Feng Shui 2017 Year of the Tiger


Feng Shui 2017 is the Year of the Tiger, according to the Chinese calendar. During this year, practitioners of traditional feng shui make various changes to their home or office in order to enhance the positive chi (energy) and bring in luck. Some examples of those changes include rearranging furniture and artwork, displaying special symbols or items, hanging good luck charms at entrances, switching out bedding products and wall decor, refreshing plants and paying extra attention to the “career” corner of a room. Additionally, bringing in more wood elements—like jade plants—and wearing red are common practices during this time. Practitioners also focus on creative activates like writing poetry or painting if they seek an additional boost of energy. It is believed that those who practice feng shui during this period will be rewarded with success throughout the rest of 2017.

What the Year of the Tiger Means for Wealth

The Year of the Tiger brings an energy of strength and determination that many people can use to their benefit. Wealth isn’t limited to financial and career successes. It can also include emotional, physical, and spiritual wealth.

Those born with the Tiger’s energy are also likely to bring passionate energy that can be used to drive personal growth. This year could be a good time for re-evaluating past successes and failures in order to set clear plans for the future.

People should also consider ways they can develop new skills or rekindle old hobbies during this year. Learning new things is always beneficial and provides opportunities to gain insight that could have unexpected positive outcomes in areas you may not think to explore. Life is complex, so asking questions, engaging in dialogue, and listening after each response are all avenues for tapping into the knowledge of other people and expanding ones own understanding.

Physical wealth includes health and wellness as this is often related or linked to our overall well-being Financial success oftentimes requires physical health; being able to sustain long hours, staying ahead of illness , being mindful when it comes to living an active lifestyle are key components for achieving success in any area. Emotional well-being includes addressing negative tendencies such as fear based thinking or avoidance strategies on difficult conversations. Being aware of one’s emotions ultimately opens the door for building self-confidence which translates into a multitude of activities from small daily goals such as getting out of one’s comfort zone more often or participating more in whatever chosen activity brings joy and purpose is something that most people find rewarding on some level once applied with intent over an extended period of time

Finally, spiritual development should also be considered with respect to overall wealth this year. Keeping an open mind when it comes to looking at matters through different lenses helps developing wisdom by connecting with personal values along with gaining compassion towards others with different points of view. Taking regular time alone where one can connect deeply within has endless possibilities shown throughout history by great leaders who had the ability take faith in their vision despite troubles around them – having an open heart leads us closer home once again even at times when we feel lost .

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In conclusion, incorporating all aspects of personal wellness (financial, physical, emotional & spiritual) will help promote greater abundance throughout 2017’s Year Of The Tiger!

A Look at Your Home

When looking at your home from a feng shui 2017 Year of the Tiger perspective, there are various techniques that you can use to create balance and prosperity. Firstly, consider the energy or chi in each room – which areas or corners appear to be very active and busy and which ones are lacking in energy? If certain spots in your home are overly active, you can counter this by introducing something light, bright, and peaceful – such as some white furniture or plants.

You may want to rearrange and move furniture around if it is obstructing the flow of chi throughout your house. Avoid blocking doorways with large pieces of furniture, as this can prevent positive energy from entering your home. Re-positioning heavy items with lighter objects will also help create a feeling of balance. When orienting furniture, try to make sure that it is not facing specific directions, such as away from windows or towards the door. Make sure that beds do not face mirrors, doors or windows and sitting areas aren’t too far away from walls.

Finally,. Prioritize covering empty space with meaningful symbols associated with wealth and health – such as Chinese coins or pebbles – these elements will add a sense of good fortune and vibrancy to any room!

Create Abundance and Flow

Maintaining positive energy when external influences disrupt can be challenging, but there are significant benefits to finding ways to keep the energy around you manageable and productive. In order to maintain positive energy, even in spite of external disruptions, it is important to first focus on the intention you have for your home. If a peaceful atmosphere is preferred, then making conscious design decisions that foster peace can be invaluable.

To do this, be sure to use colors, fabrics, art pieces and decor that resonate with your intentions; vibrant colors or loud statement pieces may visually clutter the space – instead try to embrace calm tones and neutral palettes. In addition, items in your home should feel inviting – creating any sectionals or groupings aimed at connecting people together so that conversations don’t become strained or stressed.

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It’s also important during the 2017 Year of the Tiger to connect yourself energetically with Chi-infused activities like yoga and meditation. These activities engage more than one sense and allow one’s inner voice of wisdom to emerge in creative solutions regarding external disturbances. Finally, remember that Feng Shui encourages connection between our human energy field and its external environment as well as nature itself; by surrounding oneself with plants and elements found in nature (like rocks or water), one has an opportunity to neutralize negative frequencies while simultaneously attracting positive energy

Look Towards the Future

The Year of the Tiger 2017 is a powerful time to use the knowledge and lessons learned during this time period to ensure that you start off the New Year on the right foot. Here are some practical tips to help you make use of all that Feng Shui has taught you, so that you can walk confidently into 2018 feeling focused and inspired:

1. Take some time to review your goals and objectives for the year and create a detailed plan for how you will reach them. Understanding what kind of energy you would like to bring into your life is key!

2. Honor and practice mindful self-care. Investing in yourself and taking good care of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs should be an ongoing practice.

3. Clear out a little bit of clutter every day — whether it’s physical items that just need organizing or perhaps energetic clutter from stuck thoughts or pent up emotions.

4. Set aside timesaving rituals to ground and balance yourself everyday — such as journaling, meditating, or regular yoga practices. These rituals will help bring more peace into your life even when times get tough!

5. Utilize Feng Shui techniques to improve the flow of energy in your home or work areas. Moving furniture around, adding plants or decor items can enhance positive vibes in any space!

6. Establish healthy boundaries with yourself and with others that promote healthy relationships based on mutual respect and trust. This is essential for connecting with one another in an authentic way!

7. In difficult times, remember not to take anything personally but rather acknowledge it as part of the natural course of life instead — this brings new perspectives on difficult situations allowing for greater creativity in problem solving skills!

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