Feng Shui Green Purse

Introduction to Feng Shui Green Purses

Feng Shui green purses are used to attract luck and good fortune. These purses have been used for centuries in Chinese culture and are a popular item among many practitioners of the artform known as Feng Shui. The basic premise behind these purses is that by carrying one, you will gain abundance, security, and peace of mind.

Feng Shui can be traced back to very ancient civilizations in China who believed that there was a connection between our physical environment and our mental state. Thus, the goal was to bring balance into our lives by creating harmony between ourselves and our surroundings. Part of this practice involved the use of symbols such as those found on green purses which could be used to invite positive energies into our lives.

The primary color associated with these purses is green since it signifies renewal and growth in traditional Chinese beliefs. Other colors such as gold are also added to signify wealth, stability and success while white stands for purity, spirituality and hope. It’s believed that when having a feng shui purse with you it helps keep negative energy away while also attracting prosperity in your relationships or financial situation.

Benefits of Feng Shui Green Purses

The color green is associated with fertility, growth and abundance in traditional Feng Shui. This makes the feng shui green purse an ideal choice for creating balance and harmony in all areas of life. By carrying this purse, you invite a positive energy to your environment and attract the positive chi of health, wealth, love, and happiness.

Feng shui green purses have various benefits that can help foster balance and harmony in many ways. For example, it is believed to reduce stress levels by providing an energy boost during difficult times. It also helps bring balance between one’s passions and business matters by promoting financial gains and stability. Furthermore, a feng shui green purse can provide clarity of thought and assist with decision-making as it encourages clear communication between you and the outside world. Apart from the spiritual connection this type of handbag provides, it also possesses aesthetical advantages – its eye-catching hues are captivating enough to make heads turn! Moreover, this stylish accessory can be easily combined with any type of attire as its versatile range of subtle shades ensures there is something for everyone’s taste.

Practical Applications of Feng Shui Green Purses

Feng Shui Green Purses are often used to attract wealth and fortune. Some practical applications of using a Feng Shui Green Purse include taking into consideration the color, shape, materials, and placement of the purse.

The Color: Green is known to be the color of money and prosperity in Feng Shui. It is believed that this color powerfully shifts the energy of where you place it, so when picking a green purse for your Feng Shui practice, make sure it is green with gold or silver detailing.

The Shape: The purse should be shaped in an oval or rectangular form that can easily contain many items inside of it. This means that your wallet will also fit inside if you want to store cash in it.

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The Materials: When selecting a material for a Feng Shui Green Purse, opt for leather as it creates a strong barrier that allows energy to flow freely while protecting your belongings from negative energies and external influences.

The Placement: Consider placing your purse in an east corner of one room at home or office where energy accumulates due to natural conditions and flow. You can also hang the bag on ornamental hooks near or close to important life areas like your door entranceway, which will serve as a lucky charm invite abundance into your environment each time you pass by.

Examples of Feng Shui Green Purses

A Feng Shui green purse is a stylish way to bring a calming, tranquil touch of nature into your style. They are available in many different styles and designs, including satchels, tote bags and clutches. For an even more unique touch, you can select ones that have been embellished with embroidery or decorated with intricate beading and appliqué designs. There are even hip-packs that are designed to hold all your necessities without dragging you down. Whether you are searching for something casual or dressier, there is bound to be a Feng Shui green purse out there perfect for you. Additionally, adjustable straps give you the ability to adjust the length of your bag’s strap so it will fit comfortably when wearing it across your body. A Feng Shui green purse is not only fashionable but also allows for the energy of the universe to activate within its color and provide a sense of balance.

How to Incorporate Feng Shui Green Purses into Your Home

1. Place a green purse in an area of your home that receives plenty of natural light, such as near a window or skylight. The presence of light will help activate the positive energy present in the color green.

2. For maximum effect, position the green purse facing the open room. This will assist with allowing new positive energy to enter the space and enhance its prosperous vibes.

3. Place items associated with your goals, such as photos of a desired outcome or affirmations written down, inside the bag for added potency.

4. To ensure prosperity throughout your entire home, keep at least one additional smaller green bag beneath each bed in your house; this will help generate fertility while bringing fortune and luck into your life as well.

5. Every once in a while, remove all objects from the large green bag and refresh its purpose by placing items pertaining to updated aspirations inside it again. Additionally, if you’re feeling adventurous, try switching up its placement and orientation around your home until finding the most beneficial spot—namely one that offers both clear paths leading outward in all directions and peaceful serenity when within it—for generating newfound ambition and enthusiasm through its auspicious presence alone!

Addressing Common Design Challenges with Feng Shui Green Purses

The importance of adhering to Feng Shui principles when designing a green purse lies in the way it will affect the wearer’s energy. Feng Shui purses ensure that the values and intentions of those wearing them are supported by their accessories. As with all aspects of design, there is potential for clutter, disorganization and chaos to creep into how we wear our accessories. A well-designed Feng Shui green purse should help enhance rather than overwhelm its wearer’s desired energies.

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Pitfalls to avoid include selecting purses that are too small or poorly designed for items such as cellphone chargers or other everyday items. Purses of any type should ideally be organized; however, this can be especially difficult with green purses due to their lack of shape, color and often smaller size. Furthermore, Feng Shui purses should contain career, success and prosperity symbols chosen with intention in order to bring positive energy into your life. Therefore, a non-carefully selected piece can act as an unresolved representation of your goals and dreams and lead you away from achieving the desired outcomes. Lastly, while looking eco-friendly is important, make sure you select materials which are durable enough to withstand regular use and weather changes throughout the season!

Where to Find Feng Shui Green Purses

If you are looking for a Feng Shui Green Purse that is authentic and made of the best quality materials, there are a few resources you can turn to. First, many high-end boutiques offer these purses in their selection. The cost may be a bit higher than what is found at discount stores or online, but the authenticity and quality should be worth it. Additionally, some department stores may offer an option as well. If an in-person shopping experience doesn’t fit your lifestyle, there are many online sources available selling Feng Shui Green Purses as well. Etsy and various designer outlets often highlight these types of bags with different sizes, designs, colors and more to choose from. Finally, Chinese art shops or Chinese markets may also have a selection of fine pieces worthy of consideration when searching for the perfect green purse for yourself or someone special. You can also check vendor sites such as eBay or Amazon for choices from individual sellers who may have unique items to choose from.


The feng shui green purse is a practical, stylish and eco-friendly way to keep all your items in one safe place. Not only does this stylish accessory contain enough pockets and compartments for cards, cash and even cosmetics, but it’s also made with sustainable materials such as hemp or jute. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to live an eco-friendly lifestyle while also looking good. The vibrant hue of the feng shui green purse gives off a sense of energy and vitality that can help uplift moods during times of stress or sadness. Furthermore, the number “8” which symbolizes luck in Chinese culture is traditionally associated with the color green, making the green purse a potentially lucky charm too! All these factors combined make the feng shui green purse an ideal accessory for those who want convenience, sustainability, aesthetics, and even luck on their side.

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