Dragon Side Feng Shui

Introduction to Dragon Side Feng Shui

Dragon Side Feng Shui is a practice that is used to bring balance, harmony, and energy into your environment. This ancient Chinese practice seeks to promote good fortune and luck by aligning the energy of your environment with the power of nature. Dragon Side Feng Shui focuses on the placement of items such as furniture, statues, and rocks in order to balance the “chi” or life-force, which is said to be found in everything from rivers to trees, from animals to people.

Dragon Side Feng Shui involves practice of inspecting homes and offices in order to identify imbalances in energy caused by poorly placed objects or unhealthy environments. It utilizes various techniques, including placing crystals according to their color energies and shapes; creating energetic fields such as tai chi circles and mandalas; designing garden paths that are winding rather than straight; encouraging plants that stimulate balance; creating meditation spots; incorporating feng shui symbols into doorways and entrances; choosing colors that represent positive energy qualities; and utilizing directional design elements such as yin/yang pictures, tai-chi figures, and Chinese characters.

The benefits of using Dragon Side Feng Shui include improved physical health, mental clarity, and emotional wellbeing; greater success at work or in personal projects; more abundance and prosperity; better relationships with family, friends, partners; increased intuition when making decisions about important matters; reduced stress levels due to improved ease in work/home/personal environments; enhanced ability for spiritual growth due to improvement of one’s awareness of the spiritual connection between self and surroundings coupled with an optimized setting for it within one’s living space.

History of Dragon Side Feng Shui

Dragon Side Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice based on principles of yin and yang, and the five elements. It seeks to bring harmony and balance to a space by arranging the physical environment in ways that are energetically satisfactory. The practice has origins in Taoist and Buddhist philosophies, which date back thousands of years.

The term Dragon Side Feng Shui was first mentioned in texts from the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD). During this period four books were written on the subject – two by Zhong Yong Peng and two by Zhou Ding Ge. These four books outlined the fundamentals of Yin and Yang Qi energy, its circulation around buildings, the effects of landforms, the geomantic principles behind their composition and remedies for unbalanced energy with protective charms. The theories provided guidance on selecting suitable building sites as well as locations for plants representing desirable ‘yang’ characteristics such as strength, longevity, wealth and power.

Today Dragon Side Feng Shui has become increasingly popular in both Eastern and Western cultures due to its effectiveness in promoting inner peace, good health, relaxation and general wellbeing; all keys to creating harmonious spaces both at home and in the workplace. While traditional principles remain at its core Modern Feng Shui consultants incorporate these with contemporary design principles such as environmental psychology, colour theory, holistic healing practices etcetera for a more holistic approach to improving one’s living environment.

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Space and Way of Life

Dragon Side Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that attempts to bring balance and harmony in a person’s life by examining the relationship between space and life. This belief system honors Yang (the male) and Yin (the female) energies within any given space, creating balance between them. It seeks to arrange furniture, objects, and other aspects of a living environment such as artwork, lighting and soundscapes, to create energy flow between one’s home and their external world, helping with health, financial prosperity, relationships, career development and spirituality. The goal of Dragon Side Feng Shui is to align the physical elements with the spiritual Chi working in a person’s life.

The practice combines Taoism philosophy with astrology to allow one to determine environments that favor growth; based on the individual’s birthday or horoscope. It augments traditional five-element theory with nine-side or “dragon” symbols which correspond to the direction in which people live or work. Experts then conceptualize how these elements manifest themselves in areas like money luck, marriage luck and career luck. The practical application includes making sure your bed is not facing east when you sleep as that is seen as bad for your health as well as displaying certain items like good images or objects that are considered auspicious for prosperity or protection from negative influences.

The Five Elements

Dragon Side Feng Shui focuses on the five elements of Chinese culture: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The elements interact with one another in a cycle and each element is classified as either advantageous or disadvantageous to each other based on what type of attributes it brings. This concept is known as the “Five Elements Interaction.”

Wood creates Fire by providing material for combustion, yet Fire destroys Wood due to its intensity and heat. Fire creates Earth through burning ashes, yet Earth extinguishes Fire because of its ability to absorb water. Earth creates Metal through refining ore, yet Metal cuts Earth due to its hardness. Metal creates Water by condensing vapor, yet Water corrodes Metal over time due to oxidation. Finally, Water nourishes Wood by providing moisture which assists in growth, but also restricts it if there is flooding.

In practical applications of the five elements in Feng Shui, these interactions are used strategically in order transcend the mundane world into something more auspicious and conducive with harmonious living. By understanding how the five elements interact with one another can have a profound effect in their environment such as using plants to encourage growth or using deeper shades of colours for a calming effect. Additionally appropriate placement for furniture amongst other objects can direct beneficial Qi energy towards one’s personal goals.

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Tips, Tricks and Best Practices

Dragon Side Feng Shui is a type of feng shui that emphasizes the position and placement of the dragon – a mythical creature associated with power, strength and good fortune. It has its roots in Chinese culture and can be used to create harmonious energies within a home or environment for greater health, wealth, and success.

There are various tools available to use when using Dragon Side Feng Shui, such as mirrors, crystals, wind chimes, water features, incense and symbols like dragons. Placement is key in Dragon Side Feng Shui, so when planning where to place such items remember to take into consideration the size of your space as well as light levels and air flow. Keeping clutter out of sight also helps maximise positive energy flow.

When implementing Dragon Side Fung Shui it is important that you cleanse objects before placing them – either mentally or physically – this will ensure all negative energy that may have lingered on them has been removed. Additionally activating these objects with meaningful mantras at the same time will help amplify the intention behind their purpose even further.

Finally you should regularly reassess your set up to make sure everything is still functioning optimally and move any elements which may have outgrown their space or stopped resonating over time if needed.


Dragon Side Feng Shui is a way to harmonize energies in order to create balance, peace and harmony within the home. This ancient Asian practice works by utilizing items such as wind chimes, mirrors, food and water elements to correct a dwelling’s energy. It consists of assessing door placement, undesirable energy levels known as “sha chi” in an environment and adjusting existing furniture or objects inside a space. Practically speaking, Dragon Side Feng Shui can be utilized by rearranging pieces like tables, chairs or couches so that the “qi” (energy) can flow more freely throughout the space. Other practices include placing plants near windows for clean air circulation and hanging artwork that is calming rather than overwhelming to create positive vibes. By adhering to these techniques as well as utilizing crystals, incense and different colors of interior designs it is possible to benefit from improved success in health and wealth! Ultimately, Dragon Side Feng Shui provides an efficient avenue towards achieving greater harmony between humans and their inner spaces while also enhancing mental wellbeing along the way.

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