Feng Shui 2022 For Tiger

Feng Shui 2022 For Tiger

Feng Shui, or the art and practice of attaining a balance and harmony between the self or home and their environment, is based upon various aspects of nature and has been around for centuries. It is believed that if the elements in one’s environment are in harmony, it can manifest wealth and good fortune into one’s life. Each year, Feng Shui is adjusted and updated to reflect the yearly Chinese Zodiac animal predictions. The 2022 Chinese Zodiac is the Tiger, and there are some specific Feng Shui considerations that need to be taken into account when planning for this upcoming year.

Feng Shui for 2022: Tiger Year

The 2022 Tiger Year will bring lots of passion and enthusiasm, along with courage and fortitude. Tigers should use the spirit of the Tiger to their benefit, allowing their actions to be charitable and compassionate. However, it’s important to also be aware of what can bring about misfortune for the 2022 Tiger Year:

  • Overconfidence: The Tiger’s spirit may lead them to think they can accomplish anything, but overconfidence can lead to difficult situations.
  • Giving up too Easily: Tigers should stay focused on their goals, but they need to remember to take breaks and enjoy the journey.

Tips To Prepare for 2022 Tiger Year

Getting ready for the 2022 Tiger Year starts with understanding the philosophy of Feng Shui. This means focusing on balance, clarity, and connecting with the environment. It’s important to center the home environment and to look for areas that need improvement. Use the following tips to create an environment that reflects the 2022 Tiger Year:

  1. Choose the right colors: Blue, green and white are ideal for the Tiger Year.
  2. Create clarity in the home: Clear away clutter, deep clean and organize to increase the flow of positive energy.
  3. Incorporate helpful companions: Utilize the natural elements, such as fire, water, wood and metal, to balance energies.
  4. Move furniture where appropriate: Place beds and desks in the North and South zones.
  5. Bring in items of good luck: Include items that connect with the element of the Tiger (Wood), such as plants and images of trees.


Feng Shui is a practice that has been around for centuries and is based on the idea that balance in one’s environment can bring good fortune. As the 2022 Chinese Zodiac is the Tiger, specific Feng Shui considerations should be taken into account to maximize the Tiger’s luck and prosperity. With the right mindset and methods in place, the Tiger can scale great heights in the 2022 Tiger Year.

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