Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Feng Shui

Feng Shui has been practiced for centuries to bring balance and harmony in a living space. Applying the principles of Feng Shui can be used to turn an ordinary room into an eye-catching retreat. When it comes to cathedral ceiling bedroom Feng Shui, it is essential to create a calming atmosphere while enhancing positive energy flow within the room. This can be accomplished by incorporating important design elements that promote safety and tranquility.

The use of colors and decoration is one of the most powerful tools in bringing life to a cathedral ceiling bedroom without disturbing its basic proportions. Soft hues such as muted blues, greens, purples, browns or tans help to open up the area and create a sense of comfort.

Colorful artwork placed between two windows will draw the eyes up, creating visual excitement. Additionally, lights should emphasize height by utilizing recessed lighting or pendants hanging from high ceilings and natural light should be brought in to eliminate darkness or shadows around the room.

In order to bring good energy into your cathedral ceiling bedroom feng shui, furniture items should be arranged with purposeful placement. Place your bed near a solid wall if possible – far away from any windows so there are fewer distractions during sleep time. Soft furnishings such as curtains, lamps, cushions and throws can add texture but should not clutter the space for optimum comfort in Zen fashion.

Mirrors can also be used strategically to make spaces feel bigger than they actually are when placed opposite windows or directly across from one another on both sides of a wall. Accent pieces such as vases filled with flowers will boost vibes while items with curved lines or organic shapes are believed to generate positive energy radiating serenity inside enclosed areas.

Lastly, use sounds like water fountains or sound machines set on low volume frequencies to reduce noise level distractions from outside the house while inducing peacefulness indoors – enabling restful sleep at night times for those living inside these rooms designed thoughtfully with Feng Shui principles incorporated into them.

Benefits of Incorporating Feng Shui into a Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom

Feng shui is a Chinese practice focused on balancing positive energy, qi in the home environment. From the layout of furniture to how one interacts with their space, feng shui encourages those who employ it to create an inspirational and harmonious environment that invites relaxation.

This type of design philosophy can easily be incorporated into almost any bedroom space, including those with a cathedral ceiling. Incorporating Feng Shui into a cathedral ceiling bedroom provides several powerful benefits that can improve both personal wellbeing and mental clarity.

Calming Effect

One way feng shui affects a cathedral ceiling bedroom’s atmosphere is by creating a calming effect through the use of simple colors, textures, and shapes to draw attention away from negative feelings and blocks. Colors such as blues, greens, pastels, or earth tones create a relaxing, calming atmosphere for sleep instead of overly bright or harsh lighting fixtures that may be overwhelming or too stimulating.

Additionally, neutral shades improve sightlines while outlining natural curves and angles to offer an inviting aesthetic versus sharp corners which amplify tension and angst. Lastly, large pieces of artwork displayed around the room balance opposition while supplying negative space for tranquillity to exist; these components that are aligned with proper feng shui directs energy away from distraction towards peace.

Improved Sleep Quality

By applying feng shui principles to this specific kind of interior style, improved sleep quality amongst its inhabitants is supported due to the arrangement between objects in close proximity with each other like a bed management system.

Embarking on proper placement indicates heightening excitement when transitioning onto the bed regardless if for rest or leisurely activities as it allows individuals to intuitively find comfort straight away rather than having difficulty concentrating on an area made up by clutter or unreliable furniture designs like misaligned nightstands subsequently leading to insomnia and uneasiness overall.

Good Vibrations

Finally fostering qi within this particular setting helps support meaningful interactions in everyday life amongst family members and visitors alike due to good vibrations emitted throughout the room mixed in with poetic bestowals such as prosperity symbols via paintings parading down walls resembling clocks tendering satisfaction whereas further enriching oneself’s personal state-of-mind as well as those under one roof.

How to Energize the Room for Positive Chi

Cathedral ceilings are gorgeous architectural features that bring the outdoors inside with an airy, majestic feeling. Their openness, however, can leave a large room feeling empty and uninviting. To restore positive energy in your cathedral ceiling bedroom, think Feng Shui – a Chinese system of philosophy and lifestyle that enhances balance within interior spaces through careful placement of furniture and household items. Here are some specific tips for how to energize the room into a positive Chi.

Create Centerpieces That Speak to Your Personal Preferences

The centerpiece of any room is its lightning fixture or chandelier, so choosing one deliberately is important to create balance from above. There are various metal home accents like lighting fixtures which expand with size along the ultra-high ceilings such as crystal chandeliers which not only sparkle beneath LED’s but introduce a sense of harmony and tranquility to the area as well as break up the expanse created by high walls.

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Whatever your preference – do consider unique handmade pieces over mass manufactured designs in order to truly make your cathedral ceiling bedroom your own.

Present Living Accents

Another tip is to bring living accents into your space that reflect personality and graciously accommodate for guests at the same time. For instance, bold decorative plants can be placed in strategic areas such as corners or next to windowsills while armchairs for lounging spruce up seating arrangements without obstructing any natural light streams coming in from windows facing outside perimeters of the room.

These additions lend one of life’s greatest gifts – movement – meaning not only will it smoothly transition conversations within its vicinity but also generate positive energy simultaneously throughout it.

Add Comfort Through Finishing Touches

To wrap things off, detail-oriented touches should serve their purpose; adding comfort through texture is key here with full-sized throw pillows in vibrant colors against minimalistic bedding sets or handwoven curtains naturally calming each corner post rounded off by cozy rugs connecting all components together cohesively while featuring an aesthetic look offering clean lines that open up more breathing space.

Finally complement these additions with a wall art gallery featuring photographs representative of cherished memories in order to allow lingering moments of tranquility for you when unwinding after long days spent on-the-go.

Understanding the Bagua Map in a Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom

The ancient description of achieving harmonious energy, which is known in the West as Feng Shui, is based upon the Bagua Map methods. This map enables people to enhance energy within their homes and bring balance to the universe. Applying this method properly ensures that one’s bedroom space will elevate positive energies. In the case of a cathedral ceiling bedroom, there are special considerations for implementation of Bagua Map principles.

How to Use the Bagua Map in a Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom

It is not uncommon for cathedral ceiling bedrooms to have higher ceilings than other areas of a home; this allows for an upside-down and inverted interpretation of the Bagua Map. Where some elements appear near the bed or below if applied traditionally, these same items can be moved up into the higher reaches or center regions of this type of room and operated according to their traditional placement.

For example, if items associated with prosperity are more traditionally found around thresholds or at lower levels in home design layouts, those same items for prosperity can be placed on top shelves or hung from ceilings in a cathedral ceiling bedroom instead. Understanding where each element traditionally resides, then applying it in an “opposite” manner can bring effective balance to the space and avert any sort of hindrance or bad luck.

What Elements Need To Be Incorporated?

In order to create a balanced cathedral ceiling bedroom via Feng Shui principles, the following elements should be prioritized:

– Water: Placing water features such as fountains, aquariums (with filters), framed prints with aquatic scenes and decorative pieces associated with water themes are all good starting points.

– Jungle themes : Adding plants like ivy and cascading vines along window frames, on shelves hanging, and possibly potted near entryway threshold can also contribute.

– Wind : Wind chimes hanging from balconies or beams overhead could work well when incorporated correctly. One could also use mobile decorations designed with wings or feathers stuffed animals that invoke images of breezey days.

– Light : It is beneficial to include natural lighting whenever possible, too. Skylights located over head spaces demonstrate another creative approach by allowing direct sunlight into arches above. Open doors as much as possible without compromising security, allowing natural light inside with extra sources will boost chi flow within bedroom’s four walls significantly.

Tips for Placing Furniture in the Room

Furniture placement is especially important in a cathedral ceiling bedroom due to the volume of space. In Feng Shui, it is believed that energy, or chi, flows through your home, and how the Chi flows affects how a person feels in each room. Therefore, furniture should be arranged in a way that encourages Chi to flow freely around the room and this can be achieved when picking the correct materials and layout for your furniture placement.

When placing furniture in a bedroom with a cathedral ceiling you want to create symmetry while still allowing space for movement and circulation between pieces. Symmetry helps increase balance in any room and this balance has an effect on your psychology, allowing you to think calmly.

A good example is to start by placing the bed at one end of the room with nightstands symmetrically placed on either side. If you have enough space, including a seating area near the bed will also add symmetry as well as creating a tranquil living area.

Aside from creating symmetry using furniture it’s important to also use complementary colour schemes throughout any bedroom space to help energize and balance its environment. To maximize warmth and coziness consider adding textured elements like rugs can help ground a room while bringing softness into the space without taking up unnecessary floor space.

Additionally, wall hangings can be used to add character and beauty while helping keep clutter off shelves and tables within reach in large spaces. Finally, putting plants around any room can help draw in more positive Chi while providing relief from stress levels making it easier to focus during day-to-day activities.

Tips for Working with Height Restrictions and Open Space

When it comes to decorating and Feng Shui, cathedral ceiling bedrooms can be tricky to utilize. The proportion of a cathedral ceiling bedroom has roof beams that travel up from two walls, with an open area above that allows air to flow through. While this extra space and airflow can offer great benefits, one must be mindful when applying the principles of Feng Shui to avoid replicating rigid structures.

In order to successfully work within the confines of a cathedral ceiling bedroom’s height restrictions, opt for low furniture pieces such as ottomans or low-hanging drapes rather than too-tall bookshelves or couches. Try hanging mirrors instead of artwork; not only does this help reflect more light throughout the room, but it also adds depth without taking up any floor space or adding height.

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Choosing light shades for the walls helps keep the openness feeling fresh and harmonious as well. A lighter colour will make a large room feel expansive and bright – such as calming blues, whites, and pastels – while darker shades could close up a room or create heaviness above the eye level.

As far as window treatments in a cathedral ceiling bedroom, explore sheer fabric curtains that won’t obscure views but still provide privacy at night time; adding simple hardware keeps them hung near the top edge of the wall plus makes them look chic even when drawn during daytime hours when sunlight streams in through windows open up to enjoy optimal airflow.

Adding houseplants or greenery in quirky shapes also breaks up expanses of blank walls without taking up too much floor space or altering a room’s overall harmony.

For example, palm fronds or indoor ivy wall hangings are just some options for combining nature with decorative flair without impacting how harmoniously a room feels overall. Overall, utilizing these various suggestions when implementing Feng Shui techniques should aid in creating a balanced yet visually appealing atmosphere within this unique type of bedroom setting – perfect for feeling refreshed and energized upon waking each morning.

Incorporating Art, Symbols and Color to Create Balance

Cathedral ceilings have a unique space on the upper level that might seem difficult to decorate as it is higher than typical ceilings. However, there are still ways to integrate specific elements of Feng Shui into this setting. When considering bedroom design with cathedral ceilings, the best approach involves using various art symbols and colors along with strategic placements.


The selection of color is essential when trying to create energy balance in a cathedral ceiling bedroom. Colors evoke emotion so selecting the right ones should be based on personal preference and what causes relaxation or exuberance depending on individual needs.

Décor made up of soft, neutral colors can be an effective way to cultivate a calm atmosphere. Additionally, painting the walls in light blues can also offer feelings of serenity while other brighter shades might introduce more dynamic emotions such as excitement or joy.

Art & Symbols

Certain objects also have their own individual impact and can really tie the room together if hung on the cathedral ceiling at different levels. Art pieces that reflect good luck, prosperity, love or simple beauty could be used for an uplifting effect throughout the bedroom setting. Additionally, spiritual symbols also have their own energetic divinity and including them in décor can provide additional vibes of harmony and balance within the home.

Strategic Placement

The placement of wall art should also be carefully considered based on Feng Shui principles since certain areas may foster greater well-being than others would produce discomfort or fear within a person’s mental state. For instance having pieces hung around eye level corresponds with vitality while both artwork and lighting placed higher around the cathedral ceiling could give off magical dynamics within a space due to its out-of-reach nature from most people’s normal daily movements.


Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that aims to balance the energies of a home and encourage positive energy flow. It can be applied to any room in the house, including cathedral ceiling bedrooms.

When used properly, feng shui can help create a peaceful bedroom space where sleep and relaxation are achieved more easily and effectively. From using colors, shapes, textures, and lighting to creating a tranquil atmosphere, incorporating some commonly accepted principles of feng shui into a cathedral ceiling bedroom can have powerful effects on the person occupying it.

There are many ways to incorporate traditional feng shui practices into cathedral ceiling bedrooms. From using the bagua layout for furniture placement to hanging artwork and mirrors strategically, these strategies work together to attract positive energy while dispersing negative energy.

The type of bedding used is important as well as its size compared to the space available; choosing appropriate colors for each element with which you are designing your room is also essential for calming good vibes. Additionally, organizing accessories thoughtfully ensure clutter does not accumulate or disrupt energy flow throughout your bedroom space.

When incorporating details like windowsills or window treatments that direct light in certain directions into your plan for this room, consider how the placement will affect certain areas; sunlight streaming through your windows in on-point locations could be beneficial when trying to attract specific energies like wealth or health.

Additionally, consider including gentle scents from candle burning or aromatherapy diffusers as well as materials like plants or wind chimes that help bring freshness to the environment of your cathedral ceiling bedroom setting while further promoting energy flow throughout it all.

In conclusion, focusing on applying basic principles of traditional feng shui correctly and thoughtfully to any cathedral ceiling bedroom decorating project can have profound impacts on both yourself and anyone else who spends time there.

By understanding and carefully considering these guidelines when planning this space out, it’s possible to create an inviting atmosphere that is meant solely to give those who occupy it feelings of serenity peace – allowing them an undisturbed night’s restorative sleep without any disruption whatsoever.

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