How to Remove Negative Energy From Home Feng Shui


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of analyzing the design, layout, and arrangement of a living space in order to maximize positive chi (life force energy) and minimize negative chi. It is believed that by paying close attention to the physical environment around us, we can create deeper connections and harmony between ourselves and our environment, leading to improved wellness and productivity.

The practice dates back to hundreds of years, when it was originally used in imperial palaces as well as other places where wealthy individuals lived. According to stories and traditions, Feng Shui was used by the emperors to make sure the palace’s occupants could enjoy peace, harmony and abundance. Today it is widely practiced worldwide with different philosophies but with the same purpose: creating a more balanced home life that brings about health, wealth and happiness for those who live there.

In terms of removing negative energy from one’s living space specifically utilizing Feng Shui principles, some basic practices include properly placing furniture away from walls to de-clutter; introducing plants into the living space (as they are known for their purifying properties); addressing any structural or environmental defects that might be a source of blocked energy flow; incorporating crystals into interior spaces for healing purposes; burning incense or candles for cleansing; playing tones or sounds intended to clear negative energy; making use of essential oils known for their ability to attract positive energies such as frankincense; using water features (such as fountains) which introduce calming vibrations into any area.

Defining Negative Energy

Negative energy can be defined as any blockages or energies that hinder free-flow and balance in a space. Negative energy in the home can manifest itself in many ways, such as feelings of heaviness, distrust, anger, stagnation, depression, and confusion. There are various types of negative energy associated with unhealthy relationships, strife with family members, debt, past trauma/painful memories, and even spiritual entities. All these things take away from our ability to experience joy, peace and contentment.

In terms of Feng Shui practices there are numerous techniques used to combat negative energy. Some examples include: using essential oils like sage to smudge the entire house; using music or sound therapy to relax and raise vibrations; setting up mirrors around the house to reflect away any stagnant energies; adding plants that are known for their abilities to purify the air such as lavender or bamboo palm; crystals placed strategically around the home which attract positive energies into the environment; burning incense or candles; displaying artwork depicting peaceful landscapes to promote inner peace and calming within the living space; rearranging furniture so it doesn’t block natural flow between rooms; creating an altar dedicated to gratitude and a connection to something larger than oneself ; lastly hanging small wind chimes bowl on open windows so the vibrational hum they make help move stagnant energy out while bringing fresh new energy into your home.

Benefits of Removing Negative Energy

Removing negative energy from your home is an important step in practicing feng shui. Negative energy can linger in unfinished projects, clutter, and unresolved issues with family members. When your home contains this kind of stagnated energy, it can create a feeling of being blocked and stuck, which can start to harm your physical and mental health. On the other hand, when negative energy is cleared from the home, it creates a stress-free environment that enhances your health and well-being.

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In the short-term, removing negative energy from your home can increase feelings of calmness and peace throughout the day. You may also find it easier to focus on tasks in an environment free of built-up emotions and tension. In addition to these more immediate benefits, clearing out negative energy over a longer time period will have far greater impacts on your overall wellbeing. This could manifest as improved productivity, deeper connections with people in your life, or faster progress towards achieving goals. You’ll also generally feel lighter emotionally and more creative in finding solutions to problems or navigating difficult times.

How to Remove Negative Energy Using Feng Shui Principles

1. Place crystals in the four corners of your bedroom — rose quartz, green aventurine, selenite, and black tourmaline are all powerful crystals that can ward off negative energy
2. Declutter your room to get rid of stagnant energy (make sure to donate or recycle anything you no longer need)
3. Hang dream catchers near your bed; these act as spiritual filters to capture bad energy
4. Cover any mirrors near your bed while sleeping, as they may absorb negative energy that can disturb your sleep
5. Place soothing artwork around the room to promote positive vibes
6. Open the windows to let fresh air and sunlight into the room for a more uplifting feeling

1. Clean all kitchen surfaces thoroughly with salt water to remove any built-up negative energy from cooking and eating activities
2. Boil bay leaves in water and use it to wipe down cupboards and countertops (the smoke from this is said to draw out bad energies)
3. Put a Himalayan salt lamp in the kitchen, as this is believed by some cultures to cleanse the air of any harmful bacteria or toxins it might hold
4. When preparing meals, focus on making meals with love that will nourish both body and soul — this will create positivenutrition vibrations all throughout your home
5. Decorate the walls with energizing colors such as reds and oranges; these vibrant hues will attract positive chi energy

1. Use essential oils such as lemon or eucalyptus when taking baths or showering — letting their invigorating scent into the bathroom can refresh a stale atmosphere
2. Add plants or flowers nearby; these provide oxygen which help pollute negative energies in damp environments like bathrooms
3. Hang natural stones around the tub area — amethyst, sodalite, turquoise, agate ,and jasper stones are all great for removing bad energies and bringing peaceful vibes into bathroom spaces
4. Replace old shower curtains with cheerful ones if possible; choose one with beautiful colors and patterns (avoid dark colors)

1. Hang up wind chimes at entryways of any doors; these will help prevent bad luck from entering your home
2. Set up altar dedicated to protection deities such as Ganesh near entryways; asking for divine help from deities invites good fortune into your home
3 .Place protective symbols like Evil Eye charms near entrances too (these ward off jealous energies entering homes) 4 .Instruct visitors not wear outdoor shoes inside if possible — try having an outdoor shoe rack located outside so guests’ footwear can be properly cleaned of dust before stepping indoors

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Recommended Practices

One of the main principles of Feng Shui is to promote balance and harmony in a space. Therefore, when attempting to remove negative energy from a home, Feng Shui practitioners will focus on creating this sense of balance. In order to do so, Feng Shui recommends that you start by decluttering the living space – removing any items and decorations that could be potentially causing disharmony with their colours or shapes.

Next, determine if there are any corner points or walls in your home that are blocked off which can lead to stagnant energy – try opening up these corners with curtains or furniture to improve the energy flow within your home.

Another gentle approach would be to bring in natural elements such as plants and flowers as they will brighten the room and bring new life into a negative space. Finally, it may also help to introduce calming images or artwork depicting nature scenes like an open meadow or close-up photo of the ocean waves – these positive visuals have been known to enhance relaxation and promote healing energies. Additionally, burning soft scented candles can serve as a soothing mood inducer while providing mental clarity and positive energies within your home.

Additional Information

Feng Shui is a system of orienting objects, structures and the environment in order to promote balance and harmony between people and their surroundings. It is believed to bring about positive energy which helps improve relationships, health and wealth.

Some common principles in Feng Shui include using proper orientation of furniture and architecture, using symmetry, using certain colors, incorporating earth elements such as wood, metal, water and fire into the home design in order to create balance with chi (the universal life force).

Other ways to enhance the appearance of your home is through good lighting- natural or artificial. Make sure that light flows throughout your home rather than being clustered in one place. Avoid clutter at all costs- it can sap the energy from your living space. Introduce live plants into your living quarters- plants naturally absorb negative energy which helps balance out the space. Incorporate natural materials like stone or wooden items to help reduce any built up electric charges caused by electronics in your home. Place a mirror in a spot where it will reflect as much natural light as possible- this amplifies the amount of light flowing around you room which can provide a more pleasant feeling atmosphere.


This blog post discussed how to use Feng Shui to rid your home of negative energies. Key takeaways include learning how to create a natural balance in the five elements and using those items, such as crystals and plants, that promote positive energy. Additionally, ensuring each component of the home is placed correctly helps further reduce any negative energy lingering in the space. Ultimately, by implementing Feng Shui into your home, you can create an atmosphere which will improve the overall health and wellbeing of everyone living in it.

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