Feng Shui Plants Outside House

## What are Feng Shui Plants and How do They Enhance Your Home’s Environment?

Feng shui plants are plants that have been traditionally associated with good luck and positive energy. In feng shui, a vital component to creating a harmonious space is finding the right type of plants to bring balance and prosperity.

Feng shui plants are believed to bring positive energy, good luck, and the right energy flow into each part of a residence. Placing the right type of plant in the right spot can bring benefits such as improved health, increased wealth, and even better relationships. It is said that the good energy these plants bring also keeps away negative vibes that can cause stress and health issues.

When selecting an appropriate feng shui plant, there are some basic principles to follow to ensure the best results. These principles are:

1. Plant placement.
2. Plant type.
3. Plant size and leaf shape.
4. Plant color.

In addition to the principles mentioned above, some plants are believed to bring specific benefits that can improve one’s overall wellbeing, such as:

– Horses: Horses are believed to bring good luck and increased wealth.
– Bamboo: Bamboo is said to attract the right energy and bring prosperity.
– Peonies: Peonies are said to bring love and romance.
– Orchids: Orchids are associated with peace and harmony.

### Placing Feng Shui Plants Outside the Home

Feng shui principles also apply to plants located outside the home. Here are some tips to ensure the best arrangement for feng shui plants outside the home:

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– Choose the Right Location: Make sure the location of the plants is appropriate. For example, plants should not be too close to the front door as this might block the positive energy flow.

– Direct Sunlight: Keep in mind that some plants may require direct sunlight, while others may need shade. Make sure the plants you choose suit the area’s natural environment.

– Color: Select plants that are in harmony with the home’s exterior color.

By following these tips, you will be sure to create a beautiful environment that supports a positive energy flow and better overall wellbeing.

What plants are good for Feng Shui in front of a house?

1. Money Tree

2. Bamboo

3. Orchids

4. Lemon Trees

5. Jade Plant

6. Lucky Bamboo

7. Palms

8. Citrus Trees

9. Peonies

10. Ivy

What plants are best to use in a Feng Shui garden?

1. Bamboo: As the most traditional of the Feng Shui plants, this is a great way to get started. The long and slender stalks can help bring a soft and peaceful feel to any garden.

2. Cherry Blossom Trees: Representing the balance between Yin and Yang, the light and fragile look of cherry blossoms is sure to bring balanced and harmonious energy to your garden.

3. Citrus Trees: For a burst of prosperity and abundance, citrus trees are the way to go. The sweet and fragrant smell will also bring an uplifting energy to your space.

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4. Money Tree: This plant is definitely one of the best plants to use in a Feng Shui garden. The leaves and often braided branches are believed to bring wealth luck and attract prosperity.

5. Peony: The Peony flower is believed to bring good fortune and happy relationships. With its fragrant, beautiful blooms and strong stems, this is a great addition to your garden.

6. Orchids:

The elegant and graceful orchid plant is thought to bring a peaceful energy to the garden. Just make sure you pay attention to the amount of water your orchids receive, as too much or too little can cause problems.

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