Feng Shui Color for Metal and Water Birth Elements


Feng Shui has been used for centuries to encourage and enhance the positive energies which flow through a person’s living environment. Originating from ancient China, it is based on the belief that harmonizing with nature and our surroundings can create balance in our daily lives. Color has been used in Feng Shui since its inception as a powerful tool to help add balance and promote health, wealth and good luck. Using color in specific areas of a home or workspace can bring vitality or strength, while other colors may soothe and bring spiritual energy into our lives.

When looking at which colors are best suited for people whose birth element belongs to either Metal or Water, there are certain colors that will have the most beneficial impact on their energy levels. Metal is associated with white, grey, gold and silver shades while Water elements are paired with deeper blue, black, green hues. Metal brings strength and foundation while Water offers clarity of thought and clear communication. By understanding these energies one can choose colors which will be more conducive for creating the desired space within their home or workspace.

Understanding Color for Metal Birth Elements

Metal birth elements belong to the wu xing system of feng shui and should incorporate certain colors in order to bring out their best qualities. Colors associated with metal birth element are white, grey, and silver. These subdued shades are ideally combined with beige and light pastel shades like blue, pink and lilac – this helps emphasize the superiority of the metal element for peacekeeping, organizing nature. The more harmonious interior will look if you introduce these colors into its design: yellow gold and purple shades of amethyst. These bright hues will act as an accentuate to other more neutral colors when decorating your home. To strengthen this effect, use golden tone accessories or fixtures downlighted with LEDs that have a warm hue or lamps covered with parchment featuring yellow metallic stripes running around iridescent bulb shade.

Balancing and Enhancing with Color for Metal Birth Elements

For Metal birth elements, colors such as white, silver, muted blues and pastel colors that bring the element of air into your home should be sought for balance and clarity. Incorporating light fixtures with a metallic finish such as brass or copper is an excellent way to bring the Metal element into your home. Wall hangings in these colors and accents like metallic sculptures can be especially beneficial in enhancing the Metal element. White furniture and cabinets made of lighter woods such as pine can help provide clarity and uncluttered energies in any room. Furthermore, textiles and accessories with a metallic hue are also recommended for design enhancements. If you would prefer natural wood tones, accent pieces like lamps or side chairs can be found in metal hues to soften the ambiance of those rooms. Adding decorative plants that have metal leaves such as ferns, potted plants with bright colors, and colorful stones will help boost creativity and nourish the presence of the Metal element.

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Understanding Color for Water Birth Elements

The primary colors associated with Water birth elements in Feng Shui are shades of blue, like navy, teal, baby blue and steel blue. We also use deeper hues of earthy browns, greys and taupes. You can combine blues, browns and grays to help create a cohesive energy and to promote flow throughout your home. It’s important to note that when using these colors they should be used moderately in rooms or areas where you want a gentle calm energy as too much of these tones can weigh heavy psychologically.

In regards to metal elements the color palette is full of bright whites, silvers, metallics/reflective materials like mirrors and stainless steel finishes. When painting walls in metallic tones they are best used only as an accent wall as large amounts of shiny surfaces can cause too much “yang” energy that would be disruptive for a space’s overall balance. Adding other bright colors will keep things fresh whilst still maintaining the intended image for this type of element. For example, warm shades of orange with accents of bronze can fulfil both requirements at the same time – by bringing in the softness from nature ,while keeping it balanced with some grounding energy from earth.

Balancing and Enhancing with Color for Water Birth Elements

For a Water birth element, incorporating shades of blue and black can be beneficial for creating a more balanced environment. Using blues in wall coverings, furniture fabrics, and rugs can give the room a calming atmosphere that is inviting and peaceful. Additionally, adding black window frames, table legs, or pieces of art can add grounding qualities to balance out the space. When decorating with blues, consider adding pops of yellow or green as accent colors to complete the look. Candles or lamps with sea blue glass holders can provide an earthy yet elegant glimmer that pairs nicely with these colors. Adding plants in shades of green such as ivy or ferns brings life into the space without being overly stimulating. To create an inviting living area, use navy sofa pillows with bold yellow accents on a gray upholstery couch. Long velvet curtains draped around multi-paned windows add beautiful textures to deepen the blue tones as well.

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The colors of Metal and Water birth elements can bring a sense of peace, calm, and harmony to your home when applied according to Feng Shui principles. These colors can be used in the form of artwork, décor elements, or furniture that evoke feelings of tranquility from any room in your home. For example, shades of silver, white, grey and pale blue are great for the metal element signifying strength and stability. While hues of black, navy blue and indigo work best for water elements that signify clarity and balance. The use of these colors together not only boosts the positive energy flow but also adds a calming atmosphere to your environment; allowing all those living it it to relax and feel more comfortable with themselves. Therefore Feng Shui color application is an ideal way to bring harmonization back into your home while making sure each family member stays connected with the core principals of nature, peace and balance.

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