Feng Shui Cures For Missing Wealth Corner

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that uses the principles of energy flow to create harmonious balance in one’s environment. A key element of feng shui is the “wealth corner,” which is identified and treated as a wealth corner when it appears to be missing or under-utilized. There are several feng shui cures for missing wealth corner that can help create a more conducive environment for financial success.

Vastu Cures One of the most common feng shui cures for missing wealth corner is Vastu, which refers to a set of rules and techniques derived from ancient Indian knowledge and tradition. Vastu emphasises the correct positioning of auspicious elements in relation to each other to attract positive energies into the home.

For example, adding a ladder in your wealth corner will help bring upward moving energy into the space and ensure luck. Other options include installing a diagonal mirror on the inside walls of the living room, placing a plant near the entrance door or hanging eight-sided octagonal mirrors above windows or doors opening towards your wealth corner.

Crystals Another powerful feng shui cure for increasing abundance in health and fortune is through crystals. Crystals are believed to emit powerful healing vibrations that purify negative energies while drawing in positive energy.

Citrine is thought to be one of the best crystals specifically for attracting additional abundance as its golden hue reflects light in ways which encourage financial success. Amethyst crystal is considered especially helpful when placed in bedrooms as it helps with concentration and relaxation – both ideal states for business success – while clear quartz enhances spiritual insight needed for financial achievement.

Money Plants The final important element when addressing a missing wealth corner is money plants such as Jade or Money Tree plants, which are said to bring good karma, abundance and restoration of relationship prosperity due their auspicious shape resembling coins or bags of money.

These plants send out life force energy that helps manifest all possibilities related with finances into reality so they should be kept healthy at all times by providing proper sunlight or moving them indoor if necessary to ensure long-term success.

Symptoms of a Missing Wealth Corner

The Wealth Corner is an essential element of the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui. It symbolizes a continuous abundance in one’s finances and generates positive energy that attracts effective wealth management. Therefore, it is important to identify if there are signs of missing Wealth Corner in order to be able to fix it.

Common symptoms include physical clutter and neglected areas – such as dead plants – in the feng shui Wealth Corner, low energy levels, financial problems (not being able to manage money well) and feeling disempowered or unproductive. Furthermore, other symptoms may include loneliness or isolation due to lack of support from people around you, difficulties with relationships because of money issues and feelings of hopelessness about your life prospects.

Establishing the Wealth Corner

The first step towards fixing a missing wealth corner is establishing which area is considered as the feng shui Wealth Corner. The exact location depends on the type of home you live in – it lies either in the bottom-left corner (for single family homes) or top-right corner (for apartments/condos).

To make sure this corner is not obstructed by anything like walls or furniture, clear away any clutter that might block its view. Secondly, find symbols and objects which can be used to decorate this area – open books, flowers or candles can beplaced here for extra luck when attracting financial prosperity.

Wealth Objects

Feng Shui cures should also involve placing specific objects in your wealth corner – like coins, trays filled with coins or pieces of jewelry that resemble wealth and riches. These objects should be placed carefully since they are meant to represent money itself – thus make sure your trinkets don’t overshadow one another too much nor should they be put all together in one spot at once; this will defeat their purpose as individual good luck charms.

To encourage more success in your life endeavors, use metal elements such as gold or silver coins on these trays since metal has greater visual power than paper currency. Additionally, water features such as aquariums can also increase wealth chi energy within these corners by providing a calming atmosphere for contemplation.

Investigating the Origin of Wealth Symbols in Chinese Culture

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of arranging one’s space to bring balance and good fortune. The practice specifically focuses on the placement of items in a home as well as its layout, with particular attention paid to the Wealth Corner or “fuk shu” – the most auspicious area for promoting financial gain.

But what are traditional Chinese wealth symbols, and why do they matter? Over centuries, culture has shaped the ways in which Chinese people consider abundance. Shapes such as triangles and cups are believed to attract money; treasures such as jade statues and coins act as reminders of wealth-related goals; colors such as red encourage luck and drive away evil spirits; while other symbols represent matters pertaining to virtue, spiritual guidance, and hospitality.

Popular Feng Shui Cures for Wealth Corners

  • Cryptomeria Trees (or Rocks) – Represent Wood element energy which generates new beginnings.
  • Bells – Represents Wind Element energy which brings winning opportunities.
  • Royal Stars – Represent Fire Element energy which increases your ambition.
  • Gold Coins/Statues – Represent Metal Element energy which purify environments and attracts positive influences.
  • Red Candles/Lamps – Represent Fire Element energy which offers protection against bad luck.

When placed wisely in a room, these feng shui cures create a supportive environment for prosperity. Absence of these symbols can be counteracted by adding them according to their elements: metal (coins), water (fish), wood (plants), fire (candles) and earth (statues).

These talismans erase negative energy while inviting new endeavors that will benefit a household’s finances. Moreover, adhering strongly to traditions like correct placement can bring peace of mind that all aspects related to success have been taken into account.

Types of Cures to Place in the Wealth Corner

Feng Shui has long been used to identify areas in the home which can be optimised for attracting wealth and prosperity. The Wealth Corner of a space is traditionally believed to be the Bagua area associated with wealth and abundance. Unfortunately, not all spaces have an obvious Wealth Corner. For those who don’t have one, or don’t have it in a prominent nook of the house, there are alternate ways to attract wealth energy through Feng Shui Cures.


Crystals can be placed near windows, mirrors and on shelves throughout the home to eminate positivity and vibrancy. Popular crystals known for attracting wealth include red jasper, pyrite, gold-coloured citrine and tiger’s eye. Red jasper is considered an extremely powerful crystal for boosting income, success and career prosperity due to its grounding energies which bring stability and strength when it comes to finances.

Feng Shui Picture For Wealth

Pyrite (also called fool’s gold) resembles real gold because of its golden hue but also radiates strong magnetism that helps draw luck in financial matters and overall improvements in ones living standards. Gold-coloured citrine is yet another mineral used for inviting greater wealth into one’s life as it brings lightness confidence naturally to shift money matters into one’s favour.

Finally, tiger’s eye is said to bestow strength courage which ultimately leads to an increase in cash flow with any financial endeavour embarking under its influence.

Symbolic Objects

The use of symbolic objects such as coins or jewellery like collections of big coins or necklaces act as reminders that abundance can come from unexpected sources. Favoured Feng Shui cures consist of figurines of Chinese gods such as Kuan Yin or images depicting dragons as these represent being blessed from above with good fortune and luck respectively.

Furthermore, more modern figures such as statues Angel Gabriel remind us everyday even angelic presence within us contributes a subtlinet flow riches blessings. Then there are symbols books referring abundance knowledge attracts opportunity, wisdom leaders astute business savvy open up more vault dazzling prospects chances winning lottery too.

Colour Palette

Taking advantage colour symbolism can help bring some much needed energy vibrancy confused corner generate powerful results due usage different hues – brown associated sensibility security Earth element; green mother Nature vibes fertility plus intuition mind; yellow solar energy level head thinking talent management; & orange really gets creative juices flowing get ahead competition unique ideas generation fruitful productivity returns wholesome rewards richness rewards.

Incorporating Positive Affirmations with Wealth Corner Cures

When applied to a home, feng shui can help generate wealth and abundance. In the classical application of the principles of feng shui, the placement of meaningful objects such as coins or symbols in certain areas referred to as “wealth corners” is said to spark prosperity. But what happens when you don’t know where your wealth corner is located?

Using Clues

Very often, the wealth corner can be found by using clues. Where people would normally expect the house to have a corner pointing south-east (the traditional direction associated with wealth luck), try poking around with a dowsing rod or pendulum if there isn’t one visible.

Alternatively, turn on mobile phone compass and it should show south-west as that is where Wealth luck points for properties built after 2000 in China. It may also help to consider which parts of the building face that direction and use those clues accordingly.


If still no sign of any corner pointing along the traditional south-east axis can be identified, it is important not to give up hope and believe that nothing can be done about it. Visualizations are powerful tools which be used to create an energetic space for good luck and abundance even when no visible signs exist directly surrounding us.

This technique involves imagining energy being drawn towards us from all directions so we start creating our own ‘wealth corner’ through our imagination alone.

A great example of this is repeating affirmations that associate us with value, such as visualizing ourselves embodying these truths while consistently staying focused on our desired outcomes day in an day out. This method helps build confidence over time and ultimately creates attractive vibrations attracting success into our lives.

Creating Reminders

In addition to positive affirmations visualizations, placing physical reminders that are associated with abundance and good luck also helps activate auspicious energy within a space these could include abstract or symbolic images like dollar notes, plants or crystals meant for money drawing purposes; always remembering not limit ourselves but savour manifesting tools offered by different cultural beliefs all around us.

Objects like these will encourage subconscious positive associations with money – symbols which remind us of potential opportunities that abound around us if we stay open minded and aligned with our own intentions.

Using Color, Symbols, and Additive Cures to Maximize Wealth Energy

One of the fundamental principles of Feng Shui is that every living space should have a wealth corner. This is a place in your house or office where energy should gather to create abundance and promote prosperity. However, not everyone has a dedicated room or area for this purpose. If you find yourself in this situation, there are still ways to bring wealth energy into your living space, even if there is no specific income-generating space.

Adding Color

The use of colors can have an impact on the accumulated wealth energy in any given space. Red is one of the best colors to use, as it’s known to stimulate ambition and energy related to money matters. You can paint a few walls with red paint or choose red-colored items such as curtains, drapes, furniture, cushions etc.

Blue is also associated with fortune and wealth, so adding blues can provide some extra support for attracting additional money energies. You can choose items such as mirrors with blue frames or paintings with blue backgrounds to add these hues to the area.

Using Symbols

Since ancient times symbols have been used to denote certain positive qualities like determination, power and strength – all of which are crucial when it comes to acquiring wealth. Consider hanging ornamental figures such as dragons, elephants or goats that symbolize prosperity and good fortune in frames around the home or office. Small brass horses which symbolize career success are also an appropriate choice for bringing in more wealth energy into the environment.

Adding Other Cures

Crystals play an important role in Feng Shui because they are believed to absorb negative chi and transform it into positive chi which helps attract prosperity and wellbeing into one’s life. Therefore crystals that are commonly associated with wealth should be added into your living space wherever possible – green quartz for example will encourage longevity while tigers eye will help increase financial income opportunities.

Finally salt lamps should also be placed in any area facing the west direction as it helps encouraging mental clarity and creativity (all essential aspects of business success).

Choosing Cures with Intention

Using feng shui cures to address the wealth corner that is missing in your home can be a great way to bring wealth and abundance into your life. While many of the tried and true feng shui cures are available, it is not always necessary to invest in expensive feng shui items like chimes or many-faceted mirrors.

Taking some time to consider what form of cure would serve the best purpose and then setting an intention for its use can be extremely powerful.

Simple Cures

There are many simple steps one can take when addressing the issue of a missing wealth corner. One simple but effective idea is surrounding oneself with imagery that symbolizes money, abundance, and success. Hanging up pictures related to these concepts have been known to instantly transform energy in an environment.

This could include images of nature overflowing with bounty, or more literal symbols such as bank notes or coins. Adorning this area regularly with flowers or other items that pertain to wealth can also help strengthen the message you are trying to send.

Feng Shui Elephant Placement for Wealth

Specific Cures

  • Crystals – placing crystals near windows has been known to act as a prism for intentful energy.
  • Mirrors – especially those made specially for Feng Shui purposes.
  • Wind chimes – hanging near windows in specific arrangements will energize the wealth corner.
  • Colour – specifically deep blues and purples have been known to encourage wealth accumulation.
  • Potted plants – potted plants give off positive vibes around any home.
  • Flames – lamps or candles lit at night helps add energy to any stagnant areas; even a small tea light candle placed near doorways will draw in blessing from outside forces.

Placement of Cures in the Wealth Corner

This corner should be orderly and clutter free. Symbols of wealth, such as a globe or wooden box engraved with Chinese coins can be placed inside the area representing affluence. A bowl of water and three coins tied together with red ribbon is symbolic of overflowing wealth.

Placing a single plant in this area, preferably bamboo or citrus, serves to bring positive energy over time. As well, a gong and/or mirror will further increase the flow of vibes through the space. Finally, displaying books and artwork brings a feeling of success into the environment.

Feng Shui crystals

Crystals are said to aid in Feng Shui cures as some have unique healing properties that can help increase prosperity energy and redirect the chi within your space. Citrine is the most common crystal used when it comes to wealth luck and should be placed face up so it reflects light towards other areas in the home.

Other money-attracting crystals include Green Moss Agate, Pyrite (also known as “Fool’s Gold”), Green Adventurine, and Imperial Topaz. Using one or more of these stones on a regular basis ensures that positive energy is able to reach all parts of your home.

Activating Good Fortune

Dust off your old lucky charm(s) – be it a rabbit’s foot, four leaf clover, horseshoe, or even just an extra special crystal – then place them in view within the modified (wealth corner). This serves to activate good fortune within your home for both current situations and future opportunities.

Cluttering up this corner with too many objects or symbols however should be avoided; focus instead on minimalism as well as placement according to size placement i.e., bigger items should always go at the back while smaller ones go toward the front. Additionally take special care when decorating this portion with objects such as rugs; try to pick charmers boasting prancing horses, dragon dances, double fish or other creatures associated with luck & abundance like frogs etc.,.

Benefits of Wealth Corner Cures in the Long-Term

The corner of your home that is designated the ‘wealth corner’ can have a powerful influence on your financial success. Applying Feng Shui cures for missing wealth corners can help to bring positivity, prosperity and good luck in your life. It is believed that the energies of the five elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Metal and Wood) come together when balancing this area.

One of the most important advantages provided by these cures is a growth in abundance and wealth. Through activating and aligning positive energies in the wealth corner according to Feng Shui principles, it can help make money flows easily accessible to you. Here are some other benefits that you can expect:

  • Boosts creativity – Cures like tall house plants and crystals can help unblock any mental blocks.
  • Improves relationships – Bringing harmony into all aspects of life including work and personal relationships.
  • Promotes health – Clearing out stagnant energy from the space with green plants and other fresh elements helps reduce stress levels.

In addition to this, introducing objects related to water, earth or metal strengthens collective energies which further helps manifest balance in life. This could include items like coins with images of dragons or colts on them as symbols of wealth; Aquariums; mirrors; wind chimes etc. The position and placement should be done carefully as suggested by an expert according to the house structure after making suitable modifications to suit individual needs for best results.

Whereas specific physical objects are used as cures in this area of Feng Shui, regular de-cluttering is also essential not only for removing negativity but also improving opportunities for progression in life. Keeping bookshelves cleared from top-to-bottom as well as throwing out or donating any unwanted items helps clear away negative influences such as lethargy, cynicism or financial instability caused by clutter accumulation inside house over many years.

Reviewing What’s Working and Adjusting as Needed

When it comes to Feng Shui, the wealth corner plays an important role in attracting and accumulating wealth and prosperity. Understanding the importance of this sector of your home or business setting means maximizing its potential for best results. But what happens when you don’t have a wealth corner at all?

Fortunately, there are several methods that you can use to increase the energy surrounding this essential element even without having a corner. Placing round objects in the northwest and southeast regions is one way to simulate a strong flow of chi in those areas. Examples could include mirrors, tables, flower vases, crystals, terra cotta pots or balls, coins, and other kinds of representations of wealth.

Using wind chimes combined with color placements is another way to compensate for not having a physical wealth corner. Hanging them near open windows or doorways will enhance positive chi from outside sources coming into these sectors as well.

Pay attention to vibrant colors like bright greens and vibrant reds-as these represent cultivating more abundance into the space. When paired with bells or wind chimes, they also serve as tonal reminders that encourage better money flow throughout your business or home environment.

Plants are also great Feng Shui remedies for creating wealth because their presence nurtures good health and prosperity The Chinese consider green plants particularly effective at attracting wealth chi. Place them somewhere with plenty of sunlight such as an indoor balcony or outdoor area facing your front entrance for best results.

This helps facilitate money energy moving freely around instead of getting stuck within central areas of your property like hallways or behind closed doors. Try adding some smaller leafy varieties along with larger trees if possible – this effect helps balance both the yin and yang aspects associated with financial success.

In summary, although having an actual physical wealth corner is ideal for improving overall fortune flow through your workspace or household there are still options available if you don’t have one in place – using placement techniques, color schemes, and plants can help reroute energy throughout the overall space just as effectively if done properly.

Even though establishing a full-fledged corner may be difficult at times, by following these strategies you can still enjoy increased financial luck without sacrificing any existing decorative elements within home or office.

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