Feng Shui Mirror Placement In Living Room

How to Properly Place a Mirror for Maximum Feng Shui Benefits

A mirror is a powerful tool for feng shui, as it reflects and magnifies the energy of the space. The position and size of a mirror are extremely important. Here are some tips on properly placements a mirror for maximum feng shui benefits in your living room.

1. Why to Use Mirrors in the Living Room?

The living room is a place for gathering, relaxing, and entertaining. The location of the mirror should be in favor of enhancing these activities, not detracting from them. Mirrors are great for adding light, energy, and reflectivity to a room. They can also create the illusion of additional space and create a focal point in a room. And with the right positioning, they can bring abundance, good fortune, and prosperity.

2. Where to Place a Mirror in the Living Room?

The ideal placement for a mirror in the living room is on a wall opposite a window. Placing a mirror in this location will allow it to bring and amplify natural light and energy into the room. It will also create the illusion of an expanded space.

You can also consider positioning the mirror on an interior wall to maximize the energy and abundance in the living room. This can be done by placing the mirror on the wall opposite the main entryway into the room or directly across from the sofa.

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3. What Size for the Mirror?

The size of the mirror will depend on the size and shape of the room. Generally, it’s best to go larger than you think and select the biggest mirror that fits in the space. A large mirror will have a bigger impact, as it will reflect more light, energy, and abundance into the room.

4. What Types of Mirrors to Use?

The type of mirror you choose will depend on the type of feng shui you want to create. For example, a full-length mirror will help to create feelings of openness and abundance. A mirror with a classic shape and design will bring a sense of calm and order. For a more modern look, a decorative mirror with ornate details will provide a bit of glamour and luxury.


Mirrors can be a great addition to the living room and they can positively affect the energy of the space. Just remember to keep in mind placement, size, and type when selecting the right mirror for your living room. With the right feng shui mirror placement, you’ll be able to create an environment that’s conducive to peace, abundance, and prosperity.

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