Mirror Living Room Feng Shui

Mirror Living Room Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient form of Chinese philosophy and practice that is based on the idea that the proper arrangement of our homes can help us bring balance and harmony into our lives. Many westerners are beginning to make use of this age-old wisdom in their own decorating decisions by placing mirrors strategically throughout their homes in order to create more flow, balance and harmony.

Using Mirrors in Living Room Feng Shui

When it comes to feng shui mirror placement in the living room, you want to make sure that they are placed in the correct spot in order to create positive energy and balance. Here are some tips for placing mirrors in your living room with feng shui in mind:

  • Choose the Right Size and Shape: Choose mirrors in the right size and shape for your living room. A large rectangular or square mirror can be used to make the room feel bigger and wider. You can also choose a round or oval mirror to create a softer, more inviting atmosphere.
  • Hang Mirrors Strategically: Hanging a mirror in the living room near the entrance of the room can help create a more inviting atmosphere. Placing a mirror in the living room facing a window or a piece of art can add depth and character to both the room and the art.
  • Limit the Number of Mirrors: Too many mirrors in your living room can create an overwhelming feeling and distract from other important elements in the room. Choose three to five strategically placed, well-proportioned mirrors to place in the living room.

Feng Shui Tips for Living Room Mirrors

When placing mirrors in your living room, there are also certain rules to be followed in order to make sure that you are creating positive energy in the room. Here are a few tips:

  • Place Mirrors Carefully: Make sure that you place your mirrors carefully and correctly in order to avoid any negative energy. Avoid placing mirrors facing the entrance of the room, as this is said to create a kind of ‘boomerang effect’ and cause negative energy to be reflected back into the room.
  • Control the Reflections: Consider the reflection of mirrors carefully and make sure that you do not place them in a position which will reflect other objects or items in the room. Avoid positioning a mirror so that it reflects items that you don’t want to be seen, such as a trash can or an unattractive piece of furniture.
  • Allow for Natural Light: Make sure that you position your mirrors so that they allow for natural light to enter the room. Mirrors can be used to create a feeling of airiness and to open up the living space.

Mirrors are a great tool for adding more balance and harmony to your living room. When using mirrors in your living room feng shui decoration, make sure to follow the guidelines listed above and to place them in the right spot. This will ensure that you are creating the maximum positive energy in your living space.

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