Feng Shui Mirror Dining Room

## What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy of creating environments with positive energy and good fortune in mind. Feng shui’s principles are based on balancing energies of the physical environment to create harmony, health and well-being for its inhabitants.

## How Can Mirrors Be Used in Feng Shui?

Mirrors can be used to create light and open up a room. They can also help create a balance between outdoor and indoor elements and energies, as well as provide protection from negative forces. 

## Why Should I Put a Mirror in My Dining Room?

When placed in a dining room, mirrors can create a feeling of abundance and prosperity. When positioned correctly, mirrors can have a dramatic impact on the energy of a space.

* Mirrors reflecting a dining table will double the food, money and overall abundance.
* Mirrors reflecting any artwork or symbols in the dining room create an amplified energy.
* Mirrors can also help to create a more inviting and enjoyable atmosphere.

## What Are the Rules of Placing Feng Shui Mirrors in a Dining Room?

When placing mirrors for feng shui, it’s important to adhere to some key guidelines.

1. Position the mirrors away from the dining table. Mirrors should not be placed behind, adjacent or opposite the dining table, as they can create a chaotic energy.

2. Hang mirrors at eye level. Mirrors should be hung at eye level, as they can create a distracting or inviting energy if hung too high or low.

3. Ensure the back of the mirror is covered. Mirrors should never be hung with the back exposed, as this encourages negative energy and misfortune.

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4. Place the mirrors on an inside wall. Mirrors should always be placed on an inside wall, as to not create negative energy or bad luck due to the reflection of a window or outside elements.

## Conclusion

By taking the time to carefully and thoughtfully position a mirror in your dining room, you can increase the positive energy and create a harmonious and prosperous environment. Following these guidelines will help to ensure that the power of your mirror is used for good.

What type of mirrors are used in Feng Shui for the dining room?

In Feng Shui, mirrors are typically used in the dining room to bring wealth and abundance. Some particularly auspicious types of mirrors include a round convex mirror to bounce energy through the room, as well as a two-way mirror where one surface is mirrored and one surface is plain. Additionally, you may consider placing a mirror opposite the dining room door so that guests will have an excellent view of the guests inside.

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