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Introduce Timeframes

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of rearranging one’s environment to promote good luck and harmony, can be used as a tool for many different circumstances. One particular purpose for which it has been used is to bring love back into someone’s life. It can be used in a variety of ways from small changes such as adding symbolic items like red roses or lovebirds around the home to larger changes such as decluttering and reorganizing, and adjusting furniture placements accordingly.

The timeframe of engagement with Feng Shui depends largely on an individual’s desired outcome and their commitment level. For more superficial goals like simply cheer up your space, simple adjustments may only take a day or two, whereas for long-term aspirations such as inviting lasting love into the home may require more dedication and span months or even 36 days for the most intense work. In any case it is ultimately worthwhile because there is no better feeling than creating a sense of balance, comfort, and ease within your living space that also allows you to heal from past experiences and attract positive energies into your life.

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Feng Shui has been used over centuries to improve the relationships between people, to attract new love and bring back lost love. Many people swear by its magical power when it comes to matters of the heart. Some of their stories are truly inspiring.

Take Mary for example. She was at her wit’s end after breaking up with someone she loved very much. She found an old book on Feng Shui online and decided to give it a try in hope of getting her old flame back. She changed up the posters, moved furniture around and added new pieces like pink roses and candles. Just days later her ex called out of the blue asking for another chance!

Or consider Jeff and Allen, who had been good friends since high school but started drifting apart a few years ago when life got in the way of their friendship. After applying various feng shui principles that reminded them of the time they first met, they reconnected and have been close ever since.

Feng Shui can be useful in many aspects of life, but one story goes far beyond just fixing relationships: A women applied feng shui to her home before running a marathon only to receive news that she had won first place right as crossed the finish line! It seems like anything is possible with Feng Shui if you stay open minded to its potential!

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Expand On Boundaries

Boundaries are essential for having a healthy relationship. They protect us from being taken advantage of and getting hurt, while also giving us the independence to be our own person. Physical boundaries can include anything like respecting personal space during conversations, setting aside private time for each other, not snooping through your partner’s items, etc. Emotional boundaries can include not verbalizing secret information, refraining from hurting one another with words or actions, and respecting each other’s opinions and ideas. We must communicate our boundaries openly to ensure we both remain safe and satisfied in the relationship. Properly established boundaries that are discussed openly can help bring love back into a failing relationship.

Explain Feng Shui Symbols

Feng shui symbols have a deep relationship to the energy of love and can be used to help strengthen relationships and foster new ones. Specific items can be used as indicators for soulmate connections, partnership or marriage. Some of the most popular symbols in feng shui for love and romantic happiness include love birds, Double Happiness sign, mandarin ducks (also known as Marriage Ducks), a pair of red mandarins, hearts, cranes and angels.

Lovebirds are symbolic of the intense passion shared between two people in an affair. They should both face forward – representing two independent individuals coming together in a strong connection. The Double Happiness sign is one of the most important symbols for brining good luck and harmony into relationships. The symbol has two Chinese characters inside a rectangle frame which signify double purity and joy among couples. Outside of this arrangement are smaller side symbols that indicate eternal fortune and longevity. Mandarin ducks are also very powerful symbols when it comes to creating more positive energy within relationships since they represent fertility, true love and devotion- solidifying the bond between partners even further. Couples could place such ducks in pairs around their home to maintain unity between them or hang decorations featuring them around rooms with already existing relationships. Furthermore, hearts are considered positive entities within the context of Feng Shui as they represent infinite power created by ultimate feminine energy- often involving romantic partnerships too! Cranes also symbolize long-lasting love & marital bliss and Angels bring peace & clarity into all areas of life so using both symbols will ensure success in any passionate endeavor.

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Offer Resources

One great way to explore how to use Feng Shui to bring love back into your life is by reading books such as “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Feng Shui” or “Feng Shui – Your Life Path to Health, Wealth and Happiness” by Richard Webster. You can also take courses on the subject, such as “Love, Money and Luck: Using Feng Shui for Romance and Prosperity” offered on Udemy. Alternatively, there are many resources available online that can provide guidance on basic principles of Feng Shui for bringing love back into your life, such as blogs from Stefan Yee (Feng Shui master), Apartment Therapy’s guide to using Feng Shui for love, or ecojesuit.org’s guide to transforming relationships with Feng Shui.


1. Reduce clutter and organize your environment.
2. Use mirrors to increase the flow of qi and encourage positive energy between yourself and your partner.
3. Incorporate symbols of love, safety, and trust such as heart shapes, wicker baskets, or soft textures like fabrics or velvet into the space around you.
4. Place a Feng Shui crystal obsidian rock in each bedroom to clear out any negative energy and attract loving partnerships into your home.
5. Enhance the south-west corner of your living area (or personal bedroom) with art or photos that remind you of sweet memories with your loved one.
6. Use specific aromatherapy candles or essential oils to encourage positive energy within your space while promoting feelings of joy and sensuality, like jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, or patchouli oil blends with lavender herbsdried flowers.
7. Introduce plants into your environment to represent growth and renewal in relationships; consider a potluck party for two to really propagate good luck!
8. Try burning incense specifically blended for romance such as rose petal incense from India’s ancient artisans to magnetize powerful magnetic energies into the air surrounding you both – both physically and spiritually!

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