Amanda Sophia Feng Shui

Introduction to Amanda Sophia Feng Shui

Amanda Sophia is an internationally-renowned psychic, tarot reader, and practitioner of Feng Shui. She incorporates conventional Western methods with ancient Eastern spiritual practice in her unique approach to understanding the various energies around us.

Feng Shui, which is derived from the Chinese principle of harmonizing one’s environment to promote prosperity and balance, is a core element in Amanda’s holistic blend of services. Her interpretation of this ancient practice blends traditional Chinese methods with modern influences to help people improve the energy flow within their houses and workplaces. Through her readings, she helps clients determine what is blocking their life force energy and then assists clients in realigning it by offering tips on decluttering as well as suggesting the proper placement of furniture and items that will create better harmony.

Amanda’s philosophy for Feng Shui focuses on allowing the natural flow of energy to exist unencumbered throughout a space in order for its occupants to live with enhanced peace, joy, clarity, and love. By utilizing different modalities such as astrology, numerology, and clairvoyance while practicing Feng Shui, Amanda can help people identify opportunities they may be missing or troubles they are having within their environment. Ultimately Amanda strives to provide her clients with a deeper understanding of how our environments affect both our physical health & beauty and mental wellbeing & spirituality so they can step into true abundance with grace and ease!

Benefits of Amanda Sophia Feng Shui

Amanda Sophia Feng Shui, also known as ‘Very Essential Love’ (VEL), is an innovative form of the ancient Chinese practice that incorporates metaphysical concepts of the Law of Attraction and energetic flow. Developed by Amanda Sophia, who is one of the leading feng shui consultants in the world, this method connects with individuals on a personal level to help them create harmony and balance in their lives.

The benefits of Amanda Sophia Feng Shui are wide ranging and may be experienced in all areas of life, such as greater peace and calmness; improved relationships; more money coming in; greater insight into one’s self-judgements; and enhanced wellbeing. Furthermore, it can carry far-reaching affects on individual success, helping to break through stagnant energies that hinder personal growth. The psychological effects will vary depending on the client’s spiritual receptivity, but often include a feeling of empowered inner strength and freedom.

Case studies have demonstrated tremendous positive results from utilizing Amanda Sophia Feng Shui. One case study involved a woman who had been suffering a great deal of stress due to work related difficulties. After several sessions with Amanda Sophia she was able to resolve her issues within days after implementing simple subtle changes recommended by her. As a result, she reported being better organized and more confident at work than she ever had been before. Another case study involved a man suffering from poor physical health due to improper dietary choices. After learning about VEL from Amanda Sophia he was able to make necessary changes which resulted in him having better overall health that enabled him to feel more vibrant than ever before. These are just two examples demonstrating how effective this style of feng shui can be for individuals all around the world suffering from obstacles that keep them from achieving their desired goals or emotional state of being.

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Principles of Amanda Sophia Feng Shui

• The Tao of Home Design: Creating a Safe Haven for Mind, Body and Spirit – Stephen Thomas
• Feng Shui Made Easy: A Practical Guide to Enhancing Your Life through Harmony – Sidetta Bortolin
• Feng Shui for Abundant Living; Use the Ancient Principles to Manifest Your Heart’s Desires – Denise Linn

Online Courses:
• Amanda Sophia Feng Shui Online Course – Amanda Sophia
• Ideas for Your Home with Feng Shui – Nadereh Salimyar
• Principles of Living In Harmony With Nature – Ashok Bedi

• Cayli Cavaco Reck – International Speaker, Author, Educator & World Traveler (feng shui)
• Harry Chitrakorn – Global Leader in Space Clearing & Feng Shui (Space Clearing)
• Anjie Cho – Architect, Author & Faculty Member at the New York School of Interior Design (architecture design)

Steps to Creating a Room with Amanda Sophia Feng Shui

When creating a space with Amanda Sophia Feng Shui, the process begins with visualization. Before actually starting to arrange anything, take some time to consciously focus on how the space should look and feel. Reflect on how you want each person in the room to experience this space – think of what colors, furniture arrangement, textures, lighting, and overall design would bring a sense of peace and positive energy into the room. To visualize your perfect feng shui setup, it can be helpful to use visualization exercises such as imagined walking around the room or closing your eyes and picturing everything just as you’d like it.

Once you have visualized exactly what your feng shui environment looks like, it’s time to begin bringing it to life. Your next step is to choose colors that balance emotions and create joy – these colors should match your overall design scheme and contribute towards reducing stress levels within the space. With regards to furniture selection and layout, keep in mind that all corners of the room should be accessible for anyone entering the space. Additionally, items like plants and aquariums bring refreshing energy into any room with their moving water element – creating harmony between man and nature that results in improved energy flow! Lighting should always include natural lighting from windows or sunlight lamps whenever possible – artificial lighting should also be considered for balance if needed. Finally solve any energy problems with appropriate artwork. This could include painting landscape images from nature onto walls or using elements from nature such as rocks – as these all help maintain positive vibrations throughout the entire space.

Examples of Amanda Sophia Feng Shui Rooms

Example 1:
The first example of a room designed with Amanda Sophia Feng Shui is a sanctuary-like bedroom designed by user Nicole. It features creamy white walls, an airy canopy bed, and light touches of greenery paired with warm tones throughout.

In an interview with the designer, Nicole shared that she initially wasn’t very familiar with feng shui but was inspired by her friend who had recently redecorated her own home using the principles of Amanda Sophia Feng Shui. She found it to be incredibly inviting and calming so she decided to go in that direction for her own bedroom. She enjoyed finding the perfect balance between earthy textures and modern elements to create a unique, cozy atmosphere.

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Example 2:
The second example of a room designed with Amanda Sophia Feng Shui is a minimalist living space from user Barbara. The room features white walls, sparse furniture pieces, and pops of bright colors in painted planters and throws and wall hangings.

In an interview with the designer, Barbara shared that she loves how Amanda Sophia Feng Shui inspires simplicity when it comes to designing spaces. She wanted to create a functional but minimalistic space where people could come together for conversation and relaxation; thus why the room focuses around different shades of white offset by colorful accents. She said creating this atmosphere using feng shui really helped focus on what served a purpose while allowing the joyousness of color shine through.


When engaging in Amanda Sophia Feng Shui, the most important thing is to be respectful of the energies present in your home and to use this knowledge to create a balance within the space. Having a professional help you with this process can be quite beneficial and there are a few guidelines to follow when searching for help.

The first is to ensure that you are dealing with a certified practitioner or consultant. You will want someone who is knowledgeable in the practice and has certification or credentials that prove they are an expert in the field. Additionally, ask any potential consultants questions about their education, experience and expertise before making a commitment.

Once you have selected a specialist, research all available resources that they recommend such as books, videos, websites and classes. By reading and understanding these materials, you should gain a better understanding of how Feng Shui works and how it can help you achieve balance in your home or business environment. Additionally, it can be helpful to have conversations with other people who have used similar services so that you can get more insight into their experiences with it.

In conclusion, Amanda Sophia Feng Shui has been proven to aid the flow of positive energy within a living space by creating balance between its occupants and nature. It is essential to find professionals who are certified or properly credentialed if seeking assistance with implementing this practice because only then will one truly reap its rewards fully. Furthermore, reading material (books/websites) related to Feng Shuiis encouraged as well as gaining insight from others who may have benefited from using these services previously.

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