Feng Shui At Home For Wealth

Feng Shui translates to wind-water and is an ancient Chinese system that uses energy forces to help bring a sense of balance and harmony to home life. Feng Shui principles are based on natural elements such as water, wood, earth, fire, and metal, which represent five essential aspects of life.

Using Feng Shui to maximize the wealth-enhancing potential of a home can be an effective way to benefit from its luck amplifying energies. In using Feng Shui at home for wealth purposes one needs to understand how to design the decor in certain places in the home, including the living room, bedroom and kitchen.

Living Room: Creating Wealth Through Clever Arrangements The living room is key in creating wealth with feng shui as it is believed to be physically situated at the center of your home’s energy field.

When decorating the area one should use colors such as blues or greens which relate directly to money matters while forming a balance with two sides of furniture composed of different materials that represent each side element – wood for summer and soft luxurious fabrics for winter months – allowing energy flow throughout.

You can also hang mirrors on walls across from windows that will further encourage good energy circulation through your space and increase opportunities for wealth accumulation.

Bedroom: Boost Abundance with Bed Placement Ideally located near a wall and facing away from windows support the room’s purpose says feng shui principles; additionally beds should not be placed directly under beams or heavy objects since they can hinder abundance energies in your space and make it difficult to store wealth accurately.

Additionally, nightstands should also include various items such as books, money plants or small trinkets symbolizing success – all intended to invite financial abundance into your bedroom sanctuary.

Kitchen: Incorporating Valuable Tips In most homes kitchens tend to be either painted blue or green – two valuable colors that stimulate growth towards success according budget-friendly feng shui rules; similarly choosing hard material surfaces on counters like granite enhances sustainability – symbolically inviting longevity – while black appliances hint at protection from loss due their darkness properties which absorb bad vibes entering your kitchen area.

All of these tips when carefully implemented provide optimal conditions for accumulating fortune in our daily lives improving our quality of life as result.

Understanding the Basics

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that promotes balance and harmony by aligning a physical environment with cosmic forces. It is based on the belief that energy, or qi, flows through all objects and spaces and can be used for good luck and fortune. According to practitioners, when used correctly, feng shui can help you increase your wealth.

Environmental Enhancements

To create a positive energy flow in your home to improve wealth using feng shui principles, start by cleaning up the clutter and getting rid of any unwanted items. This will clear stagnant energy and make room for positive energy to flourish.

Place plants such as bonsai trees and bamboo throughout your home as it is believed these bring wealth-inducing chi into your space. Rearrange furniture so that it encourages a sense of openness, and open windows often to allow fresh air to circulate through your home.

It’s essential to stay away from colors or symbols which may become associated with negative emotions or feelings such as grey or black, which should be avoided wherever possible. Instead opt for bright colors such as reds oranges and yellows which signify warmth and abundance according to the principles of feng shui.

Strategic Placement

The kitchen area is particularly significant in terms of attracting wealth; place a bowl of fruit on the table in the center of this room Diagrams containing wealthy symbols should also be placed here, such as images of gold bars or coins – red envelopes are also a popular choice being symbolic of good fortune in Chinese culture.

Other ways to encourage rich energy into your space include displaying vases filled with colourful blooms or pictures featuring scenery from previous vacation trips.

The front door should have an inviting atmosphere too as it is believed any money entering the home runs through this point. Hang wind chimes here too if you wish, they are considered an effective way to draw wealth into your abode.

The Power Of Intentions

Having made all the necessary environmental alterations within your home its important not to forget about cultivating faith that the universe will support you in achieving prosperity living by setting positive intentions each day prefaced by visualising what you’d like manifesting in your life makes all out efforts more effective as acknowledges our connection with source power.

Applying the Principles

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is often utilized to bring luck, wealth and prosperity. Applying the principles within the home can create positive energy flows that lead to these desired outcomes. This article will explore how to use these principles to bring money and wealth into a home.

The first step in creating a Feng Shui environment for wealth is the placement of certain icons and artifacts around the house. A few of these include a crystal ball, flowing water, a Wu Lou which symbolizes health and longevity, and goldfish, which are thought to gometaphysical powers in grant wishes for financial abundance. They should be placed strategically at key points along pathways in order to promote wealth-attracting energy throughout the entire living space.

There are also some specific colors associated with wealth energy that should be incorporated into interior design choices. Red is believed to not only attract good luck but also protect from poverty or loss; while green will unlock potential abundance.

Additionally, the placement of living plants is thought to stimulate creativity around money making ideas as well as circulate fresh air into the living space so Chi (energy) can flow properly. Lastly incorporating metal elements such as coins or jewelry pieces brings strength and stability when looking for financial security indoors.

When it comes down to harmonizing a home’s environment for better chances of success in bringing wealth and riches through Feng Shui principles – intention matters most of all. Setting out intentions with clear mind and focus helps direct the desired outcome when utilizing this ancient technique – such as having abundant energy circulate throughout all rooms in order to increase prosperity in life.

With conscious effort put towards the design of an indoor space using proper color selection, symbolic representations and creative pathways – every household has access potential within their own homes in regards bringing positive change through Feng Shui applications.

Proper Placement

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that helps to encourage the flow of energy, known as qi, in our environment. This practice can be used to attract wealth and prosperity into the home. Here are some tips for strategically placing key items around your house:

  • By placing a fountain or aquarium in the east corner of any room, you will attract money and friendship.
  • A mirror placed in the south will double the abundance of wealth entering through the front door.
  • Using certain plants like bamboo, orange trees, ficus plants can also help bring positive energy into your space.
Feng Shui Picture For Wealth

In addition to incorporating elements like water, mirrors, and plants in specific areas of your space, there are other steps one can take to invite financial fortune into their lives. Hanging wind chimes on your porch or front window will help circulate qi within and around your abode. It is important to avoid clutter and keep all surfaces clean since disorder is thought to disrupt the natural balance needed to maintain a wealthy lifestyle.

Another tip is to incorporate images or symbols of success within your space to improve and strengthen this type of energy even more. Doing so could include hanging up pictures of coins, gold bars, and money bills as visual reminders that financial success starts at home.

One should also place certain objects behind them while sitting at their desk or workspace. Placing a turtle behind you symbolizes support and protection from harm which allows you to focus on achieving specific goals with optimism. On another note, having certain items placed next to each other can be beneficial as well.

Specific colors represent different qualities such as red symbolizing passion or ambition whereas blue inspire nurturing traits like understanding or patience. One should consider combining these colors together when possible for optimal results when it comes welcoming wealth not only physically but spiritually too.

Art Activities

Art can be used to bridge the gap between what we want to accomplish and our ambitions. Just as arranging furniture in your home according to Feng Shui principles can bring balance and harmony into a space, decorating your home with art can bring wealth and prosperity into your life.

Symbolism is a powerful lever, offering access to intrinsic energies of all elements in nature which embody abundance. Here is how you can use artistic symbolism to attract wealth into your home:

  1. Get a painting of trees or flowers – such images represent abundance, growth and renewal.
  2. Hang paintings that feature bridges – bridges represent success in crossing over the divide from want to have.
  3. Abstract art with curved lines is very auspicious – curvy lines evoke feelings of comfort, relaxation and suffusion of energy.
  4. Choose artwork inspired by nature, such as mountains or water scenes – these images are often accompanied by enduring energy.

When selecting art for your walls, try to focus on colors that invoke feelings of happiness and warmth. Also look for abstract representations of water flows which signify healthy financial streams. Powerful hues like red and yellow stimulate strength and drive for perseverance.

Similarly earth tones like yellow-orange induce the feeling of fertility while pink stands for love while helping maintain harmonious relationships. With careful choice of appropriate artwork, you can create an atmosphere conducive to manifesting prosperity within the home.

Besides wall decorations, sculpture can be used to embellish any space so it exudes abundance vibes. Regardless of whether they are stone sculptures or ornamental figurines, these special works act as reminders for us about wealth’s existence in life-our own internal capacity – encouraging us keep ourselves open so all richness magnifies itself. Pastel colors could be chosen when looking at statues in order to enrich positive vibrations further.

To gain more impact out of decisions made regarding pieces’ placement, decorations should be situated facing certain directions as indicated by oriental practices such as China’s Bagua map based on feng shui prinicples.Specific symbols located opposite elements associated with abundance should stand outside entrance doors directing good fortune into the residence upon entrances and exits. Placing fountain figurines near entrances give off idea that financial resources come through house door easily.


Feng Shui is a practice thought to bring harmony and balance to an environment. It has been around for centuries, originating in China as a way of bringing good fortune and energy into a space. A popular belief among Feng Shui practitioners is that certain colors can attract wealth. Let’s explore the ways in which different colors can affect your home’s wealth-promoting Chi energy (life force).

According to Feng Shui principles, there are four primary colors associated with accumulating wealth; red, yellow, purple and green. The color red typically symbolizes energy and passion-two aspects which help create financial security and comfort. Red often found in the shape of artwork or curtains releases energy into the room creating new money opportunities. Additionally, adding shades of red through accessories can lead to increased abundance and vigor from within.

The other three colors are also beneficial for the energy in your home as they attract strength in motivation, clarity for decision making, protection from economic hardship and support during times of financial challenge. Yellow is associated with Godly prosperity; it balances negative energies while inviting positive ones such as wisdom which ultimately leads to success with financial ventures.

Likewise, purple is thought to cultivate healing opportunities leading towards greater spiritual peace which again stimulates high amounts of monetary income while keeping blockages away from affecting one financially. Lastly green assists with detoxifying anxiety while connecting one back to their natural resources giving access to more financial freedom when applied correctly within the home.

Understanding how these specific color vibrations interact with our lives will not only remove mental blockages but contribute significantly towards improving wealth luck within any space we inhabit daily. Enhancing our environment subtly by incorporating these hues will surely increase vibrancy and promote successful energetic transfer throughout our homes (and lives). So if you’re hoping to see some improvements on the fiscal side be sure to add bursts color here or there according to traditional Feng Shui techniques.

Nature in the Home

Feng Shui incorporates various methods to tap into the power of nature and the elements, to bring luck and prosperity into the home. Here is a list of simple changes you can make in your home:

  • Place a bowl of water in the centre of your living room and invest in an aquarium for good Feng Shui.
  • Invest in some lively houseplants like bamboo or ferns to give your living space a positive vibe.
  • Decorate with natural materials such as stone, wood or clay objects.
  • Use natural hues like shades of yellow, brown and green.
  • Display photographs and artwork featuring nature, water or mountain pictures.

In Feng Shui there is a saying “Money likes chi”, which means that money follows energy. Introducing various features that create positive energy will ensure optimal chi flow throughout your home – thus creating an abundant atmosphere.

The colour green has an association with wealth, so going for hues such as sage green are great options when decorating your living space. Choose silk drapes or curtains for windows and accessorize them with tassels or beaded fringes which relate to abundance as well.

Crystals are powerful tools for many purposes, including bringing wealth into your life. Choose crystals such as jade, citrine or rose quartz that can amplify the positive energy inside your home. Placing them strategically in various parts of your house will increase their potential even more.

A good place to display these crystals is near entrances where new people consecutively walk through such as on tables or shelves. Good placement allows their vibrations to protect against bad luck or negative occurrences while simultaneously bringing wealth into the home.

Feng Shui Wallet Color For Wealth 2019

Cultivating harmonious relationships with family members is also important since they are all coexisting under one roof considering it’s our base line for harmonizing chi energy among different energies within a household.

Since money loves harmony, try strengthening relationships with family members by avoiding arguments over money matters if possible during social gatherings at meals or activities that all family members take part in so that peace reigns inside the home while at same time propelling abundance within this very same unirule and serene envrionment.


Crystals are an effective tool to utilize in the manifestation of wealth when practicing feng shui at home. Crystals are known to possess immense power to absorb and redirect energy from nature. They act like tiny conductors, amplifying the power of ambient energy. For example, if you placed a jade crystal near the entrance of your home, it can be said that it will attract beneficial opportunities and positively influential people into your life.

It is important to understand the insight behind placing a crystal in certain areas for different reasons when Feng Shuiing your home for wealth, as well as taking into count its significance from an energetic perspective. It is also necessary to take into account how you attune yourself with these crystals, since they will simultaneously charge you with their energy; be aware that some crystals possess psychoactive properties which may affect our mental state depending on their characteristics.

Green Tourmaline (Verdelite): Stimulating Money Flow

Green tourmalines (verdelite) have powerful associations related to money-flow and creating financial stability. When placed in areas related to Wealth such as the Southeast corner or West sector of a living room or office, it activates both these personal qualities within us and radiates accordingly positively influencing our financial endeavors.

Green Tourmaline infuses us with determined motivation and optimism for success when trying more difficult projects including money-making business ideas or artistic expressions that require flexible thinking while connecting directly with goals aiming for abundance in life.

Tiger’s Eye: an Unconditional Support

Tiger’s eye is well known crystal for Feng Shui as it acts gently to bring forth guidance and protection to those who wear it around their necks or carry tiger’s eye pieces closeby in their pockets. It brings promising support against misfortune while its vibrant shades create confidence towards meeting our daily objectives including money matters such as taxation documents filing dates or managing investments better than before.

Whilst wearing Tiger’s eye, one experiences additional strength when having longer working hours going through tasks that demand deeper concentration but yield satisfactory results afterwards like writing for a blog properly structured online therefore increasing web visits resulting in revenue income generation over time gradually yet efficiently.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are an important Feng Shui tool for financial abundance. A wind chime not only brings a pleasant sound into your home, but the vibrations of the choir produce amplified and focused wealth energy. The position of the wind chime is key to ensure a proper flow of energy and wealth.

It should be located below eye level in order that wealth chi can pass through its branches uninterrupted. When hung outdoors, it should be placed near a south-facing doorway, entrance, or window in order to receive the positive Chi energy it amplifies. When hung indoors, it should be placed in an east or southeast direction to attract money luck and prosperity energy.

Using Metal Wind Chimes For Financial Gain

Metal wind chimes are especially useful for achieving financial gain as they bring strength from the element metal, allowing heightened levels of balance and focus within their immediate environment. The melodic resonance created by metal tolls increases vibration as well as attraction of wealth energy from other essential elements like wood, fire and earth around them.

Combining several different wind chime materials increases accompanying ‘wealth vibration’ higher still; this allows Chi (nourishing life force) access from Earth and Heaven energies to flow together as one to create a place of great wellbeing, power and abundance.

Building Your Own Wind Chime: DIY Wealth Luck Charm

There is no hard set number for how many items your wind chime needs but generally a standard number is six: bells that represent metal; balloons that carry hot airy energy; birds for flight; hearts that emotionally inspire; bamboo pipes representing wood and feathers for social relations.

This DIY version is not only cheaper than buying one wholesale but also puts emphasis on personal nurturing care: choosing each item with careful attention on purposeful meaning will give you a true sense of connectedness with your own homemade wealth luck charm.


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of home décor and arranging that is used to create harmony and balance. It can be used to effect different things like success, prosperity, marriage, health, and many other aspects of life.

Of these areas, one of the most important uses for Feng Shui is to create wealth and prosperity. By using the right colors and elements in your home you can work to bring positive energy into your space that will help you find success in finances.

One easy way to start adding wealth creating Feng Shui into your home is by adding the color purple or red into a room. These are considered to be colors of royalty so they can attract higher energies from the universe. To add more positive money vibes put this color on curtains or wall decorations or even buy an item with this color like a rug or accent piece.

Another key element for bringing wealth-creating Feng Shui into your home is items with rounded edges or curves. Angular shapes like squares can represent blockages while curved edges represent flow which helps money come in freely without any form of resistance as it enters your home.

This means adding curved furniture pieces as well as any art work that has any type of wave patterns or circles incorporated into them – both represent money and wealth in classical Feng Shui philosophy.

Finally, make sure you decorate with plants both inside the house and outside near the main entrances. The greenery symbolizes growth which again represents abundance coming into a space naturally without effort or taking away from anyone else. Place some bamboo outside near windows or doors; bamboo tends to draw opportunities for profit while still keeping other negative energies out of your living space.

Also include succulents inside as these absorb bad vibes while also sharing good ones at the same time. Finally having some sort of water fountain running inside brings good fortune around money matters too – such as personal finances increasing over time as well as attracting capital investments when needed most in life.

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