Feng Shui 2018 for Wood Dog


The Year 2018 is a Wood Dog year in the Chinese calendar. This type of year symbolically represents determination and a strong will to succeed. It tends to be a year of focus, progress, and achievement. Dogs are seen as loyal and generous, so it is likely that those born in the Wood Dog year will have positive qualities like listening attentively to others and helping them out when they can. In addition to this, Wood gives these individuals the power of creativity and original thinking.

When using Feng Shui practices during a Wood Dog year, it’s important to focus on wind chimes for cleansing negative energy and bringing in good fortune. Mirror placement can be used to boost self-confidence and open up energy flow throughout the home or work environment. Natural materials such as earth tones found in plants, stones or crystals should also be included in decorating choices for maximum benefit from this powerhouse vibe of growth during 2018. In addition to table decorations with the colors green and brown, energizing candles should be lit at certain times throughout the day to foster prosperity on a physical level while stimulating positive mental attitudes as well. Placement of small trinkets like coins can also draw money luck into a space by symbolically encouraging material abundance through encouraging flows spiritual wealth inside too.

Benefits of Feng Shui

Feng Shui has long been seen as one of the best ways to bring luck and fortune into a space. For those born in the Year of the Wood Dog (2018), Feng Shui can be used to enhance their well-being and prosperity even more. By utilizing the benefits of Feng Shui, you can ensure that all aspects of your life are harmonized, including your wealth and health.

One great way to make use of Feng Shui for this Zodiac sign is by choosing appropriate colors for each sector of your home or office. The most auspicious color would be green, since it symbolizes growth and abundance. Green should also be used in paper objects such as artwork and plants, both of which can promote stability and balance within a space. Additionally, don’t forget to make use of angels, dragons and other auspicious symbols throughout your house or office for improved luck and energy flow.

Another way to take advantage of good energy with Feng Shui is by activating its five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Balance these elements through displaying them as artwork in each area. For example, if you want to enhance romance or creative projects which require inspiration in an office space then you might opt for wooden furniture pieces surrounded by fiery reds with a blue water feature in the background along with some golden accents around it. Not only will this provide aesthetic beauty but it will also bring harmony through its complementary mix of colors and materials

Finally, when incorporating any object into your home or office that has a spiritual significance such as dragons or Buddha statues — typically placed facing a certain direction — make sure they work in synergy together with all other components surrounding them so that the energies created are balanced without any clashing effects

Difference Between Mojo and Feng Shui

Giving Energy and Flow to Your Home

Wood Dog years bring a special kind of luck and abundance in 2018; however, it is important to remember that maintaining the proper balance of energy within a home space plays an important role in the success of any Feng Shui endeavor. Therefore, to maximize the potential benefits of Feng Shui for Wood Dogs this year, understanding how to properly manage your home environment is key.

Start by looking at the elements in and around your space – if there are too many objects or items made from one particular element like wood, metal or water look for ways to introduce more balance by adding pieces from different elements. It is also advisable to be mindful of how excesses such as clutter and dirt can block positive energy; keep furniture organized and corners clear while ensuring that surfaces are well-kept and tidy. In addition, maximize air-flow by opening doors and windows – let fresh air cycle through your space regularly!

Finally, ensure that you fill your home with meaningful items – pick colors which harmonize with your own personal energy while expressing your soul’s intent clearly through art or accessories. You can also enhance positive energy flow with plants or crystals (both indoors and outdoors) as they will help raise vibrations throughout the structure – promote peace, creativity and focus! All these small touches can make a subtle yet profound difference to helping you unlock wood dog year’s potential in 2018.

Areas to Focus on in 2018

The Year of the Wood Dog, according to Feng Shui principles, is a powerful year for making changes and creating new opportunities. 2018 will be an excellent time for taking advantage of the “Wood” energy in the environment, which signifies creativity, integrity, kindness and joy. The Dog symbolizes justice and loyalty, so this is a perfect year for focusing on fairness and doing what’s best for everyone involved. Here are some areas to focus on:

1. Career/Life Path: Take full advantage of opportunities that come your way during this year! Be sure to showcase your talents and skills as much as possible; you never know who may be watching or what direction your current path might take you.

2. Relationships: Whether it’s family, friends or romantic partners, this is a great time to reinvest in relationships and make sure everyone involved is feeling cared for and supported. Focus on finding solutions with others where appropriate and stay true to yourself.

3. Finances: Highlight financial options that will work for all parties involved and use creative problem solving skills when necessary! You may have some unexpected sources of cash flow so keep your eyes open for ways to capitalize on these opportunities throughout the year.

4. Health/Well-being: This is an especially important area in 2018; take time each day to relax, recharge and take care of yourself mentally & physically. Feng Shui encourages us to create balance between career ambition & personal wellness – aim for both in order to maximize your potential this year!

Practices to Avoid in 2018

In 2018, the Wood Dog will find hesitation or circumstances that prevent them from succeeding in their goals. They should watch out for activities that could lead to further frustration. For example, it’s best to avoid purchasing items made with metal because that material could bring strong negative energy into their environment. If investing in large items such as furniture, the Wood Dog needs to be mindful and only make investments that will bring lasting prosperity and minimize the risk of failure. Additionally, they should not move any belongings around during this time as that could cause disruption and impede their chances at success. Finally, the Wood Dog needs to look after their own health by getting enough rest and staying active, as this boosts energy levels which can help maintain a positive outlook on life.

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Utilizing Natural Elements

Using the principles of feng shui, it is beneficial in 2018 for Wood Dog signs to implement natural elements into their home in order to cultivate balance and positive energy. Natural elements symbolize a connection to nature which bring peace and serenity. Incorporating features such as wooden floors, furniture and walls are strongly associated with this sign – these items resonate well with Wood Dog. Moreover, increasing the number of plants within your home can further add to this calming atmosphere. Meanwhile, making use of decorative water features like aquariums or ponds create a sense of flow and refreshment – an element which is known to reinvigorate Wood Dogs’ energy levels. Finally, by allowing natural sunlight indoors you can fill the area with good vibes; sunny days aid in boosting focus & enhancing mood – both quite vital when creating a balanced setting at home.


The Year of the Wood Dog offers a great opportunity for those with a Chinese Zodiac sign of the Wood Dog to focus on energetic balance and harmony. Feng Shui will help you achieve positive energy by designing physical layouts, invoking colors, and utilizing elements differently. Maximize your ability to flow with change by focusing on healthy relationships, nurturing personal growth, achieving successful endeavors and building yourself in physical health.

Remember that this journey will take commitment, dedication, and significant effort but if done correctly it can bring you true joy and inner peace. Invite your intention into everything you do as well as staying open-minded to all possibilities – even if it is uncomfortable at first. Embrace yourself wholly without judgment, be aware of negative emotions or thoughts which may cloud your decisions. Cultivate an open heart to love yourself through any storm and remember that each experience is part of the journey towards harmony. Lastly, create an attitude of gratitude for both what matters now and what lies ahead no matter the outcome; This will help keep frustration away while empowering your pathways forward.

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