Mirrors In Bedroom Bad Feng Shui

Mirrors in bedroom bad Feng Shui refers to the ancient Chinese art of cultivating ch’i or energy within the home for greater alignment and balance. This is often done through placing certain items and configurations of objects throughout living spaces for optimal flow of positive energy. In Feng Shui philosophy, mirrors are widely considered a no-no when it comes to bedroom decor.

It is believed that having a mirror placed in a room where one sleeps can negatively influence their state of being due to an amplified reflective effect; thereby diluting the sensory environment which is conducive to restful sleep. As such, placing mirrors in the bedroom has long been frowned upon by Feng Shui experts and practitioners alike.

Explanations – Explain why placing a mirror in the bedroom might have “bad karma” consequences or be considered bad Feng Shui From given historical explanation, there are further explanative theories explaining why mirrors should not be placed in bedrooms to help understand this popular take on Feng Shui better.

One rationale behind this notion suggests that positioning a mirror directly opposite one’s bed may create deeply disturbed energy vibes that lingers near or near one’s sleeping proximity producing a subliminal yet impacting disruption in energy flow resulting from too much reflection or ‘noise’.

This may then cause undue stress that manifests as insomnia, anxiety, irritability, nightmares and other psychological impairments nourished by excessive stimulation of senses.

Another associated theory postulates upon unknown probabilities related to various spiritual forces such as ghosts and other supernatural agents that have been said to haunt bedrooms due largely being unaware of themselves while asleep at night attracting hostile astral entities by having mirrors present right across beds which allow them direct passage with their live victims eliciting negative spiritual experiences shrouded by mistery.

To obviate such possibilities its perhaps best to curb confinements causing unnecessary risks and hazardous predicaments you would be better off avoiding if you value your safety and emotional stability equally so.

Conclusion – Sum up why mirrors should not be placed in the bedroom Overall it is evidential why its preferred not having mirrors inside bedrooms as despite apparent decor benefits they hold potential consequences carried over from cultural representations throughout early practices advocating against artificial light sources like lamps candels etc at night also while sleeping presenting just another hazard apart from emanating negativity itself.

But considering modern age requirements including lighting arrangements, wall paintings, wardrobe closet replacements; logically its able safe to make exceptions baring those cases mentioned earlier only with enough care given not solely concentrate focal points on bedside fixtures primarily so as reduce obvious distractions allowing holistic protection promised taking into account all culturally accepted protocols justifying non compliance suitably bound applications exclusively.

The Science Behind Mirrors In Bedroom Bad Feng Shui

Mirrors in bedrooms is believed to be bad Feng Shui because it can disrupt the flow of Chi energy within a room. This ancient Chinese practice involves creating a balanced energy flow in your home that helps promote good health, wealth, and relationships – something mirrors seem to disturb.

The science behind this belief is rooted in the fact that a mirror reflects all ambient light as well as energy – including both positive and negative energy present in the space. Bedrooms should be a tranquil place for rest and relaxation, but if there is too much reflected light or energy reflecting around or back/forth between two mirrors, you could be feeling overly stimulated when trying to get quality sleep.

Mirrors Bounce Light

In addition to bouncing negative/positive energy around a bedroom, mirrors also reflect light across any nearby surfaces. A big, glossy mirror on the wall might look nice but it creates an outdated feel or atmosphere throughout the entire room because of how much reflected light it bounces off of walls and onto furniture pieces.

Too much reflected light within your bedroom can make even your highest-quality décor appear unattractive – not to mention that it can cause eye fatigue from increased brightness.

Dust And Moisture Collect In Mirrors

Finally, while reflective surfaces can create lovely design features within any room – they are susceptible to continuously accumulating dust particles on their surfaces which require regular wiping off. Moisture is another accumulation point for mirrors since they attract humidity from all angles; bathrooms often experience this effect most clearly due to its constant use of hot water vapor in combined with a lots of mirrored surfaces.

Although cleaning them may not sound like such a tedious task at first glance – dealing with collected moisture or dust on these surface over time can be quite irritating.

Examples of Different Bedroom Mirror Placements

Mirror Facing Bed

A common mistake in bedroom feng shui is having a mirror facing the bed. This confuses the energy and leads to being uncomfortable in the room as well as sleeping restlessly. It can also cause feelings of anxiety if your head is facing the mirror. It is important to make sure that any mirrors in your bedroom do not reflect the bed, as this disrupts chi energy circulation and creates negative influences on your body, mind, and spirit.

Good and Bad Bedroom Feng Shui

Mirrors Facing Each Other

If you have two mirrors that are facing each other, it can place extreme pressure on personal relationships in the home and can be a sign of bad luck or illness. Often times mirrors face each other when placed side by side or directly across from one another which reflects between them creating endless images of oneself or another person depending on who is looking into it at a time.

It’s important to avoid direct reflections of oneself or others because this could lead to arguments and emotional stress between those living within your home.

Mirror In Bathroom Visible From Bedroom

Another instance where mirrors should be avoided is placing one in such a way that it will be visible from your bedroom when you are lying down. When we sleep our bodies go through an energetic process but having a mirror present almost feels like a third unwanted presence which disrupts that crucial balance, blocking harmony and wellness in the long term. To maximize proper chi flow within your bedroom make sure any mirrors are nowhere near your bed.

Effects on Sleep Quality

Recently, it has been suggested that having a mirror in the bedroom can be bad Feng Shui. It is thought that the energy in the bedroom can be disrupted by placing a mirror which affects how well one sleeps.

Research has been conducted to explore how having mirrors in bedrooms may disrupt one’s ability to sleep without interruption. The results have certainly backed up this theory as studies have found that having a mirror in the bedroom could disrupt basic sleep parameters such as shortening REM sleep time, and reducing total sleep time while impacting wakefulness during sleep.

The presence of a mirror in the bedroom is thought to create an excessive amount of energy which can keep people awake or keep them from going into a deep sleep cycle. When we lay down to rest, our environment should emit low levels of energizing vibrations so we are able to drift into deep-sleep easily without unnecessary disruption of thoughts and mental activities keeping us awake.

If there is too much stimulation due to excess energy created by mirrors reflecting light and movement, then this will make sleeping more difficult than usual.

It is advised not just place any sort of object that could reflect light or movement near our sleeping area such as hand mirrors, television screens or computer monitors but also avoid large mirrors placed directly on the wall if possible. Evidence suggests that reducing exposure to mirrors while trying to get restful sleep can improve quality of zzz’s and make it easier for us to drift off into dreamland each night without interruption.

A peaceful environment should be created where we can find true amenities, ensuring that we get a good night’s sleep every day.

Practical Alternatives To Mirrors In Bedrooms

Wall Hangings and Paintings

Wall hangings, especially those containing a message of positive energy, are an effective alternative to mirrors in the bedroom. This could include paintings or artwork that draw out positive energies or vibes in the environment. The choice of artwork is key to filling a room with positive and comforting vibes.

Also, large obstructive maps or photographs can be tacked onto any wall to fill up space and discourage mirror’s presence. These decorations could also brighten up any room as well as enhance one’s sleep quality without conflicting with ‘good Feng Shui’ standards.

Window Coverings

Another practical alternative for mirrors in bedrooms would be window coverings such as curtains or blinds. Window treatments would not only spruce up the application of natural sunlight while shielding a room from radiation but also improve sleeping conditions through increased darkness in the bedroom.

Due to their ability to reflect light, they can be used much like mirrors so that unwanted sentiments, errant energies, and specific influences are easily eliminated while simultaneously preventing their formation in a home atmosphere-realizing more favorable conditions for ancient Chinese New Year tradition ‘Feng shui’. Dark colored curtains are best for this purpose since they ensure complete blackout and therefore absorb bad energy away from beds and strengthen spiritual connection among occupants inside one’s living space.

Rearrangement Of Furnishings

The reararangment of the furniture is also a great way to avoid environment disruption caused by mirrors inside bedrooms. For example it is important for a bed to have its headboard against an internal structural wall instead of mirrored one since light will bounce off internal walls more effectively than mirrored ones; this prevents an individual from seeing themselves whilst sleeping therefore sustaining healthy balance between body movements and indoor temperature during rest hours.

Feng Shui Bedroom Red Sheets

Additionally, dimensioning bedroom walls with white paint diffuses harmful impressions within enclosed spaces thus regulating access of bad energy throughout whole interior; this process further pushes radiation away headed towards directed paths so that all positive forces may circulate freely.

Changes That Could Help Balance Energy Around The House

Mirrors in the bedroom can bring bad feng shui, especially when placed directly across from the bed. A mirror reflecting a bed is said to double a couple’s quarrels and hence should be avoided at all costs. This energy shift needs to balance out in order for the couple or individual living in the home to have an environment that encourages harmony.

To combat this, there are a few ways homeowners can design their bedrooms to bring back a sense of peace and balance into the space.

  1. Remove All Mirrors – If possible, mirrors should be removed from the bedroom altogether. Taking mirrors away eliminates any counterproductive energy that can be reflected between a couple.
  2. Choose a Peaceful Color Palette – Certain colors provide more restful vibes around homes, like shades of green, blue and purple. Using these colors or various combinations of them can promote good Feng Shui.
  3. Add Greenery To The Bedroom – Adding plants into a room naturally helps to restore wellbeing by creating positive vibes through their calming color palette and creating more oxygen in the space.

In addition to removing mirrors and adding certain colors and plants into bedrooms, creating soft furniture designs within bedroom spaces is another great way people can enhance feng shui throughout their homes. Soft furniture designs help create beautiful yet comfortable welcoming environments where couples or individuals have sufficient relaxation opportunities available for themselves throughout their day-to-day lives at home.

Cushions, blankets, beanbags and rugs all help create cozy corners within bedrooms where one can sit back and enjoy restful moments without being disturbed or overwhelmed with too much energy coming from other sources like electronics.

Symbolic Items That Can Strengthen Positive Energy

The placement of mirrors in a bedroom is thought to activate the flow of good luck and eliminate bad energy, according to Feng Shui principles. Mirrors can be used to reflect the natural light from outdoor space or even from windows located inside the home, so that it helps to make a room brighter and more vibrant.

By amplifying the amount of natural light, it also helps to create a sense of balance within a room and adds an element of optimism and joy. Mirrors can also be placed strategically around the bedside area so that their reflective surfaces create an enjoyable atmosphere when sleeping.

Clutter Considerations

However, some people believe that too many mirrors placed in a bedroom can create clutter, which again disrupts the positive energy flow as there is no focus towards any particular direction. Clutter reduces air circulation within the room, making it appear cramped and uncomfortable for sleeping.

Therefore, Feng Shui experts advise that one should limit the number of mirrors in their bedroom to one large mirror as having two or more smaller ones placed near each other can create confusion while focusing on positive energy.

Specific Placement

When placing mirrors in a bedroom during Feng Shui practices, it is important to note where they are positioned in relation to other furniture pieces; reflecting objects directly onto bedsides or chairs within close distance can not only reduce comfort but also create feelings of unease when spending time in these areas at night.

To ensure safe usage of Feng Shui principles with regards to mirror usage, it may be necessary for individuals to identify which items out within a certain area require protection prior to installing ones such as this Taoist tool.

The overall goal is that every object within a given space has been properly assigned its own role for promoting well being and peace amongst its occupants whilst creating clarity allowing them to progress further with their lives without any interference or distortion from negative chi stemming from layout issues.


In conclusion, mirrors should be avoided in a bedroom to promote good Feng Shui. It is believed that sleeping in front of a mirror can weaken personal energy and affect relationships. Mirrors also create an illusion of clutter which disrupts flow of positive chi. Instead, use soft lighting and natural decor to create the optimal atmosphere for a restful sleep experience.

Hang some artwork or family photos on the walls to add warmth and remove chaos from the room. Place lamps on either side of the bed and blinds or curtains covering any windows for a relaxing environment. By creating a peaceful space through these changes, good Feng Shui can be claimed in your bedroom, leading to better sleep and thus improved health overall.

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