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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition that dates back thousands of years. It is a practice that’s derived from the belief that physical spaces can be made more harmonious through energy alignment. A key part of this involves orienting the bed so that it’s in the so-called command position. This position takes into consideration the bed’s orientation in relation to both people and other objects such as doors, windows, walls, and furniture — all of which are viewed as being part of the overall energy pattern.

In traditional Feng Shui, beds should be oriented in such a way as to promote safety and good luck. This means positioning them so they’re not facing any doors or windows, which could leave people feeling exposed. Instead, beds should be placed against an inside wall (or headboard) such that they’re protected from all angles — allowing positive energy to flow freely throughout the room and allowing natural light to brighten up the space without sacrificing privacy. Additionally, having a high, solid headboard (ideally made out of wood) provides further protection — both physically and metaphysically. Finally, having just one nightstand positioned on either side of the bed will complete this balanced and harmonious environment, preserving what is known as a “command position” within Feng Shui principles.

Benefits of Feng Shui Command Position Bed

Mental Benefit: According to feng shui, sleeping in the command position will help reduce stress levels and improve concentration. Sleeping in the command position can promote sound sleep and is thought to encourage creativity. The restful environment of the bed in this orientation can also promote mental clarity by allowing for more oxygen intake during sleep, which helps foster better decision-making.

Physical Benefit: Physically speaking, sleeping in the command position encourages a balanced support of the body while you rest, as it typically provides just the right amount of comfort to get rid of any tension that could be hindering relaxation. This type of positioning not only gives your spine enough space to decompress but also helps release strain from the neck and shoulders – something many people struggle with after long periods of sitting or lying down in other angles.

Spiritual Benefit: Feng Shui’s Command Position has been used for centuries to bring energy into balance and increase spiritual well being. Because you are opening up more available energy points when you recline into this specific orientation, it is said that your soul is more likely to find equilibrium with its surroundings when easing off into a peaceful slumber in this manner. By doing so, you release stagnant thoughts and are able to open up blocked pathways while attuning your spirit’s vibrations back into sync with those around you.

Choosing the Perfect Feng Shui Command Position Bed for You

When selecting a bed for the Feng Shui Command Position, it is important to consider several different factors. The first factor is the size of the bedroom and making sure that the bed fits comfortably within it. You want to make sure you have enough space to move around freely but also that it does not take away from the rest of your décor. The second factor is the type of mattress, which should be chosen based on personal preference and comfort needs. An adjustable bed may be better suited for those who spend more time in their bed since they can customize settings according to their body, sleep preferences, and other individual needs. Thirdly, think about materials such as fabric types and colors as these will help contribute to creating a peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom. Finally, determine how much storage you need with your bed as this will determine how many drawers or compartments there are in place beneath it.

Placement for Maximum Benefit

The Feng Shui command position bed is one that provides you with the highest level of sexual, romantic and financial energy. In traditional Feng Shui, this bed placement is meant to achieve an incredibly powerful and powerful position from which you are able to access abundance in all its forms. When determining the ideal location for your Feng Shui command position bed, there are a few key points to consider.

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First, determine the direction of your bedroom according to the 8 Trigram Wheel. This wheel includes south-southwest as the luckiest direction corresponding with fame and success. Place your bed in this area if possible while keeping it out of direct line with the door as it may result in being deprived of sleep due to feeling overly exposed or vulnerable while in bed at night. Additionally, make sure that you have something solid behind where you place your headboard; this ensures protection against negative influences entering through windows, vents or doors along that wall area.

Also be mindful of avoid placing furniture under beams as they tend to carry an oppressive energy that could settle in on top of your space when you are trying to relax or sleep. Mirrors also should be avoided around this space or near the bed directly—they tend to deflect positive Chi away from where it needs to go! Finally, try not to block off any pathways throughout the space so that Chi can flow freely and create a nurturing atmosphere for all occupants – human and otherwise!

Improving Your Sleep Environment with Feng Shui Command Position Beds

Feng Shui Command Position (FCP) beds are an important way to incorporate the principles of Feng Shui into your bedroom design. The command position is favored in Feng Shui as a sleeping posture that allows for better energy flow, increased vitality, and improved sleep quality. This command position is one where your body is pointing in the direction of door entrance when you sleep with your back against a solid surface such as the bedhead or wall. By sleeping in the command position, you gain better protection from negative energy entering your space as well as increased feeling of safety and security.

In addition to improving your sleeping posture, utilizing an FCP bed can also be beneficial for your overall bedroom design. FCP beds typically feature a high headboard with a flat base that gives it a more commanding presence in the room. Furthermore, adding soft colors and materials with decorative patterns to the headboard helps create a calming atmosphere that will help promote sleep and relaxation. To take it one step further, adding Feng Shui-approved colors like blue or green can further enhance these peaceful vibes throughout the bedroom. For example, placing holistically-sourced crystals or hanging wind chimes near the headboard can help bring balance and harmony to the space as well.

Finally, incorporating items like aromatherapy candles or essential oils around the bed can be beneficial in creating an environment conducive to restful sleep while at the same time aiding further relaxation of physical and mental stressors that may have been absorbed throughout the day. In total, using an FCP bed will not only improve your overall Feng Shui but also aid in creating a safe haven for restorative recovery during nights when deep rejuvenation is desperately needed.

Maximizing Comfort and Balance with Feng Shui Command Position Beds

Feng Shui command position beds are a popular trend among people looking to enjoy improved energy flow and balance in the bedroom. It derives from the principles of feng shui, an ancient art that suggests we can improve our environment by understanding how energy within it works. As far as beds go, a “command position” basically means that the bed should have a good view of the door, so you can rest easy knowing nothing will sneak up on you without your knowledge.

When looking for a suitable bed for a command position, consider its positioning properly. The best location for optimal benefits is in front of the door but not blocking it, with one’s headboard against the wall near the entrance and facing outward into the room. This gives both security and safety – so should definitely be considered when purchasing or rearranging furniture in your bedroom.

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In terms of style, choose one that suits both your observations about aesthetics and comfort settings. Achieving optimal effects often requires getting creative with colors and materials to reflect positive energy that facilitates relaxation. For instance, solid wood may offer great support to those who suffer from back pain while plushy fabrics could promote peaceful sleep patterns.

Additionally, make sure any nightstands and lamps placed next to or around your command position bed do not overshadow each other by covering up any angles of view toward the entry-way door; creating a wide open space is essential for good feng shui command positions. When negotiating furniture placement in this manner it helps to use colors associated with prosperity such as pink and green combined with light grays and white tones to accentuate the excellent Chi energy created through mindful design! Finally, scatter some symbolic objects throughout your sleeping area like crystals or dream catchers to really amp up possible results from this sleeping system!

Feng Shui Command Position Bed FAQs

Q: What is the importance of using a Feng Shui Command Position Bed?

A: A Feng Shui Command Position Bed is important as it helps to create a more balanced living environment according to the principles of Feng Shui. Placing your bed in a “command position” means having it placed away from the door, preferably against a solid wall, and facing towards the entry with an unobstructed view. This allows you to have a sense of feeling secure within your space, promoting well-being and happiness. It also ensures that chi (a form of vital energy) can flow freely into your bedroom, bringing it balance and harmony.

Q: How can I tell if my bed is in the correct command position?

A: To check if your bed is in the correct command position for optimal feng shui, there are two important elements to remember; being at least four feet away from any exterior walls or doors, and being positioned where you can easily see anyone entering your room. If either of these elements aren’t possible due to space restrictions or other limitations, then additional measures should be taken such as placing mirrors in strategic places so that one can still see people entering the room even if they’re out of direct view. Positioning furniture and decor where potential threats are not visible will also aid in having a peaceful sleeping environment.


The Feng Shui command position bed encourages optimal alignment in your sleep-wake cycle, and is key to unlocking a balanced and energized lifestyle. Creating a sense of authority with positive energy surrounding you will allow for productivity and greater awareness of each moment in life. This type of bed is most beneficial when placed near the corner of the bedroom, where it can become the focal point. With this positioning, negative influences in the room are minimized, creating a more harmonious atmosphere for rejuvenating sleep. What’s more, by ensuring that you have plenty of space between yourself and your walls — and that your view looks out onto something natural — you can tap into bigger prospects that align with your deepest core desires. If you take time to experiment with different placements to find what resonates best for you and your environment, not only will you be able to get the best possible night’s rest but also awaken full of energy and eagerness each morning. With the Feng Shui command position bed in place, you can start to move forward in life guided by a renewed level of harmony and clarity between both body and spirit.

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