the home and work environments.
  • Balance: Feng Shui is said to bring balance to physical and metaphysical energies creating a state of equilibrium in the home or office environment.


Chueh Ming Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that uses placement of elements to achieve a more balanced and harmonious environment. It is believed to bring positive energy into any space, and lead to improved physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Although modern science may not be able to prove its effectiveness, there are many people who hold true faith in its powers and have experienced its benefits for centuries.

What is the significance of Chueh Ming Feng Shui?

Chueh Ming Feng Shui is an important Chinese philosophical school that helps assess the flow of energy (qi) and the balance of yin and yang in any given environment. This practice uses astrology, geomancy, and orientation of buildings to create harmonious conditions. Chueh Ming Feng Shui has been used to help design homes, cities, and palaces. It also plays an important role in people’s overall well-being, as it is believed that their energy and fate can be affected by the energy of their environment.

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