Feng Shui Elements And Directions

Feng Shui Elements and Directions

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy that was originally developed thousands of years ago to help people find balance and harmony in their surroundings. The belief is that by having the right elements in place, one can create an environment where good energy can flow. As part of the philosophy, each element of Feng Shui corresponds with a particular direction. By understanding how each element works in the different directions, one can take advantage of the positive energy to create a balanced and comfortable living space.

The Five Elements

The ancient Chinese believed that all life can be divided into five elements, each associated with an element of nature. The five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Each element is also associated with a particular direction and color based on the law of the universe and the energy of each element.

Wood: East and Southeast

The element of Wood is associated with the East and Southeast and the color green. In Feng Shui, Wood represents growth and expansion, so it should be placed in the East or Southeast of the home or living space to create an environment of growth and progress.

Fire: South

The element of Fire is associated with the South and the color red. Fire symbolizes passion, vitality and warmth, and should be placed in the South of the home or living space to emit these positive energies.

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Earth: Center and Southwest

The element of Earth is associated with the Center and Southwest and the color yellow. Earth symbolizes stability, strength, and balance, and should be placed in the Center or Southwest of the home to bring stability and balance to the environment.

Metal: West and Northwest

The element of Metal is associated with the West and Northwest and the color white. Metal symbolizes protection and organization, and should be placed in the West or Northwest of the home to provide protection and structure to the environment.

Water: North

The element of Water is associated with the North and the color black. Water symbolizes wisdom, stillness, responsibility, and renewal, and should be placed in the North of the home or living space to bring wisdom and clarity.

Using Feng Shui Elements and Directions

By understanding each of the Feng Shui elements and their associated directions, one can incorporate them into their living space and reap the benefits of their positive energies. The idea is to create an environment of balance and harmony in the home, and by synergizing the different elements, one can become more in tune with the environment around them.


Feng Shui is an ancient practice that can be used to help create balance and harmony in the home. By understanding the five elements and the directions to which they are associated, one can use them in their living space to bring positive energies into the environment and reap the benefits of the good energy that these elements create.

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