Bed Position Feng Shui 2021

Bed Position Feng Shui 2021

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to create an auspicious environment, help bring good luck and balance energy in our home or workspace. One of the main aspects of Feng Shui is the positioning of furniture in a particular space in order to help promote healthy energy flow. The position of one’s bed is one of the most important aspects of Feng Shui philosophy, as it can affect our sleep, health and happiness.

Importance of Bed Position

The position of one’s bed can have significant impacts on physical and emotional well-being, as it has a great impact on the flow of energy in the bedroom. If a bed is placed in a location where positive energy flows naturally, it will help create good vibes and promote overall health and well-being, both physically and emotionally.

Feng Shui Best Practices for Bedroom Setup

In order to maximize the positive effects of proper bed position, it is recommended to follow the following best practices:

  • Position your bed against a solid wall. Placing your bed against a solid wall is the best and safest position, since it gives you support and protection while sleeping. It should also allow you to see the door when you are lying in bed.
  • Avoid the line of sight with the door. Don’t position your bed directly in line with the door, since this may lead to an energy leak. Instead, try to place it as far away from the door as possible while still having a clear view of it.
  • Don’t place your bed near electrical appliances. It is important to keep your bed away from electrical appliances, such as the TV, computer, etc. The energy emitted from these devices can have negative effects on your sleep.
  • Place objects with positive energy near the bed. Placing objects with positive energy near your bed, such as plants, art, crystals, can help promote positive energy and good vibes.


In conclusion, the position of one’s bed is an important factor when setting up a feng shui bedroom. Following best practices such as positioning the bed against a solid wall, avoiding the line of sight with the door, and placing objects with positive energy near the bed can help maximize the effect of Feng Shui and promote good health, wellbeing and a restful sleep.

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