Feng Shui Outside Of House

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice of harmonizing energies within one’s environment. According to the principles of feng shui, adding specific elements such as plants and sculptures to your home’s exterior, also known as your “curb appeal”, can increase your home’s positive energy and draw good fortune. The practice of feng shui outside of your house provides major positive benefits that can improve personal energy and comfort in human life.

An important consideration for proper Feng Shui outside of a house is the placement and shape of landscaping. This includes trees, shrubs, plantings or walls. It is believed that conifer trees give off constant chi just like running water, while curved lines have more Yin energy than straight lines which are more Yang in nature. Gardening and landscaping can serve many purposes when applied correctly according to feng shui principles.

It helps create a vibrant atmosphere full of life with green plants and pathways that connect various areas together in harmony. Thus they help form a ladder from the earth to the sky inviting spiritual energy to come down and bring luck into our lives. Adding windchimes can further enhance this experience by producing calming sounds that will lift up even the most skeptical moods.

In order for one’s environment to fully emit positive energy, colors have an important role in exterior décor too. Cool colors such as dark blues or deep greens promote healing feeling while warm hues like bright yellow or orange energize any space with vibrancy and cheerfulness.

Meanwhile, using white can also be beneficial for creating balanced energies inside and out because it acts as a neutral element for grounding vibrations along with other color schemes in decorating every room in the house and also its garden surrounding areas.

Additionally, lighting fixtures play an essential role in feng shui exterior designs as well; it draws attention towards gardens at night or make patios look cozy by providing inviting soft light during evening hours that helps homeowners relax outdoors without needing much physical effort from them personally (no candles involved).

Last but not least, ornamental decorations should never be overlooked either as these act both functionally (protecting objects against weather conditions) as well as aesthetically – breathing life into gardens just like art pieces do indoors.

Creating a Harmonious Color Palette for the Exterior of Your Home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice, focusing on harmonizing the human being with their environment to bring more prosperity and balance into one’s life. The principles of Feng Shui can be applied to many aspects of the home, but the external appearance of a house has always been an important set of considerations when trying to improve balance in one’s life.

When it comes to choosing a color palette for your house’s exterior, the most important thing you can do is take your time and consider every option carefully. Here are some other tips that may be useful when attempting to create a harmonious color palette for your home’s exterior:

  • Look at what colors already exist around your house. Take note of any colors that are especially calming or energizing for you personally.
  • Try and avoid two bright colors directly adjacent to each other – this tends to be distracting rather than balancing
  • Sticking with natural-looking shades whenever possible is advised as they tend to blend in better with nature.
  • Using off-white or soft pastel soothing colors around the entrance is said to bring tranquillity and increases welcoming vibes.
  • Likewise, bold or vibrant shades encourage positive energy into specific areas of your property.

It is also worth noting that you should look up the Feng Shui meanings behind each color as each shade carries its own unique association within Chinese culture. For example, blue represents healing and relaxation while green symbolizes wealth and abundance. Red symbolizes power and passion, making it ideal for areas like private gardens where intimate gatherings take place.

Finally, yellow exudes optimism and warmth signaling prosperity. All these colors have an effect on our physical and psychic wellbeing so it’s wise to choose them wisely when decorating the outside portion of your home.

In order to make sure nothing clashes too sharply, utilising palettes based on these Feng Shui Colors can help provide a smooth transition from one area to another in terms of visual appeal while following the guidelines stated in traditional Chinese beliefs about Chi (energy).

Additionally, accentuating certain parts of our house with plants or stones may also help amplify positive chi radiating from each corner which can further enhance wellbeing within living spaces. Ultimately, though there are many considerations we must keep in mind – embracing the natural beauty around us will allow us to feel connected and create harmony in our lives through incorporating Feng Shui mapping principles when decorating outdoors.

Design & Style

When it comes to creating a welcoming energy at home, feng shui outside of the house is just as important as the inside. The outdoor environment should be taken into consideration when positioning furniture, landscaping and installing decorations outside. Achieving balance between design and style can make a big difference in terms of capturing the overall essence for your home.

Creating an Attractive Environment

One main element to focus on when designing the perfect outdoor living area is to ensure that everything complements its environment. Utilizing nature inspired accents like stone pathways, ceramic flower pots and rustic wooden benches will help create an inviting atmosphere for visitors and family members alike. When selecting colors, there should be efforts put into making sure the elements match or accentuate one another in a manner that brings out their best characteristics.

River in Front of House Feng Shui

Making Sure the Accessories are Visually Appealing

Even small details such as outdoor accessories should reflect the style chosen for the exterior part of your dwelling. This includes little items such as bird feeders, wind chimes, wall art and lighting fixtures which all should convey a sense of structure without overcrowding or being too obvious about it.

Selecting items that suit one’s style and have symbolism which ties back to ancient Chinese ideals with regards to feng shui can help towards obtaining positive energy and balance from outdoors your residence.

Accessorizing For Timelessness

Remember not to go overboard when accessorizing: few pieces with careful placement is often better than a room full of pieces that do not work together correctly or are simply over crowded by choice resulting in an odd eclectic space rather than one you would be proud to show off at any given time.

Ultimately achieving timelessness with modern touches blended effortlessly with classic design elements is what makes a good exterior stand out from others around it while still remaining true to its roots without straying away too much from traditional feng shui principles.

Incorporating Nature and Natural Landscaping

When incorporating feng shui elements to the outside of a house, it is important to balance beauty and comfort. Natural landscaping that includes things like flowers, trees, shrubs, rocks, ponds and other features provides both visual pleasure and a powerful sense of tranquility. To use nature as part of your feng shui design you’ll want to create a space that takes full advantage of the elements nature has to offer.

Choosing Plants Carefully

The type of plants chosen for outdoor spaces should be carefully considered in order to maximize the positive energy generated from them. For example, evergreen plants provide lush scenery that can act as a natural barrier while also providing disguise. Other hardy plants such as holly bushes with their dark green leaves will bring prosperity into the home when planted by the entrance door because it represents wealth.

Deciduous trees are great because they provide shade during hot summer months but lose their foliage during winter allowing more sun and light in which symbolically helps stimulate more life-force energy. Also consider adding plants that have medicinal or practical uses if possible such as aloe vera whose leaf gel can be used for burns or lavender whose scent is thought to promote relaxation and stress reduction.

Stone Designs

It is believed that different stones contain energies that can affect us whether we are conscious of it or not; therefore when creating an outdoors feng shui garden incorporating various stones into the landscape is ideal. For example pea gravel is used a lot because its texture resembles clarity and independence while cobble stone provides grounding mental stability and strength.

Additionally blue slate symbolizes communication while black lava rock represents something volcanic which generates protection against any negative influences from outside sources or entities entering the space. Lastly colorful stones such as marble can be used to signify attraction towards good fortune and health luck if strategically placed around water features like pools and fountains.

Bringing the Inside Out

When it comes to accenting a home, many people focus solely on the interior. However, it is essential to bring your style outdoors as well. After all, the front of the house can be just as eye-catching as what is happening inside. Feng Shui principles are an excellent way to create a complete look for your outdoor space. Here are some ideas for incorporating Feng Shui elements outside of your home:

  • Position your entranceway in a strategic way. Try and have it face a direction that brings good energy.
  • Make sure that you have adequate lighting outside; this will add safety and emphasize the attractive features of your landscaping.
  • Create an inclusive garden by planting easy-to-care-for plants and vibrant flowers.
  • Construct pathways made out of gravel or stone; these materials connect spaces together and create flow in the yard.

The patio, main walkway, and entryway should be kept clear from clutter in order to maintain maximum positive energy coming through them. Remove any suggestion of disorder like piles of junk mail or dirt mounds. A neatly organized backyard will bring luck into any space and pay off with more positive energy than you can imagine.

Bringing natural elements like layered stones, wind chimes, or small ponds will promote a tranquil atmosphere within the grounds while simultaneously providing texture and movement. These bits are easy enough to place around the house yourself and they do not necessarily require professional installation. Plus, these features add a sense of coziness – perfect for relaxing during summer days or cool nights spent outdoors.

Feng Shui elements should also be found inside each door itself including things like vases with fresh flowers or decorations with bright colors – think along the lines of potted plants at the footer or paintings on both sides of the doorenframe. The idea here is to give an extra jolt of life to open up clear entrances bringing luck when one moves into new areas or indoors after being outside in nature’s beauty.

Enhancing Your Home’s Entrance

When it comes to Feng Shui, the entrance of a home is often thought to be one of the most important areas. After all, this space welcomes visitors to your home and stands as a symbolic representation of what is both inside and outside.

Despite being such an integral part of our homes, we can often neglect maintaining this area or ensuring that it’s aesthetically pleasing. With that in mind, here are some simple ways you can improve the curb appeal and/or Feng Shui outside of your house.

Choose The Right Door

The type of door that you have at your home’s entrance can really impact how welcoming your space feels. Opting for natural materials like wood is often considered more ideal as they allow energy to move more freely throughout the space. Plus they create a warm aesthetic that helps guests feel welcome before entering the home. Additionally, you could also go for color variations in order to add fun pops to the area while still using Feng Shui principles.

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Sprouting Some Greenery

Another Feng Shui practice is bringing nature into your living space and this includes outdoors as well. You may want to consider opting for potted plants around the doorway or even an herb garden if there’s enough room.

Not only do these elements give off strong, positive energy but herbs are especially great at keeping pests away from your entrance (things like mosquitoes can be less than inviting). If you happen to live in dryer areas where plants may struggle, succulents are always a smart choice as they won’t require too much maintenance and still bring life into your doorstep.

Awe-Inspiring Walkways

Creating a path leading up to your door area can also improve both look and feel of this exterior space. If you already have hardscape feature with stones or bricks than adding smaller plants along either side will make them pop against each other; opt for colors like white if you want a more serene atmosphere or vibrant hues if you fancy something more vibrant.

Of course having a pathway allows for easy access to your door without too much disruption around it; selecting luxurious steppings stones will keep guests used up until they reach their final destination (your front doorstep. ).

Sustaining Positive Energy

Feng Shui is a practice that has been used for centuries to achieve harmony and balance with the energy of its environment. It works on the principle that good fortune follows good energy, and one way to achieve this is through the arrangement of objects and furniture inside and outside the house. While many people focus solely on indoor spaces, it can be just as important to create positive energy by proper Feng Shui in outdoor areas as well.

When practising Feng Shui outdoors, one of the first steps is to clean up the entranceway to ensure that it creates a welcoming atmosphere. This means keeping walkways clear of clutter and removing any dead plants or unsightly weeds. Keeping your outdoor space tidy will encourage people to come in with positive energy and invite beneficial chi into the home. To further promote this inviting atmosphere, think about adding seasonal flowers or attractive decorations like wind chimes or lanterns.

Another aspect of Feng Shui outdoors focuses on managing energy flow. Try avoiding items such as tall trees or structures that block doorways, which can cut off flow from reaching rooms located at either side of it, creating stagnant places within.

Instead, site structures where they are most likely to capture positive energy from natural blessings such as sunlight or breezes so they channel natural forces throughout your living space. You should also deliberately choose living plants that are associated with particular elements: for example, if you’re trying to promote abundance cover your garden with plants like pomegranates associated with wealth gods; rosemary helps remove negative energies; water features like ponds attract luck; while bamboo attracts harmony into the home.

Feng Shui can also be considered when planting trees around our property – if there’s an open view from one side of the street to another place tall trees at least 10 meters away from any windows or doors to avoid blocking out beneficial chi from entering our homes.

Lastly, colours play an integral part in Feng Shui just as much outside as inside our homes – too much red attracts negative energies while pale blue tones calm stress-inducing moments – so designing landscaping arrangements with complementary shades can help create a balanced feeling through our streets and lawns.


Feng Shui can be found inside and outside of your home and both have many benefits. Feng Shui helps to create a peaceful atmosphere, which enhances the look and feel of a home’s exterior. Additionally, incorporating Feng Shui into the outdoor area can help attract positive energy and ward off negative energy within your landscape.

When applying Feng Shui to the outside of your home, it is important to consider elements such as wind chimes, water features, proper lighting and clutter removal in order to maximize its potential effect. Wind chimes are thought to be especially helpful for redirecting negative energy away from a home. Additionally, adding water features such as ponds or fountains symbolize wealth and abundance; including these in an outdoor space increases the flow of positive energy into your house.

Correct and balanced lighting are also essential in enhancing the ambiance of your home’s exterior; good lighting setups suggest a welcoming atmosphere that reflects warmth from the inside out. It is also beneficial to remove any clutter around your home, which prevents stagnation and invites new opportunities into one’s life.

The importance of identifying energy blocks with traditional Feng Shui cannot be understated; correctly implemented Feng Shui practices stimulate positive Chi energies on both a physical and metaphysical level while helming you towards success both inside and outside your home. Achieving harmony between nature’s elements has been taken for granted at times – yet understanding their application provides us with more insight on how we can leave a unique imprint in our homes-in both aesthetic value or emotional impact.

This is why using Feng Shui outdoors offers us immense possibilities; it provides homeowners with an increased sense of security while making them feel more connected to nature in general. Practicing good Feng Shui outdoors not only improves one’s backyard oasis but also enhances overall well being by balancing energies within its surroundings-which eventually paves way for new opportunities ahead.

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