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Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice based in the belief that people and their surroundings can interact to create a harmonious balance of energy. It is believed that this energy (or chi) flows through our homes and workplaces, affecting everything from physical health to relationships, prosperity and more. Feng shui aims to improve the flow of chi by arranging furniture, artwork, ornaments and other decor elements in ways that will help increase positive energy.

The 2017 Rooster in feng shui is associated with ambition, courage, hard work and innovation. According to traditional beliefs, those born under the sign of the rooster are independent thought-leaders who take initiative and bring success through their confidence and ingenuity. The year 2003 was also a rooster year. Like 2003, 2017 will be a productive time for anyone who puts forth the effort needed to excel; following feng shui principles could help give your endeavors an extra boost. For example, symbols of fortune like the infinity symbol and certain plants can be used as part of your interior design scheme to draw beneficial chi into living spaces. Additionally, crystals like citrine or tourmaline can be used as protective talismans against negative influences or malicious intent.

Historical Background of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of balancing and harmonizing the energies in a space to create good luck, health and prosperity. It’s believed to have originated several thousand years ago during the Neolithic period when people began living in permanent houses and noticed that certain arrangements of their dwellings had positive effects on their lifestyle. Today, it is still practiced in many areas of Asia, especially in China where it’s been an integral part of Chinese culture for centuries.

According to traditional Chinese belief systems, time can be divided into two cycles: Yin (the dark cycle) and Yang (the light cycle). The ancient Chinese believed that each year was associated with a different animal from the Chinese zodiac which represented an energy of sorts — these animals are called “blessings” which bring good luck. The Rooster symbolizes leadership, alertness and enthusiasm — all attributes which bode well for successful business enterprises or personal endeavors. The Year 2017 under the Fire Rooster sign is said to be a productive time that encourages one to take action and make progress towards achieving personal ambitions as there will be ample opportunities for growth and advancement. In terms of Feng Shui, this year is suggested to trust our instincts and push ourselves out of our comfort zone while being mindful of limits; better possibilities will then abound!

Benefits of Feng Shui

The arrival of the 2017 Rooster in Feng Shui brings about great benefits for those who follow and observe its teachings, as it will help to improve life balance, enhance success and bring greater awareness into our lives. It is also known to be an auspicious sign in Chinese tradition. The heightened Chi energy that comes with this year’s Rooster will ensure greater prosperity, luck and good health.

Following the principles of Feng Shui can bring harmony within oneself and one’s surroundings – a foundation which is imperative to achieving the desired life balance. Through its practices, followers can gain a glimpse into how their environment affects their thoughts, feelings and actions – so they can better manage their emotions, lifestyle and relationships.

Feng Shui is particularly inspirational when it comes to enhancing success. The application of certain principles can open up different perspectives that lead towards forward momentum by providing insight on how best to take advantage of opportunities or overcome challenges. There is an understanding of financial energy that lies beyond material wealth, and adherence to these teachings help people create abundance without being consumed by what they have acquired or currently possess.

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Finally, following Feng Shui allows us to gain greater awareness about ourselves in terms for unearthing our true values, ambitions and strengths through discipline applied determination. On the whole, this spiritual practice teaches us inner strength through balancing the energies from within ourselves as well as those from our external environment so that we can ultimately live full lives with meaning and purpose in alignment with our true depth of being.

Overview of the Rooster Year

The 2017 Rooster year brings a fresh start and the promise of success. With a strong base of elemental energy, roosters have been associated with fortune and prosperity. The symbolism behind the rooster is that it symbolizes hard work, being resourceful and striving for success – something that will serve you well during this year!

The colors associated with the Rooster are orange, red and yellow – which represent enthusiasm and strength. These colors should be used in your home décor to bring positive energy into your living space.

The elements associated with the 2017 Rooster year are wood and fire, meaning that there is plenty of energy circulating throughout this period. Wood provides stability and security while fire symbolizes renewal, taking risks, and creativity. This combination ensures that you can make strides in whatever goals you set out for yourself over the course of the year.

For singles born under the Rooster sign, 2017 promises to be a year full of possibility when it comes to finding love. Those seeking partners should take advantage of social opportunities like parties or organized events to further their chances at meeting someone special!

Each Chinese zodiac sign has an animal partner: for those born in 2017 under the Rooster sign, their partner animal is snake. Snakes emphasize being smart with resources to reach your desired destination – take cues from them when making investments or big life decisions during this period in order to maximize returns on time and money invested!

Positive Aspects of the Rooster

Feng Shui 2017 Rooster brings with it a new cycle of energy and possibility. There is great commitment, will power, and an enthusiasm for tackling new challenges that this year can offer. The Rooster is ambitious, goal-oriented and focused on success, so taking steps to move forward in all areas of life with determination is required. Self-discipline is another key trait of the Rooster – this virtue will help achieve many goals throughout the year. Additionally, the Rooster’s capacity to be organized, punctual and methodical will give individuals more control over their lives. The boldness of the roasted also helps people move out of their comfort zone and explore a fuller range of opportunities within their environment. The reoccurrence of luck that the Rooster offers allows individuals to take risks they wouldn’t normally take. On a personal level, those born under the sign of the Rooster value honesty and integrity incredibly; true commitments are undertaken seriously allowing for relationships to deepen on authentic levels.

How to Create a Positive Feng Shui Environment in 2017 Rooster

Creating a positive Feng Shui environment in 2017 starts with understanding what the Rooster sign brings. The Rooster, whose Chinese Zodiac sign heralds the start of autumn and the beginning of harvest season, is an energetic and hardworking sign. This year’s addition to the 12-year cycle of animal signs is especially noteworthy because it contains two forces—Yin, the Lunar energy and Yang, the Solar force. This combination encourages individuals to seek balance in all areas of their life by engaging in both active pursuits (Yang) such as work projects and relationships while also taking time to relax and recharge (Yin).

In terms of creating a positive Feng Shui atmosphere around you, this means focusing on inviting physical elements that promote abundance and good health. If you have been considering renovating any rooms or parts of your home or office space, now may be a great time! Adding colors like red, blues, green and yellow can help create vibrant energy flow in your space while fresh flowers can help circulate positive energy on a daily basis. Increasing ventilation by opening windows at least once daily will also let your home breathe allowing for new energizing opportunities to flow in naturally. Keep your living areas organized with bookshelves, closet organizers and additional storage shelves for better energy flow. Finally, add symbols such as pictures representing growth or nature scenes like trees or blooming flowers which can remind you to stay connected to nature’s life-affirming cycles at all times.

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Practical Tips for Enhancing Success in the Rooster Year

The year of 2017, the Year of the Rooster, is a magical time full of possibilities. This Chinese zodiac cycle often brings energy that’s focused on work and career advancement. To maximize your success in the Rooster Year, here are some practical Feng Shui tips for individuals to enhance their luck in all aspects of life:

1. Decorate your home or workspace with images or decorations of roosters and chickens to activate the energy of this animal sign;

2. Hang a Chinese calligraphy scroll in your home or office bearing ‘auspicious’ words that have positive energy associated with them;

3. Place objects depicting round shapes such as bowls, plates, coins and orbs around your home to symbolize wealth and prosperity;

4. Display live plants as these energize air qi circulation and bring positive energy into your home or office;

5. Wear traditional red clothing during special occasions, such as Chinese New Year, as this colour attracts good fortune;

6. Adopt a “work smarter not harder” attitude to help you focus on tasks that truly lead to success;
7. Hire professional consultants if needed – don’t underestimate how important proper advice can be;
8. Practice self-discipline throughout the year by fasting and following healthy habits like getting proper rest and exercising regularly; lastly

9. Unplug from technology periodically: shut down all gadgets at least 1 hour prior to going to bed for improved rest and relaxation!


To make the most of 2017 Rooster Feng Shui Year, here are some helpful tips:

• Activate the lucky direction for the year by placing a wind chime, mirror, or Chinese coins in the North, which is your auspicious direction in 2017. To further enhance this luck boosting effect, you can also hang a bright-hued rooster in this sector.

• Place any of your good luck symbols such as a Wu Lou or Chinese coins at Northeast to give yourself extra blessing and protection against unexpected illness and accidents.

• Place peacock feathers to purify vibes in Northwest corner thus attracting greater wealth luck.

• Avoid clutter and changes that could break continuity. Keep in mind that disturbances should be kept minimal around the home to facilitate a healthier living energy during 2017 Rooster Feng Shui year.

• Appease The Grand Duke with Six Cleansing Rituals – perform 6 outdoor cleansing rituals during the appropriate dates to appease Tai Sui to avoid negative energies entering your home/property as it’ll greatly influence affects on health and relationships between occupants. This is especially important for those who have their main door located at Tai Sui location for which affecting factors could be damaging throughout the year if not performed properly and timely.

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