Aigis Feng Shui

Introduction to Aigis Feng Shui

Aigis Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to bring balance and harmony between humans and their environment. This concept arose from the premise that if one lives in harmony with the energy around them, they can create a more comfortable, safe, and prosperous life. It uses a system of symbols and objects to alter or manipulate the energy of a space to improve the quality of life for those who inhabit it. Taking its roots from traditional Chinese Taoist thought and beliefs, Aigis Feng Shui applies both Yin (feminine/passive) and Yang (masculine/active) energies to create balanced environments and achieve certain goals like health, wealth, success, love, etc. It is based on an understanding of how Qi (energy) flows through people’s lives in cycles; if obstructed channels are cleared or new ones opened up, this energy flow can be encouraged or directed towards desired outcomes. By using colors, shapes, objects, placements and transformations of one’s space along with other practices like meditation and rituals Aigis Feng Shui can help promote luck, wellbeing and self-actualization in all areas of an individual’s life.

Benefits of Aigis Feng Shui

The primary benefit of utilizing Aigis Feng Shui in home and office settings is the potential for improved wellbeing of individuals. Physically, incorporating Aigis Feng Shui into a space can help create a serene and relaxing atmosphere that can promote healing and reduce stress. The sorts of décor and configurations used in this type of feng shui are designed to increase the circulation of Qi energy in a space, which can lead to improved physical health overall.

Psychological benefits can be experienced as well through the incorporation of Aigis Feng Shui into a environment. This approach focuses on using certain placements in order to manifest more positive energies, potentially leading to increased joy, clarity, and understanding within yourself and your relationships. Putting extra thought into how you position items around your home or office encourages mindfulness that can lead to greater harmony between people living or working together. As such, this type of feng shui has the potential to greatly improve psychological wellbeing for all involved.

Tips for Achieving Balance

1. Choose the right colors to create a peaceful atmosphere. According to Aigis Feng Shui, each color represents different elements and energies, so it is important to choose colors that are compatible with the energy you wish to bring into your home or workspace.

2. Place items in areas that match their purpose and energy. For instance, a desk should be placed in an area associated with knowledge and creativity, while a bedroom should be located in an area associated with rest and relaxation.

3. Balance yin and yang energies. Aigis Feng Shui believes that achieving equilibrium between the two opposing forces of yin (calm, passive) and yang (bright, active) is key for creating balance in the home or office space. Utilize furniture, wall art and other decor to create a harmonious balance between dark and light areas throughout the environment!

4. Make use of feng shui cures like wind chimes, crystal balls or mirrors in order to draw positive energy into spaces afflicted by negative influences like electromagnetic radiation from computers or electronics.

5. Consider adding trees and plants like bamboo indoors or around the exterior of your home according to directionality principles – each corner corresponds to one of five Chinese elements (metal, wood, water, fire & earth). These living organisms can help establish life-enhancing qi movement!

Common Areas for Implementation of Aigis Feng Shui

Bathroom: An immediate practical use of Aigis Feng Shui in the bathroom is to clean any surface with a natural deodorant, such as essential oils or baking soda. Place any crystals or charms either near the entrance or on shelves around the sink and shower area to attract positive energy. Aim for symmetry when rearranging accessories, towels, and storage items. Hang artwork on the walls which reflects tranquility and harmony.

How to Work Out Feng Shui Directions

Kitchen: To implement Aigis Feng Shui in the kitchen focus on having well-ordered storage areas and plenty of natural light. Ensure that clutter is kept to a minimum so that energy can circulate freely. Position wind chimes in the window to allow blessing energies from outside to enter your home. Install a water feature such as a small fountain for balance and prosperity; artefacts like wooden animals are also beneficial here. Decorate your kitchen with bright colors such as yellow, orange or red – these will help bring in positive energy while cooking or entertaining guests.

Living Room: To apply Aigis Feng Shui into living rooms place thoughtfully crafted furniture in strategic places – have comfortable armchairs opposite each other so that conversations can be had easily between family members and encourage good flow of conversation within the room. Keep areas tidy and free from clutter; this will not only create a sense of organization but also promote happiness throughout your home. Hang relaxing artwork on walls based upon personal preference, pictures of nature are prime examples for visual stimulation in living rooms which invokes feelings of comfortability when entering said space. Having house plants around the room helps fill it with positivity too, so don’t forget those!

Workspace: Follow similar steps for applying Aigis Feng Shui to workspaces by setting up an organized desk with clear pathways and clutter free surfaces to achieve productivity – add small statues or moments for luck such as coins near cash tills, beside computers etc; these bring extra blessings all round! Light scented candles from time-to-time when working at night as candles provide structure to chaos while helping relax mind picking up on its scent – adding sweet smelling flowers may also help you feel better during tough working hours!

Color Therapy

Aigis Feng Shui relies heavily on the use of different colors, shapes, and symbols for its design. Colors are said to have an effect on moods and emotions; for example, warm colors like red can evoke feelings of excitement and passion, while cooler colors such as blue bring about a sense of calmness. Combining different hues together can also create a unique atmosphere that supports and strengthens one’s spirit equilibrium.

Shapes, too, are influential in Aigis Feng Shui architecture and decorating. Curved shapes such as a circle or an oval add ‘yin’ energy to a space, while angular lines create more ‘yang’ energy; so the right combination of these two elements can create balance and thus bring peace to the entire environment.

Lastly, various symbols within a room will also carry certain meanings according to their history or culture of origin. For example, seeing birds depicted in artwork could be seen as representing freedom; likewise flowers may portray abundance & joy. Every person should find their own interpretation through understanding the symbolism within their culture or religion. To understand these signs is important for achieving an aesthetically pleasing Aigis Feng Shui in any space.

Popular Aigis Feng Shui Items

One popular item for feng shui is a wind chime. Wind chimes are believed to help circulate positive energy that can improve the flow of energy in your environment. Wind chimes help create an atmosphere of peace and balance, helping to uplift the energies in your home or office.

Crystals are another popular item for feng shui. Crystals also assist with increasing energy levels, improving concentration and clarity. Placing crystals in different locations around your home, office, or garden can bring abundance and good luck in many forms.

Fountains are also beneficial items of feng shui as they represent water which is considered the source of life force. Placing a fountain in a certain place or corner helps to bring positive energies into your environment. It can also act as a symbol of dedication and commitment which makes it even more powerful for invigorating energy levels.

Plano Casa Feng Shui Ideal

Lucky bamboo plants are also very popular in feng shui because they signify luck and growth. Bamboo has the meaning of luck, prosperity, strength and harmony while its evergreen leaves denote resilience and longevity. Having lucky bamboo around your home provides positivity that helps you achieve success both personally and professionally.

Symbols & Shapes

The fundamental concept behind Aigis Feng Shui is the representation of energy and balance. The use of symbols and shapes plays a major role in conveying the energy to help create equilibrium. Common shape energies involve square, circle, triangle, dragon, knot and the all-powerful spiral. Squares represent stability and structure. Circles provide smoothness and harmony for any space it’s used in. Triangles exhibit creative power and upward movement. Dragons are associated with strength and protection while knots represent harmony or chaos depending on how they’re tied together. Finally, spirals symbolize the cycle of life including birth, growth, death and rebirth – providing necessary change and transformation if properly positioned. Through careful placement of shapes, Aigis Feng Shui can be used to bring health, wealth, wisdom and overall well-being into any living environment by deflecting negative energy/vibrations.


1. Improve the energy flow in your home by arranging your furniture according to Aigis Feng Shui principles. Place large items (such as sofas and armchairs) facing open spaces, rather than walls or corners, and set up smaller pieces in conversation groups along the sides of the room. Avoid placing materialistic things such as televisions, exercise equipment, etc., at the center of a room, and instead move them away from high-traffic areas.

2. Refresh your outdoor environment by adding some Aigis Feng Shui elements. Plant trees and flowers nearby walkways for natural beauty but also to bring calming energy into your home. Utilize rocks and water for more positive vibes; place smooth stones around flowering plants for good luck or hang water fountains at the entrance of your garden to create a welcoming atmosphere.

3. For an office setting, apply Aigis Feng Shui principles to attract customers and boost employees’ productivity. Hang mirrors close to an entrance to increase energy flow, or display paintings related to wealth and abundance in strategic places like the reception area or near the meeting room door. Add live plants throughout the space to enhance freshness while working or use crystals as accents on desks of executives/managers to promote clarity of thought during important decisionsmaking processes.

Final Takeaway

Aigis Feng Shui is a powerful ancient practice that promotes health, wealth, and happiness. It uses the principles of Chinese metaphysics, including the five feng shui elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water to harmonize the energies in any given space. By applying Aigis Feng Shui techniques to your home or office environment you can make sure it will bring good luck and positive energy into your life. It is important to remember to keep an open mind when learning about this practice as the power of feng shui is ultimately up to you and how it can be used for your individual needs. Through embracing feng shui’s teachings you can transform your life for the better.

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