Dragon Tiger Feng Shui

Introduction to Dragon Tiger Feng Shui

Dragon Tiger Feng Shui has its roots in ancient Chinese wisdom for improving and harmonizing the flow of energy, known as Qi, within a space. The practice involves positioning two small figurines – a dragon and a tiger ” near doorways or windows to act as guardians of the energy in the house. The dragon represents yin and earth elements while the tiger stands for yang and fire.

This form of Feng Shui differs from traditional Feng Shui by amplifying several energies rather than organizing them: the dragon brings luck and prosperity, while the tiger guards against bad vibes and negative energy. Together, they ward off illness-causing Qi (chi) imbalance with protective qi that results in emotional balance and radiates healthful energy into any family atmosphere.

Today, practitioners of Dragon Tiger Feng Shui are typically consulted to identify imbalances in their clients’ homes or offices and offer solutions designed to restore harmony to those spaces. This can involve creating pop-up shrines with Feng Shui symbols, hanging crystal symbols on walls, recommending use of colors like feng shui gold or specific scents such as sandalwood or neroli oil; even using clapping methods during meditation has been reported to experience positive benefits within seconds after being implemented.

Dragon Tiger Feng Shui has had a positive impact on many people’s lives around the world by helping them restore harmony to their environment through home decor solutions centered around harnessing wind & water metaphors for optimal qi flow. For example, one woman credited Dragon Tiger Feng Shui for saving her marriage by containing her husband’s negative chi which allowed both partners to foster more patience towards each other which resulted in healthier communication patterns between them. Another client was able to effectively subdue frustration in his workplace by placing large tiger crystals strategically throughout his office building ” proving that this ancient system does indeed have something valuable to offer modern society!

Benefits of Practicing Dragon Tiger Feng Shui

The practice of Dragon Tiger Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition which can bring a person physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. It involves placing certain components in the home or workspace which correspond with one’s life goals, current situation and desired outcomes. These include items such as plants, ceramics, statues and even paintings. Doing this nurtures the five elements needed for a harmonious environment in accordance with feng shui principles: wood, metal, fire, earth and water.

Many people have stated that practicing Dragon Tiger Feng Shui has brought about remarkable improvements in their lives. Studies have shown that people who integrate this practice into their everyday lives tend to enjoy better sleeping habits, improved concentration levels and a greater sense of peace and contentment in their personal relationships as well as increased energy levels due to improved health. These benefits are also often attested to by those who work with Dragon Tiger Feng Shui professionally as they handle different clients’ unique situations.

Some individuals claim to have achieved more tangible financial gains as well due to Dragon Tiger Feng Shui practices such as improved business opportunities resulting from stronger relationships with customers or an increase of luck associated with having these additional set-ups at the office or home; overall abundance on both personal and professional levels appears to be frequently experienced by practitioners of this method over time.

Finally, although Dragon Tiger Feng Shui is an art form focused on bringing harmony between humans and nature through particular symbols and placements, there are certain other scientifically measurable benefits reported by its devotees such as enhanced chi (or energy) flow throughout their environment ” improvement of air quality within the house for instance – which could greatly support better mental health conditions and general wellness.

For all these reasons it’s worth trying out Dragon Tiger Feng Shui principles for yourself if you have been looking for ways to improve your health, finances or general quality of life – you may just find results beyond what you expected!

The 8 Characters of Dragon Tiger Feng Shui

The 8 Characters of Dragon Tiger Feng Shui are a set of symbols which are believed to bring positive energy and fortune into one’s space. This type of Feng Shui incorporates visual representations of dragons and tigers in order to balance and emphasize the Yin/Yang energetic dichotomy that is necessary for a successful life practice. In terms of individual feng shui properties, each character consists of three elements (or energies) within it.

The first character is the dragon, which symbolizes strength, courage and honor. It contains the Wind element built from Mirrored Reflection and looks like two horns with pearls at their tips placed over a sunburst. When used in feng shui, this character should be placed in areas where strength and resilience are needed, such as an entryway or office space.

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The second character is the tiger, symbolizing self-protection, luck and confidence. It contains the Wood element composed from Solidity & Depth and looks like four horizontal lines overlapping a cloven hoof shape below them. When used in feng shui it should be placed in areas where knowledge or insight need to be utilized; such as long-term projects or creative pursuits.

The third character is Pine Trees (Lin). It represents eternal grace, sense of direction and diverse opportunities opens up for an individual life journey .It has the Fire element built from Action & Resistance with pine tree branches that crisscross one another from side to side at both ends forming an inverted U-shape at its center. It should be used when attempting to create harmony for collaborations with other people as it serves to attract positive forces especially when these collaborations involve business transactions or negotiations between two parties involved.

The fourth character is Bamboo (Cao), representing health restoration, fertility and flexibility .it has metal element created by Internal Order & Balance having 6 vertical lines lined up on either side alongside 4 diagonal bars formed from joining them together between both halves creating something similar this triangular pattern in its center. This particular pattern should ideally be placed near sleeping quarters since it provides help balancing different energies there while also helping provide better physical health through a good night’s rest

The fifth character is Water (Shui), representing wealth evolving along with resourcefulness over time in achieving success .It contains the Water element consisting of Motion & Fluidity having downward spiral wave pattern depicting water being constantly flowed downwards toward its ending point below it without any breaks .This will bring about desired change over time by creating more opportunities that may eventually help directly improve profits as desired when positioned properly around commercial spaces.

The sixth character is Mountains (Shan) representing stability while also bringing far away places closer together sometimes revealing hidden paths or solutions not usually taken into consideration before .It has the earth element established by Connecting Energy Points wrapping 2 round circles among 3 columns connected down below along with one line going across horizontally on each row ending with peaks at their tops all around forming snowcapped mountain shape inside them when looked upon closely thus signifying protection even against unfavorable odds sometimes encountered along journey so long awaited this direction took us.

The seventh character is Snake indicating rebirth while also teaching us adapting ourselves according leading us towards higher goals often requiring tolerance patience which spell out resilience too coming through tough times all provided courtesy transformation brought through snakes’ coiled structure captured here using Ying Symbolism made up all composed from 4 divided sections zigzagging ever so slightly reaching another depth underneath due lingering effects spread wide inside our limitless inner potential each moment since then things yet seen before were exposed before us giving us chance fulfill further here advancements sought frontiers beckon new waves crashing incoming shores signaling can no longer ignore what awaits much sooner needs will reach fruition reap rewards hands if we just put trust away waiting discoverings unscathed through inner voyage accomplished proving realization wisdom flow forth brilliantly reflecting spiritual growth toward unending possibilities beyond our reach during travels could have anticipated earlier sudden enlightenment depending specific person actions undertaken follow even mantra meditating prepare taking active role following interests curiosity’s drive pushing forward urges desire make way this age’s pages unfold showing perseverance exacting its own celebration fancy filled satisfaction!

Lastly 8th character Toad comes hopping beneath surface half way this godly totem brings baggies gold storing tight offers luck success unparalleled level requires putting entire universe divine harmony tuning everything harmoniously within reasonable proximity coinciding celestial path aiming greatness desired sky only limit ultimately overcame merging ambitions resulting magical entity move anywhere unnoticed almost ghostly constructed magical rows tiny creatures leaping spreading rays joy restoring balance maintaining equilibrium required next phases lasting record themselves timeless monument glory generations living henceforth gaining insight wisdom knowledge imparted show sacred temple chant praises understanding remained answer calling mighty callers commandment surely brought luster herald own graduation well done might rewarded afterwards enter realm reality pleasure appreciated getting truly granted results demanded going smoothly outlined plan discussed start early planning goals maintain stable grounds secure favorable financial situation finding true happiness life practicing Dragon Tiger Feng Shui provides many benefits allowing individuals

Dragon and Tiger Hints & Tips

Dragon Tiger Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice involving eight animals believed to bring luck and fortune. The animals ” Dragon, Tiger, phoenix, monkey, hare, ox, rat and horse- make up combinations used in various rituals and ceremonies during auspicious occasions.

When these eight characters are combined properly in a space, it can create Feng Shui that will evoke positive energies and bring about positive changes for the inhabitants of the space. Through building a better understanding of these combinations and learning how to work with each animal specifically you can optimize the power of your space.

What is the Purpose of Feng Shui

For example, when honoring the great Dragon you can display a painting or sculpture of it prominently in any room. Alternatively Dragons can be confronted by tigers to help create suitable balance within areas near entrances or gatherings spots like living rooms. On important occasions such as birthdays and graduations displaying two golden dragons on each side of the guest area has been known to bring great strength and vitality to all involved. Any items depicting horses should be placed at corners in order to dominate directions within homes bringing further personal empowerment without diminishing peace & harmony around them. Additionally Phoenix’ should always be centered along walls so their influence may fuel positive energy throughout a house or office environment.

By combining real world examples with key tips & advice readers can gain insight into how to use the 8 characters correctly; thus optimizing their living space & achieving maximum good fortune from Dragon Tiger Feng Shui!

Preparing for Dragon Tiger Feng Shui

There are several principles to be followed when embarking on the path of Dragon Tiger Feng Shui. The first is to take an inventory of your home or office and determine what objects you want to keep and where to place them. Some items that can help increase the effects of this practice include Feng Shui approved lamps, incense holders, and mirrors. When placing these items around your space, it is important to remember the concept of chi and how the placement needs to balance with its opposing force. For instance, Yang Chi should be placed with Yin Chi in order to create harmony. Additionally, it is important to note that some colors are more auspicious than others – reds and oranges evoke prosperity while greens can bring a calming energy.

When beginning this process, it may be beneficial to look into purchasing a Feng Shui beginner’s guide which includes helpful info regarding proper placement and numerology related to luck. As you gain more knowledge about Dragon Tiger Feng Shui you will likely gain insight into specific charms that can be used for various purposes, such as attracting positive relationships or overall good fortune. Ultimately, choose an intentional selection of decorative pieces strategically placed in a way that can stimulate positive energy throughout one’s living environment.

Final Tips & Resources

Dragon Tiger Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system that uses the natural flow of energy to creating balance and trantquility. By following basic principles we can harness this energy in our homes and lives to improve health, wealth, and overall wellbeing.

Some key principles to remember include the An Lu San Shi Rule (division of a space according to three categories: Heaven, Earth or Human), Feng Shui elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) and symbolic layout strategies such as Ba Duan Jin (eight pieces of brocade). It’s also important to note that these concepts have evolved over time due to changes in society and culture.

When implementing these strategies in home or environment it is important to think about things such as furniture placement”how far apart couches should be from each other for example”and what items might create energy blockages. Additionally you should consider the Five Elements Theory in terms of decor items color choices and materials used. For instance metal will absorb more Yang energy while wood will introduce Yin energy into a room.

Additional Tips:
1. Allow natural light into your home but be careful not over expose yourself as too much sun can bring negative chi into your environment.
2. If you are able map out the foundation plan of your home by creating a T-Square star plot since this can help determine Chi locations throughout your property.
3. Always incorporate plants into your decor since they “generate” Chi by absorbing it from the atmosphere and then releasing it slowly over time within their environment.
4. Try reorganizing furniture every now and then in order to change up the energy flow of the room”be careful not to move too frequently though or risk disrupting any existing balance you’ve established!

Further Resources:
1. A Guide to Dragon & Tiger Feng Shui – by Rodika Tchi
2. The Complete Book of Feng Shui – by Lillian Too
3. The Fundamentals Of Real Feng Shui -by Stephen Skinner

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