Good Feng Shui Pictures for Bedroom


Feng Shui encompasses a set of beliefs originating in Chinese culture about the relationship between the physical environment and its influence over our emotional and spiritual lives. In tangible terms, it is rooted in principles such as positioning furniture based on the flow of energy, using color to balance different areas of our living and sleeping spaces, making sure clutter is kept at bay, and bringing decorations with calming vibes into said spaces. When it comes to setting up our bedrooms according to these principles, one way we can do so is through the introduction of good Feng Shui pictures.

Through artwork and other photos hung in our bedrooms—whether they are posters, family images or anything else depending on our taste—we can not only make them look more visually appealing but also create specific impressions based on various elements included in these pictures. For instance, having artworks that depict nature scenes encourages calmness whereas lively patterns reflect joyfulness; adding symbols such as flowers reminding us of beauty and growth; utilizing uplifting quotes that we’re reminded of throughout the day triggering positive thoughts; or incorporating pictures of pets playing or animals running free symbolizing freedom. All these elements combined encourage positive measures for good spirits when enjoying time spent in the bedroom.

In addition to this decorative purpose, by keeping a keen eye out for the type of artwork used in Feng Shui decorating techniques —such as powerful mantras written in calligraphy too—it will be possible to enrich space with energising vibes specially tailored to meet individual needs like achieving mental clarity or appeasing tension caused by stress.

Evaluating Pictures for Good Feng Shui in the Bedroom

When looking for good Feng Shui pictures for your bedroom, it is important to make sure that the images you choose bring only positive energy into the room. This starts by considering the items in the picture and their symbolic meaning. For example, you may want to stay away from images such as swords, knives, or any other weapons. Instead, focus on objects that symbolize love and compassionate relationships, prosperity and wealth, and good health.

Look for pictures of nature scenes like a beautiful landscape that brings tranquility to your bedroom space. Flowers have long been associated with healing properties and can be a great addition to your wall art. Colors are another element to consider; vibrant colors evoke feelings of excitement while softer tones create a calming atmosphere. If you prefer something like an abstract painting or photo print of modern high rises or beachwaves, pay attention to the elements that they represent in terms of Feng Shui principles.

Whatever image you decide on should convey qualities that support a healthy night’s sleep like peace and relaxation. Be sure it brings harmony within the other decorations in your room for an integrated feel. Finally, it should also resonate with who you are so it gives back emotional comfort every time you look at it – remember this is your personal space!

Using Picture Frames to Create Positive Energy in the Bedroom

Using the right picture frames to create meaningful energy in your bedroom can really help foster a calming, tranquil environment. Good Feng Shui pictures for bedrooms should be chosen carefully; selecting those that depict positive scenes and messages. Colors are especially important when selecting a good Feng Shui picture as they can support or impede the flow of energy depending on what hues are used. Warm colors like tan, yellow, peach, or rose gold work well to create feelings of comfort while cool colors such as green and blue make a space feel more serene. The type of image is equally important; peaceful nature scenes with flowing water or bright outdoor settings suggest new beginnings and help energize the room. Pictures that inspire fun memories may make a space feel lighter and more lighthearted, which can be great for sleep-deprived families with young children needing an extra pick-me-up. Finally, portraits of happy people with infectious smiles help transmit positive vibes into the air. Overall, whatever images you choose should evoke positive emotions since this will ultimately encourage better moods and greater balance into your home’s interior design.

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Incorporating Symbols to Bring Balance and Harmony to a Bedroom

Good Feng Shui pictures can be used to bring balance and harmony to a bedroom. When incorporating symbols into a bedroom, it is important to choose the energy of each symbol carefully. For example, Chinese symbols like those of love and partnership such as the Double Fish, Dragons, or Mandarin Ducks are perfect for couples. Symbols associated with wealth and prosperity such as images of coins or coins in abundance can be used for bedrooms if financial stability is desired. If a more relaxed atmosphere is preferred for restful sleep and relaxation, then symbolic images such as mountains or paintings portraying water scenes may be used in the bedroom. This type of energy helps to create a serene atmosphere which encourages relaxation and tranquillity. Other symbols which can be used include images of butterflies or birds that promote growth and transformation; these are particularly good when making changes in one’s life that require letting go of old ways of doing things or relationships that no longer serve us well. Additionally, including images of trees promotes stability, longevity and represent strong family ties. Buddha statues are another good way to stay connected to peace and wisdom in times of stress; these also help temper negative energies in the environment around us. Regardless of where one lives in the world, incorporating Feng Shui pictures into your living space will always bring balance and harmony in one form or another ion your home!

Choosing Symbolic Images to Inspire and Guide You in the Bedroom

When selecting Feng Shui pictures for the bedroom, it can be beneficial to select images that have both spiritual and functional value. Images of a calming landscape or environment are great because they make the bedroom feel more relaxing and balanced. According to Feng Shui principles, these types of pictures should be displayed near the bed or in the East corner of the room, as this is believed to create a sense of stability and harmony. Additionally, it is best to display artwork that encourages positive emotions such as security, serenity, love, joy, creativity and balance.

In addition to peaceful scenes like landscapes or waterfalls, Feng Shui practitioners may also suggest displaying specific symbols which serve as guides for achieving your desires. The four elements play an important role in Feng Shui practice – earth (Grounding), wood (Growth), fire (Energy), and metal (Protection). Images that symbolize these elements can be helpful in supporting whatever goals you hope to achieve in your bedroom: from working on personal growth to healing from past trauma. Symbols like lotus flowers or Buddha statues represent compassion and spirituality while Chinese coins reflect abundance and prosperity. Incorporating meaningful symbols into the space will radiate powerful energy and provide constant reminder of what you’re striving for. Whatever pieces you decide on, just make sure they resonante with you so they can effectively empower your life journey and overall wellbeing.

Utilizing Pictures to Make a Statement with Feng Shui Art

Good Feng Shui pictures for the bedroom can be an effective tool for creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. It is important to ensure that the images chosen correspond with the principles of Feng Shui, providing a tranquil environment in which to rest, sleep and dream.

In order to achieve this balance, it is essential to choose calming imagery such as nature scenes or photographs of tranquility and serenity. Pictures of waterfalls, clouds or sunrise/sunsets work well and can be used to create happiness and peace in one’s bedroom. Abstraction art that features delicate patterns or peaceful forms can help provide a feeling of joy, relaxation and balance within the room.

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Pictures that represent good fortune are also beneficial. Images depicting cultural symbols such as dragons or other mythical figures are positive additions to any space because they signify luck, prosperity or protection – above all else, these images provide protection from negative energy! Hung on walls in a way that appears effortless yet still brings attention from viewers will help ensure a successful transition between outside energy and inside solace. Last but not least, photographs of loved ones bring harmony into relationships with both parents/children, lovers/partners and friends alike and represent unconditional love even when apart from each other.

Hanging Wall ornaments to Improve Feng Shui in the Bedroom

Choosing wall ornaments and artwork with specific feng shui symbolism can help to improve the energy of a bedroom space. Incorporating pictures that symbolize peace, natural beauty, growth and strength can invite positive energy into the space. Photos depicting nature or landscapes are believed to have larger and gentler Chi energies, whereas people images are believed to bring about more intense energies. Portraits involving physical activity can bring beneficial action-orientated energy into the room as well. Additionally, placing a mirror in an auspicious location is thought to draw more love and fortune. According to feng shui theory, round shapes represent positive potential whereas sharp corners represent danger from harsh words or actions – so one should be careful when decorating their bedroom with wall hangings of any kind! It’s also recommended to avoid hanging too many paintings, as it may create an overwhelming feeling that can be detrimental for one’s restful sleep. To maximize the good effects of incorporating beautiful wall decorations into your bedroom space ensure you display them optimally with respect to both symmetry and balance!

Incorporating Lighting to Enhance Pictures in the Bedroom

When selecting good Feng Shui pictures for a bedroom, it is important to consider how you will incorporate your lighting elements to accentuate the artwork. Proper lighting can make all the difference in creating positive energy and vibes throughout not just the bedroom but the entire home. In order to enhance and bring out the beauty of pictures, try placing wall sconces on each side of the art piece — this creates a warm, inviting atmosphere especially when using soft-glowing light bulbs. Alternatively, if your framing style allows for it, install LED strips along or around the artwork in order to have indirect light sources illuminating it from different angles. This type of lighting setup creates understated yet beautiful effects behind the painting or photograph. Additionally, dimmers installed into your fixtures allow you to adjust the intensity of light as desired so that subtle changes may be achieved in a matter of seconds without needing to resort to any bulky appliances or complicated wiring systems.


Achieving good Feng Shui in the bedroom is essential for cultivating balance and harmony. Good Feng Shui pictures can be a great way to provide the bedroom with soothing energy and to promote feelings of comfort and relaxation. By investing in the right pieces, homeowners can effectively use pictures to positively enhance their home’s atmosphere and transition their bedrooms into tranquil spaces for rest and relaxation. Whether it’s a calming landscape, serene bodies of water, lush foliage or anything else that makes you feel relaxed, incorporating pictures into your bedroom according to the principles of Feng Shui can be a great way to attract positive emotions and create a better sense of wellbeing in an intimate space.

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