Feng Shui Living Room Dining Room Combo

Feng Shui Living Room Dining Room Combo

Creating a living room dining room combo space is a great way to maximize floor space while maintaining the traditional functions of each room. Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of balancing your living space and can bring peace and flow to your living room dining room combo.

Arrange the Space

It’s important to consider the layout of the space when arranging your living room dining room combo. Here are a few tips for creating the free-flowing energy that symbolizes the principles of feng shui:

  • Choose a neutral or calming color palette to create a tranquil atmosphere.
  • Establish a natural flow between the two spaces with furniture placement.
  • Establish a focal point for each space to create balance.
  • Create separate zones with area rugs and lighting.
  • Include plants and water features to activate the energy in the space.


Adding décor and personal touches to the living room dining room combo is what truly makes the space feel inviting. Here are some tips to add finishing touches to your space:

  1. Choose décor and accessories that represent prosperity, abundance, and good health.
  2. Hang mirrors in appropriate places to maximize the energy in the room and to also create the illusion of space. Mirrors also serve to deflect negative energy.
  3. Use living room furniture pieces such as chairs and sofas that invite conversation and create balance.
  4. Incorporate accent pieces such as sculptures and paintings to compliment your furniture pieces and activate energy.
  5. Choose artwork, sculpture, and vases to represent the five feng shui elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

Bringing It Together

Creating a feng shui living room dining room combo is about balancing the energy of the two spaces and creating a harmonious atmosphere. By properly arranging the seating, choosing a neutral color palette, and accessorizing with meaningful pieces, you can create a welcoming space that reflects the principles of feng shui.

What colors should I use in a feng shui living room dining room combo?

When it comes to color selection for feng shui interiors, lighter and neutral tones are best. Earthy, warm colors such as beige, sandy brown, and earthy greens are excellent choices. Alternatively, you can choose to use cool colors such as light blues and whites to promote balance and calm. You can also add accent colors such as red, orange and yellow to promote energy, warmth and liveliness.

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