Feng Shui Office Two Desks

Feng shui office two desks is an approach to improving your business that has been used for centuries. It is based on the Chinese belief system of balance, harmony and positive energy flow between people and their environment.

The idea is that if you arrange your workspace in a way that allows for adequate space, maximum natural light and straightforward organization, it can have a calming effect on employees and promote productivity. This type of arrangement is one in which two desks are used, opposite each other but not facing each other directly.

Benefits of Using Feng Shui Office Two Desks at Work Using the Feng Shui two desk set-up offers many benefits for an office or workspace. One key benefit is its promotion of healthy competition among co-workers as they compete to achieve mutual goals.

The staggered layout also encourages collaboration as team members are able to interact with each other easily within their respective workspaces. Additionally, good lighting provides a formal yet relaxed atmosphere while uncluttered shareable areas aid communication better than clutter ever could.

Achieve Optimal Balance by Applying Feng Shui Principles into Your Office Space The main focus when using feng shui office two desks should be finding the right balance between natural elements such as wood, metal, and water. Wood represents growth & expansion while metal stands for regulation & structure – both essential aspects of any successful business operations.

Therefore, with feng shui office two desks these energies can be combined together to create a harmonious haven to work out of. Furthermore using colors like red or orange encourages optimism and promotes enthusiasm while colors like green evoke trustworthiness & stability helping teams come together as one unit.

Setting the Scene

Whether you have an extra office room in your home or at work, having two desks can be quite beneficial. Whether two people are sharing the office space or not, there are a lot of factors to consider when setting up the space with two desks.

Desk Arrangement

The desk arrangement will depend on several things. It will depend on how much available space there is and how it is laid out.

It may determine if the seating arrangement is back-to-back or side-by-side and whether it makes sense for both persons to have their own desk with a distance between them or for them to share a desk, which can be beneficial if they need to work together often but don’t want to be too close.

Feng Shui Principles

When laying out the feng shui office two desks composition you should consider natural elements such as fire places, water sources and plants. The flow of energy should be positive and open for optimal chi. It is important that all pieces of furniture are appropriate for the space and complement each other. You may also want to choose colours that evoke feelings of relaxation and productivity suited to your particular preferences.

Furniture Sizing

It’s important that the desks used in this setup are sized accordingly so as not to take up too much space. If one person requires more desk area than the other but there isn’t room for separate desks then an L shaped desk or tables could be considered which would provide sufficient workspace for both individuals without cluttering up the room.

Choosing multi-functional furniture such as storage units that double as seating can help save floor space and make use of corner areas where larger gaps couldn’t usually fit into due to their shape.

Desk Placement

The practice of Feng Shui has been used for centuries to bring balance and harmony into people’s lives. Applying its principles to a work environment can have tremendous benefits for both your mental and physical health. Knowing where to place two desks in an office according to Feng Shui can be helpful for creating positive energy within the space.

Create Space Around Desks

When it comes to placing two desks in an office according to Feng Shui, it is important to make sure there is ample space around each desk. This allows for the energy to flow freely around the desks and encourages a sense of openness and creativity.

The optimal spacing between desks should be three feet or more, with the wider aspects being better for productivity and concentration. It’s also beneficial to configure the desk locations in such a way that no one will bump into each other as they move around the space.

Position Yourself with Authority

Ideally, when positioning two desks in an office according to Feng Shui it is ideal that the most senior person’s desk should be placed southeast of the second-most senior person’s desk. This places them in what holds authority over their subordinates, allowing them regional access without encroaching on their personal space too much.

Additionally, try not to face each other directly as this might create tension between coworkers due to their competitive nature towards each other. The goal here is not only power but resolution; employees who positions their desks accordingly tend to find greater focus within their roles as well as collaboration amongst staff members without hindering each other’s goals and targets.

Incorporate Nature into Office Design

Plants are generally suggested when using Feng Shui principles when designing any living space, however they are especially great for creating good vibes within an office since plants filter out air toxins while giving off oxygen into our atmosphere. Adding natural elements which represent wealth such as bamboo or crystals like jade tend to evoke prosperity into any setting while also uplifting morale amongst staff members due to its beauty and association with fortune and luck.

Feng Shui Home Office Furniture Arrangement

Utilizing nature based artwork, either from art prints or even actual plants surrounding your workspace can offer comfortable aesthetic serenity which tends towards success when aiming towards ambitious goals set by yourself or career related objectives given by employers or clients alike.

Desk Considerations

Feng Shui office two desks can be a great way to create balance and improved productivity in the work environment. Creating an inviting and comfortable workspace should always be the priority when setting up a work station. Here are some tips for optimizing your Feng Shui office with two desks:

Desks Shape

When selecting the desks for your office, choose ones that match or complement each other in terms of size and shape. Curved corners can be especially pleasing to the eye, and long rectangular shapes that fit together, provide ample room while also keeping lines clean.  Be aware of sitting comfortably at the desk as well, so make sure to pick a desk height that works well with your own body dimensions.

Desk Textures

Desks with natural textures such as wood or stone surfaces can add warmth and texture to your space, while metal or glass-like finishes can give a modern look to the area. With these textures being available in various colors and finishes, you’ll have no problem finding one that matches your personal style.

Desk Accessories

Corraling small items in baskets and boxes is essential for clutter-free workspaces, allowing you to focus on important tasks without distractions. You could also hang wall shelves or place floor shelves around your desk to keep books, photos, awards, etc., easily accessible when needed. Choose decorative accessories like plants or sculptures for extra character but make sure they don’t overwhelm the area if you decide on too many pieces.

Storage Solutions

The importance of adequate storage solutions cannot be overstated when building an efficient workspace setup; paper trays for documents and folders underneath the desk can replace piles on top of it will do wonders for organization levels by keeping them separated within easy reach without taking up much space. Furthermore, consider having lockable drawers installed into both desks so employees’ valuables stay secure during their absence from workstations even during lunch breaks.

  • Choose desks with complementary shapes and sizes.
  • Opt for natural textures like stone or wood.
  • Storage solutions like boxes & baskets.
  • Include decorative accessories.
  • Install lockable drawers into both desks.

Maximizing Focus

When it comes to setting up a work environment for optimal focus, there are several factors to consider. Here, we will outline one particular space arrangement involving two desks in keeping with the principles of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that requires certain routines and guidelines to maintain balance and harmony in an environment as a means of achieving optimal results. With that said, let us discuss how best to arrange your two office desks using Feng Shui principles.

One key rule mentioned by Feng Shui experts is to never place two offices directly across from each other as this could lead to distractions and a cause competition between the users. Instead, it is advised that a corner be established for both and define the separate spaces clearly while allowing easy access for each user. This will create more cohesion between the desk occupants while stimulating productivity through collaboration.

Some basic tips for furniture placement include:

  • Use rugs or other floor materials underneath the tables.
  • Make use of wall shelving between both desks for better organisation & storage.
  • Choose ergonomic chairs with adjustable features for comfort and ease of use.
  • Add some decorative elements like plants or wall art that correspond with your corporate branding.

In terms of accessories, you should ensure that no objects are blocking direct sunlight or glare on either user’s face (or at least reduce these impacts with blinds). Additionally, think about adding lamps close to both desks – this will create a cosy atmosphere without compromising natural lighting while contributing towards increased concentration levels.

You could also add some audio equipment like headphones or small speakers but keep in mind not everyone appreciates background music in the workspace. Finally, make sure all cords and cables are tidy and tucked away neatly.

Keeping Things Balanced

Feng Shui is an ancient Taoist art of balancing energies and utilizing the space around us to bring about greater harmony, focus and productivity. Using this knowledge to create a well-balanced office for two desks can help both team members benefit from the positive energy.

For example, understanding the principles behind how to arrange each desk will help in creating an even balance of power, uphold good communication between team members, and prevent subtle disagreements among co-workers from developing. Here are 5 ways that Feng Shui can be used to help bring balance when setting up a two-desk office:

  • Making sure your desks have an equal distance between them
  • Creating energized breathing space at either side of the desks
  • Ensuring there are no closed walls above the desks
  • Making sure all windows present are aligned with enough distance between them so as not to look into each other’s window
  • Balance the colors in each corner as best possible

The first step in maintaining balance in a dual desk setting is by making sure there is an equal amount of space between each desk. This can be measured taping a measuring tape across both desks or using furniture which allows for easy adjustment and set up. Keeping both desks separated and around five to six feet apart prevents potential clashing and enables better focus throughout the working day.

Sitting Position in Office Feng Shui

Creating energized breathing space at either side further adds to the balance by allowing for plenty of fresh air circulation and minimizing any interference from outside distractions. Both team members should strive for this breathing space near their desks; according to Feng Shui, oxygen is essential for maintaining clarity during work sessions.

The next step in achieving balance in a two desk office is ensuring that there are no obstructions above them such as closed walls or ceilings. Interference from these ceilings can cause stagnant energy, loss of motivation or even disharmony between colleagues if they look directly at one another without enough distance.

Instead it’s encouraged that if necessary use bookshelves or plants as obstructions that add character such as introducing green ivy climbing walls if feasible in order to maintain healthy energy exchange flowing smoothly. Lastly, it’s recommended that when possible try balancing out colors within each corner like having different color bookshelves, carpets or paintings on either sides which helps break up any potential sense of competition while promoting creativity through embracing differences.

Bringing It All Together

When your Feng Shui office space is beginning to come together, it’s time to think about the details. A great way to do that is by choosing two desks with complementary styles. They don’t have to look exactly alike. Instead, thinking in terms of contrasting colors, shapes, or materials can lend an artistic and eye-catching aspect to the design of the office space itself.

The color scheme for your two desks should take into account the larger room or home office décor. If you picked bright colors like yellow and pink when decorating the walls, consider finding two desks with a similar palette. This helps create harmony in both the room and between the 2 pieces of furniture. Finding black and white desks gives a more modern edge to a room; going with wood tones can give a warmer feeling overall.

The shape of the 2 desks is also important when trying to pair them together as part of one cohesive office space design. One option is playing with round edges vs square corners on both pieces to give some visual interest in comparison to each other with both being geometric shapes but still having differences between them at first glance.

For example, you could go with an antique school desk for one for amusing contrast against a sleek modern IKEA desk at another corner of the room.

Besides these big considerations when choosing 2 desks for your Feng Shui home office, there are several other final touches such as:

  • Accessories like plants or lamps
  • Wall art or wall paper.
  • Rugs selection.
  • Storage systems and organizers.


Setting up an office using Feng Shui principles can be quite a daunting task due to the complexity and number of considerations that one needs to take into account. However, if you break it down step-by-step, you can create a workspace that is pleasing to look at as well as functional. A common setup for many people is two desks in an office; this style lends itself especially well to the art of Feng Shui.

When planning a two desk Feng Shui office, the main area of focus should be creating a sense of balance and flow within the space. The best way to achieve this is by ensuring both desks face outwards from the middle rather than towards each other, this will create openness and easily accessible pathways throughout the office without any unnecessary obstacles in between.

Additionally, it may be beneficial to choose different heights for each desk in order to further bring out elegance and harmony into the arrangement.

Adding in complimentary décor with vibrant colors will help boost creativity while bringing out fresh energy into your work environment. Artwork such as pictures or sculptures can be used to both infuse some life into the room as well as add visual appeal which can act as eye candy when needed during stressful periods of work.

By introducing items with living green plants such as bonsai trees or potted plants, these items will provide additional oxygen saturation which will encourage clear thinking even during times of intense pressure. A supplemental element like a water feature like a mini waterfall or fish tank can give off soft bubbly sounds and also generate positive chi so you’ll feel more comfortable when taking on difficult tasks.

The end result after all these details have been taken care of should result in increased levels of productivity coupled with feelings of ease and satisfaction every time you enter your workspace. After all your efforts have paid off now would be an excellent time to punctuate your success and celebrate with motivation such as: treating yourself an occasional cupcake, going for lunch with your colleagues or simply giving yourself a paycheck bonus at the end of effective weeks.

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