Trapezoid Lot Feng Shui

Trapezoid Lot Feng Shui

Trapezoid lots, often referred to as “irregular lots,” are fairly uncommon in our modern subdivisions and neighborhoods. But many older homes are built on these lots, and they have their own set of Feng Shui challenges that can be addressed with some creative problem solving.

Benefits of Trapezoid Lot Feng Shui

Feng Shui can be used to bring balance and prosperity to trapezoid lots by using Feng Shui to arrange the lot so that energy flows in the most harmonious and beneficial way. Here are some of the benefits of applying Feng Shui to trapezoid lots:

  • More Money and Opportunities: Trapezoid lot Feng Shui can help increase a person’s wealth and bring more opportunities for success.
  • Better Health: The flow of positive energy can help those living in trapezoid lots to have improved mental and physical health.
  • Better Relationships: When energy flows in a harmonious way, it enhances relationships and connections between people.
  • Harmony and Balance: The practice of Feng Shui can help bring balance and harmony to the home, business, and even garden of trapezoid lot owners.

Tips for Trapezoid Lot Feng Shui

The following tips can help you apply Feng Shui to your trapezoid lot:

  • Identify the Lot’s “Faces”: Different faces of your lot’s exterior can influence the flow of energy. Identify the three main directional “faces”, or “zones” of your trapezoid lot.
  • Ensure Flow and Balance of Energy: Ensure a balanced flow of qi (the energy of life) by positioning objects such as trees, rocks, and plants in the correct places. Balancing the energy will help bring harmony and prosperity to the trapezoid lot’s occupants.
  • Create an Entertaining Space: Creating an entertaining space, such as a patio, deck, or balcony, facing the South direction of your lot can bring luck and opportunity. Position the entertaining space to activate its energy with the flow of qi.
  • Symbolize Desires: Place decor that symbolizes the desires or aspirations of the occupants for the best flow of energy and greatest influence of luck. This could include artwork, wind chimes, and other elements that evoke positive energy.


Trapezoid lot Feng Shui can be challenging, but can also be deeply rewarding when applied correctly. Utilizing the tips explained above can help you bring balance and prosperity to your trapezoid lot. With patience and effort, you canturn your trapezoid lot into a place of harmony and peace.

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