Feng Shui Relationship Colors For Bedroom

Feng Shui, the traditional Chinese practice of creating harmonious energy in a living space, has been used for thousands of years to improve relationships. Select colors wisely to attract relationships and improve existing ones. There are different Feng Shui relationship colors for bedrooms that create balance and harmony.

Red beds, especially fire engine red covers and blankets, are the ideal color for stimulating passion and transformation. Soft pink hues can also be used to attract love if you prefer lighter colors. Using neutral tones like gray evokes a sense of calmness which leads to clear communication between partners in a relationship.

Bright shades such as orange, yellow, and gold will bring fresh energy into your bedroom space. These vibrant colors awaken feelings of joy which is beneficial for relationships by boosting inner happiness which then radiates outward towards others.

Choose bold accent pillows or drapes featuring a bedspread to add these cheery hues without overpowering the room with too much color saturation. Orange is particularly recommended as one of the main Feng Shui relationship colors for bedroom because it encourages friendship and good fortune energetically.

Soothing natural tones such as blues or greens create an atmosphere conducive to romance while calming inhibitions that can cloud judgement or prevent people from connecting fully with their partner. Darker hues of blue such as navy evoke security while turquoise instills a sense of trust essential in any relationship.

Greens bring life-affirming energy into the bedroom, promoting improved health thereby strengthening any union between two people or families they may come from – yet another benefit of green among other Feng Shui relationship colors for bedrooms.

The Effects of Color

Colors have an especially powerful effect on relationships and this is especially true in the bedroom. The colors of a bedroom can affect intimacy and harmony for those who live in it, as well as determining how compatible 2 people are based on their chosen colors.

Many believe that Feng Shui colors have the ability to bring luck or fortune to relationships, and when planning your design scheme; it’s important to consider how the colors will impact your bond with one another.

The color red is one of the most popular choices for bedrooms used in Feng Shui believes because of its strong association with passion, chemistry, and heat. Red is said to be a relationship enhancer because it symbolizes desire and attraction, perfect for couples who want to reignite their spark. Alternatively, shades of gentle pink can invoke a sense of unconditional love and romance.

Pink has an incredibly calming energy which can be excellent for promoting peaceful relationships between partners as well as supporting relaxation through balmy vibes. As if that wasn’t enough pink also helps couples communicate more effectively due to its loving nature paired with its understanding properties making it ideal for trusting relationships.

Blue brings comfort and restfulness to any bedroom relationship while also creating feelings of safety within partnerships. Whether you opt for light aqua blue or deep navy blue, each color carries invaluable properties when used in Feng Shui: oceanic blues will help open communication lines improving emotional connection while sky blues gently evoke feelings of relaxation creating a sense of peace between lovers.

Blue hues are often recommended for marriages or partnerships experiencing tension due to the tranquilizing effects they traditionally engender allowing them time away from arguments or disagreements allowing them space to reflect on their emotions towards one another in order to fully reach a resolution without any raised voices present in the same room.

Color Meanings

The practice of Feng Shui has many associated philosophies and it is often used for relationship advice. Of all the colors said to bring good luck, there are certain hues that are associated with improving and stabilizing relationships. Here is a list of Feng Shui relationship colors meant to bring harmony in your bedroom.

  • Red: This powerful color symbolizes physical attraction and passionate love.
  • Pink: This calming hue symbolizes unconditional love, tenderness, nurturing nature, and spiritual connection.
  • Orange: This happy color symbolizes encouragement of emotional warmth, trustworthiness, pleasure and joy.
  • Peach: As a variation of orange and pink this invokes strong romantic feelings between two partners in a marriage or other intimate relationships.

The dark hues like blue are said to create an atmosphere of peace and calmness while light colors such as yellow bring out optimism hence nourishing relationships. Green on the one hand stands for healing universal energy while brown encourages stability.

Lastly white brings forth energy balance among people in close proximity creating a harmonious vibe around them. Using these huess as accent walls or wallpapers around the bed area helps invoke positive energy that can help strengthen relationships thus leading to long lasting bond between romantic partners.

For accessories there are several shades like gold which could be used for window treatments or sheets whereas silver too can be mixed with gray which stands up for reliability and understanding creating an environment full of mutual respect. Soft pink stripes can be used in curtains giving it an airy yet loving feel while royal blue drapes near the bed makes for an inviting look that enhances communication between partners without ever speaking a word.

Feng Shui Benefits

Feng Shui is a philosophical system of achieving harmony between people and their environment. Used in everything from interior design to city planning, the intention behind these practices is to create balance and encourage positive energy flow. This same principle can be applied to relationships as well, with Feng Shui providing guidance on how to best use different colors in order to strengthen connections and build trust.

Colors Impacting Mood And Relationships

Color has been found to have an effect on how people feel, and it can therefore be beneficial to consider this when building relationships such as romantic partnerships. According to Feng Shui, certain colors are capable of stimulating passionate emotions while others focus on creating a calmer atmosphere.

For example, utilizing shades of blue which invokes feelings of serenity can help cultivate feelings of trust within a relationship setting, whereas bolder tones like pink create more excitement which could lead to further intimacy.

Applying Colors To A Bedroom For Relationship Enhancement

In order for couples to reap the benefits provided by Feng Shui in regards to color schemes, it is important for them to understand just how powerful these colors can be. One way of doing this is through consideration during the stages of redecorating a bedroom setting; with each color having different benefits depending on what purpose that space serves for the couple – be it a place for restful sleep or intimate moments together.

Bedroom Feng Shui Window

For instance, creating a safe space that promotes communication might do well when paired with warm Earth tones such as green or brown; conversely shades such as yellow may bring about feelings of happiness and joy perfect for bringing positivity into life’s most personal setting. Soft rose pinks could potentially create an atmosphere advantageous towards sexual connection between two individuals sharing this space – allowing understanding between partners whilst inviting an open-minded approach with sensitivity at its core.

Bedroom Color Theory

Most couples strive to maintain a positive and romantic relationship. One of the ways to do this is through choices in bedroom color theory. Colors can have an effect on moods which can then influence how people act, think, and feel in specific settings.

Feng shui relationship colors for the bedroom takes this theory into consideration when completing room décor. Drawing inspiration from traditional theories based on Chinese metaphysical beliefs, certain color combinations are said to support healthy relationships and enhance couple energy and intimacy.

The three primary feng shui colors for relationships are black, red, and purple. These colors indicate commitment, passion, fire, love, understanding and security in a couple’s relationship. Black is known to foster a sense of dedication while red evokes excitement between partners as well as loyalty and devotion.

The powerful purples bring together both the sentiments of passion (red) and stability (black), creating the perfect balance between these emotions. Furthermore, certain hues signify wealth and can help cultivate financial success between partners. Examples include light blues that represent riches within one’s career or dark green for harmony that stems from agreeing upon common goals or values such as saving money for the future.

When selecting feng shui colors for your bedroom space it is important to note that too much vibrant color may become overwhelming or oppressive which may inhibit relationships rather than promoting them. Similarly subtle pastels may lack any meaningful impact altogether.

To marry these thoughts when decorating with Feng Shui relationship colors it is important to create an atmosphere that showcases bright reds but also calming white or almond neutrals throughout items like pillows which invite tranquility and relaxation rather than overwhelming energy rushes associated with passionate hues like deep reds or purples. A splash of supportive blues or greens here and there could be just what you need if your goal is long-term commitment.

Harmonizing Colors

A good way to promote happy and healthy relationships is with the use of Feng Shui harmony, which makes use of different colors to help create an environment in the bedroom that can be calming and restful. One example of this would be to incorporate blue or purple hues into the room’s palette. These colors are said to help bring tranquility, love, peace and harmony which can have a beneficial effect on relationships.

Rich shades of red, such as burgundy, are also effective when utilized in the bedroom for couples, as it creates warm and passionate energy in the space. By having pops of this color in small touches throughout the room, it can inspire conversations between lovers while creating a cozy atmosphere.

Brightly colored accents like yellow or lime green can also be used to add cheer and vitality to a dull space as long as they are balanced with neutral tones. This colour will enhance communicate feelings for one another while providing an energizing affect within the relationship.

Finding Balance

When finding balance by using mostly neutrals it does not mean that you cannot spice up your Feng Shui-friendly colors. Toastier shades such as peach or pink accents to foster romance and friendship will do just fine if there are not too many contrasting colors. Positive energy is then created in the home which helps contribute to elevating a couple’s connection with each other further advancing their relationship with caring communication and emotional support.

Using natural materials along accent pieces instead of dedicating entire walls will help retain complete neutrality instead of potentially overpowering intense colourful bursts in any one area. Materials such as bamboo blinds, a wooden headboard or rustic wood tables create a warm ambiance without being too overwhelming or distracting from any meaningful effects these powerful Feng Shui colours offer couples looking for harmonious living arrangements.

Lighting Effects

The effects light has is just as important as integrating these soft romantic colours into any bedroom is vital for promoting a tranquil space for couples looking for extra touch of comfort in regards to boosting closeness with one another in an intimate place where heartfelt conversation s take place.

Soft white illumination does not draw attention away from simple decors but still provides enough lighting allowing us t o enjoy our romantics sessions without feeling uncomfortable due bright luminosity flooding into every corner.

As well, applying backlighting around mirrors adds even more romance enhancing dramatic feelings enhancing spontaneity during moments shared between partners sharing special feels.

Color Palettes

Creating a relationship-centered bedroom for couples that promote balanced energy and positive vibes can be easily designed with Feng Shui. Colors play an important role in the effect of the room, and focusing on choosing colors that are meaningful in their relationship can enrich their bedroom experience. Below is a useful list outlining some popular and recommended Feng Shui color palettes for a bedroom:.

Feng Shui Layouts

One of the most important elements in improving a Feng Shui relationship is the layout and design of your bedroom. If you are not familiar with Feng Shui, it is an ancient Chinese practice of arranging objects and spaces to bring in good energy and balance. Below are some simple tips that will help you get the best out from this powerful method of design:

Create Balance

Creating balance is essential when crafting a Feng Shui bedroom. Bedrooms should be neither too cluttered nor too sparse for best results. You should make sure there is enough breathing space between furnishings and decorations, while still including plenty of comforts like cushions, blankets, and artwork.

Additionally, all items should be placed symmetrically around the room to create flow and keep energy balanced across both sides. This will also reduce stress caused by clutter or feeling cramped within a small space.

Purple Feng Shui Bedroom

Choose Appropriate Colors

Colors are an essential component to understanding how to create a successful Feng Shui bedroom layout. Neutral tones such as shades of grey, blue, brown, beige, and white are ideal choices since they represent calmness and relaxation without causing too much disruption in energy levels.

When you need more specific colors to promote relationship harmony or other needs – select warm or cool colors depending on what suits your personal style. Reds generally denote passion while keeping blues more tranquil; cooler shades convey slower energies whereas warmer hues draw quick results – so choose wisely.

Include Symbols Of Love

Finally, a great way to increase positive chi within the bedroom is by using symbols of love throughout the room’s design scheme. This could include items such as love letters written by one partner to another (framed) or framed photos taken during special occasions together such as weddings or anniversaries; even something sweet like stuffed animals or handmade jewelry can fill up this area with happy vibes.

  • Create Balance
  • Choose Appropriate Colors
  • Include Symbols Of Love


Lighting plays a critical role in setting the mood in a Feng shui bedroom when it comes to relationship colors. Having a well-lit space can help create a calming atmosphere, which can encourage conversation and provide feelings of safety and security. Making use of natural light from windows is an important part of achieving this. If possible allow as much natural light into your room as you can, since natural light carries its own unique energy.

The worst thing in any romantic affair is too much screen time before bedtime and during sleep hours; for instance iPads, phones, laptops and computer screens emit blue lights that stimulate your mind actives, making it difficult for you to relax or fall asleep naturally. To make sure this doesn’t happen try turning off all electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime.

If that’s not enough you could purchase soft lighting such as candles or fairy lights to replace any bright artificial lighting; both of these options are not only calming but also create ambiance in the room suitable for intimate moments together.

Finally think about adding nighttime lamps with dim warm glow instead of brighter stark sleeping spaces; this helps maintain low light levels while maintaining up enough luminance so that people can move around safely without tripping over furniture. Warm white LED’s are ideal if they match the colors used elsewhere in the room giving continuity to the design scheme as well as helping promote relaxation and intimacy while reducing stress levels.

  • Allow as much natural light into your bedroom as you can
  • Turn off electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime
  • Consider using soft lighting such as candles or fairy lights &emdash; they create ambiance perfect for couples
  • Add nighttime lamps with dim warm glow to replace stronger artificial lighting
  • Opt for warm white LED’s which will help maintain low light levels while providing adequate safety


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on the idea of energy flow and balance to create a space for health, wealth, and success. As such, it’s widely used in many decoration styles. With relationship colors specifically, there are certain colors you can use to promote love and harmony in your bedroom. Here are some exemplary ideas:

  • Paint the walls of your bedroom in hues of pink or peach that represent love and passion.
  • Bright colored curtains or bed sheets add more fun and brightness to the room.
  • Hang a mandala painting to bring good luck
  • Place mirrors to attract positive energy
  • Using pebble crystal stone helps enhance relationships between couples
  • Coasters with love symbols are another great way to develop intimacy between two people

Moreover, Feng Shui also emphasizes setting up personal comforts like cozy furniture sets, essential oil aroma diffusers, dimmable lightings etc for a physical foundation of an overall romantic atmosphere. Furthermore, sprinkle around some meaningful items like photos frames or keepsakes enjoyed together as a couple so that they provide further emotional reinforcement for the innate bond between lovers. Besides this, placing fresh flowers can be a great reminder when couplings feel stuck – floating positive energies everywhere.

All these will help make any room conducive surrounding for passion to thrive and harmony to be maintained. Ultimately this will result in a lasting relationship base on trust love between two people.


Using Feng Shui colors for the bedroom can help to promote harmony and good energy. The key to success is to choose calming colors that complement each other and create an environment of peace and relaxation. Neutral colors such as ivory, beige, and grey are often recommended for couples as they reflect a sense of balance and unity.

Blues, greens, or other pastel colors can also be used for a more romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. However, it is important to remember that too many bright or vibrant colors should be avoided in order to maintain a calm ambience.

One key element of feng shui is understanding how the elements interact with each other and implementing those principles into bedroom design. Water hues such as blue or purple can be effectively used to symbolize balance while wood elements – typically earth tones like brown or green – bring nurturing energy so they help encourage communication and intimacy between partners.

Metal energies through silver, gold or light grays represent strength which is beneficial in relationships; while fire colors such as reds, oranges, and pinks add passion and vibrancy to any room.

Overall, using feng shui when selecting colours for the bedroom helps nurture feelings of love between partners while providing balance throughout the space. Implementing thoughtful color schemes will help create an atmosphere of connection and comfort that will yield long-lasting positive energy in the relationship. Couples should choose their feng shui bedroom colours wisely – considering both individual tastes as well as the principles of feng shui – so that they can have a lasting sanctuary they’ve both crafted together.

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