Two Beds In One Room Feng Shui

Two Beds in One Room Feng Shui

Often times, two beds come in one room due to familial and/or visitor accommodations. It is important to practice Feng Shui in such circumstances for optimum health and wellbeing for all. Here are some tips for you to follow if you have two beds in one room:

1. Create Balance

The beds should be the same size, if possible. It adds visual balance to the room. If two different sizes are used, place the larger bed beneath windows or against the wall and the smaller bed against the other.

2. Make Arrangements

Keep the beds away from each other as much as possible. Pack bulky furniture such as dressers between the beds to create a physical barrier and also improve the energy flow. Place a nightstand between the beds in order to further separate them.

3. Remove Clutter

Keep all storage containers, such as suitcases and laundry bins, out of sight. This makes the surroundings clean and tidy, which fosters peace and tranquility.

4. Address the Issue of Mirrors

However, two beds in one room can also cause restlessness and exhaustion if the walls are mirrored. The best thing to do is to cover or remove the mirrors if possible. However, if this is not possible, hang something to block the mirrors’ view of the beds.

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5. Provide Ample Light

Light is important in Feng Shui, especially natural light. Maximize the use of natural light sources such as mirrors and windows to brighten up the room and improve the overall energy of the space.

6. Add Some Flair with Color

Choose a color scheme that is calming so that everyone in the room feels relaxed. Soft blues, greens and neutrals are the most preferred in Feng Shui, but you can choose other colors as desired. You can also add a colorful accent wall or even a feature wall to make the space more inviting.

7 .Use Positive Symbols and Statements

Include some positive symbols or phrases in the room such as artwork or pillows. This helps to create a calming atmosphere and promote good energy throughout the space.


Accommodating two beds in one room using Feng Shui is possible. Just remember to keep the beds separate, trim the clutter, add some light, and maximize the use of positive symbols. With these tips, you can maximize the Feng Shui energy in a small, but multi-bed, room.

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