Feng Shui Wallet Color For Wealth

Feng Shui is the practice of balancing energies by utilizing symbolic objects and everyday items to bring positive energy into an environment. Many people use Feng Shui to create balance, harmony, and luck in their lives. For those seeking wealth and financial gain, a specific color for feng shui wallet reportedly has special properties that can bring about good fortune in finances.

Red Color for Wealth Luck The color of red is historically associated with luck and good fortune, especially when it comes to money and prosperity-related goals. In Feng Shui, this is no different-red is regarded as the optimal wallet color to attract good luck and financial abundance.

Like all colors used within the Feng Shui practice, there are several ways you can integrate this into your life; painting or decorating your front door with the hue of red brings a vibrant energy that can renovate any financial challenges you may have been struggling with.

The same goes for your wallet-choosing one that has a shade of reddish hues helps carry an abundance vibration throughout your life as you utilize it on daily basis. Additionally, having a red silk wallet card holder or pouch clutched inside can make quite the imprint not only in terms of the color but also in relation to status symbols like luxury materials.

The Power of Reinforcing Symbols for Money Luck Symbolic imagery such as coins, stones with eyes that represent seeing potential opportunities, or Chinese characters like “shi” which stands for wealth are helpful materials when selecting a wallet according to Feng Shui rules and regulations. If you want to incorporate these symbols into your design consider defining it within ornamental elements or a drawing sewn onto the surface.

These seemingly small components might go far from establishing good vibes around money matters.

Other meaningful reinforcements include jade figures or earthen clay plants; all of which tie back to breeding energy for better overall prospects of income success on a spiritual level. Creating such powerful pieces with meaningful connotations can often work in tandem with regular products like wallets made out of leathers; always be sure to choose shades of red if possible to achieve maximum benefits from these two attributes combined.

The Important Role of Color in Feng Shui

The use of color is one of the most significant and essential parts of Feng Shui. It tells us which colors to surround ourselves with to increase our luck and prosperity, create harmony, and guards against any negative energies that may have an adverse effect on our lives.

When it comes to wealth and financial security, many people turn to Feng Shui as these two topics are closely related. In this article we will talk about the importance of color in Feng Shui for increasing wealth, particularly regarding the color choice for your wallet.

The idea behind picking the right wallet for an enhanced level of wealth is simple yet powerful: select a wallet that represents abundance. Red has long been seen as an auspicious color in China due to its symbolism; red implies energy, passion, velocity, enthusiasm and strength.

The Chinese believe that its vibrancy can bring new energy into your life in order to invigorate it with success and growth. A red wallet signifies an overall good fortune which adds more fuel to the fire of continuous wealth accumulation.

It does not mean though that you should pick out any red colored item as there are plenty of other factors involved such as quality material used or the design elements used in creating it. It should be a bright yet muted hue such as an orange-red, pink-red or even a deep burgundy red depending on your preference.

In addition, make sure that it fits comfortably with other items in your purse or pocket itself; this will make sure that it carries positive vibes properly while being able to fully utilize its energy inspiring capabilities without interruption from outside spirits or forces.

Having said all this combined with burning incense for extra enchantment and protection while displaying proper respect for money at all times will give you a complete six senses package towards better business style management approach incorporating Asian wisdoms through balancing natural resources harmonically within individual conscious minds – bringing forth infinite possibilities beyond regular current logical boundaries.

Different Colors and What They Represent in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient practice that combines various aspects of traditional Chinese beliefs with interior design and architecture. A fundamental element of Feng Shui involves the use of colors to bring energy into a particular area or space. In Feng Shui, the colors used in a wallet are said to decide and attract one’s wealth and financial luck. Given below is an outline of wallet colors associated with prosperity according to Feng Shui:


The color red symbolizes success, luck, ambition, passion, vigor and vitality. It is believed that carrying and using a red colored wallet helps in attracting good fortune on economic aspects. To make sure you maintain your wealth fortunes, you can carry tiny talismans made of gold or jade.


In feng shui, orange represents creativity, bravery and networking ability like forming new relationships; especially when it comes to money related matters. People who are likely to gain from orange-colored wallets are business tycoons or high-income earners who constantly need to be creative with their finances for their career growth prospects.

3 Green

In Feng Shui, green symbolizes abundance as it is the color of nature. People thinking about changing their careers should look for green wallets; these also prove beneficial for those who want stability in their careers and finances due to its calming effects on emotions associated with money-related matters.

Other than this, green also helps in strengthening social circles by inducing helpfulness among one’s peers and superiors – something that could lead to greater job security giving you peace of mind related to finances as well as mental health stability.

4 Blue

Feng Shui practitioners recommend blue for people aiming at better communication skills that would increase their chances of achieving more recognition at work by forging new contracts or completing additional projects; consequently leading towards financial stability via better returns from investments as well as salary hikes from employers covering bonuses including raises and promotions in your career path progressions.


In Feng Shui, red is one of the most important colors for achieving wealth. It has long been associated with happiness, luck, and longevity and can be found in many aspects of daily life such as clothing, jewelry, decorations, and objects. Red is known to enhance conversation while stimulating financial exchange. Wealth attributed to red includes career advancement, financial security, and even additional earnings.

A badly arranged wallet of any color may not attract riches. Therefore it is essential that a person properly arranges their wallet if they wish to smoothly acquire money and remain financially stable. A few rules should be taken into consideration when arranging one’s wallet:

Feng Shui Cures For Missing Wealth Area

Rules for Properly Arranging Your Wallet

  • Ensure plenty of money notes are inside your wallet.
  • Choose higher denominations only.
  • Keep your coins separate instead of mixing them with the paper money.
  • Pick a wealthy hue like silver or gold within its design.

By applying these basic rules when organizing one’s wallet into a single lined shape not only will good vibrations be sent out but all entered wealth will also stay longer within its confines adding towards sustained growth that was claimed by ancient feng shui masters. When first considering a new purchase consider its visual impact on the wallet – since doing so immediately increases its vibrational energy thus expanding upon the magnetic field it holds dear within our pocket books.

Enjoyment can still be obtained while shopping but it makes sense to select those items which carry an added benefit – such as wealth – too.

The folding pattern we employ when handling our wallets is also an important aspect of sending out prosperous energy; each flap should always be neatly organized either by folding in a concertina fashion or made into an easy access pouch so that notes are kept crisp at all times. Furthermore painting certain aspects within the artwork according to symbolic meaning can also attract further success during spending sprees or collecting back owed balances from others.

Reserve some spots for important cards which signify our power in business communications such as airline mileage memberships, credit facilities or store discounts by happy pinning them onto the fabric such as beautiful treasures containing auspicious words that carry us far beyond expectations.


According to the ancient practice of Feng Shui, yellow is the color that signifies wealth and abundance, as well as respect and honor. It is closely linked to the element of metal, which provides protection and support-a perfect representation of a stable financial state. In fact, it’s often used in wallets specifically meant for accumulating wealth because it symbolizes a person’s prosperity and success.

Having a wallet made out of yellow represents the wearer’s dedication to their financial journey as well as their economic growth. For those who are already financially secure, however, yellow can also signify respect for their responsibilities in life. As such, they might opt for an opulent piece depicting their accomplishments and showing off their hard work in attaining stability and success.

A popular way to use yellow in a wallet design includes natural leather with texture-the same fabrics used in luxury handbags or accessories from high-end brands such as Hermes or Gucci. These materials break up the monotony of basic colors while still giving off an aura of sophistication and elegance. Other materials that work well with yellow include rich accent shades such as bronze or copper metals that tie together your overall look nicely.

  • Yellow is associated with element Metal
  • Symbolizes Prosperity, Success & Stability
  • Established Financial State Represented by Yellow Wallets
  • Leather Textures Popularly Used for Luxury & Elegance
  • Bronze & Copper Metals Accent Shades Provide Balance


Feng Shui uses colors to promote health, wealth and stability. In order to bring money into your life, the use of specific colors in Feng Shui is essential. One that can offer a high level of protection and luck is blue.

Blue has many symbolic meanings that are closely associated with wealth; this includes spiritual clarity and purification. This color can bring focus to those who need help controlling any stress or anxiety that’s preventing them from reaching their goals.

When it comes to placing blue in a wallet, there are a couple different ways this can be done for maximum success. First, you can buy yourself a new wallet that has a blue shade as part of its design.

If this isn’t possible you could dye an old one with indigo or powder blue paints or dyes since these two colors represent purity and emotional balance within the home.

Another very simple option would be to insert items of this color into the wallet such as notes with inspirational quotes or pictures of loved ones or mementos to remain connected with the outside world during this time; all these things will contribute immensely to uplift your spirits and keep your finances in check both physically and mentally.

In Feng Shui terms, placing a blue item inside the wallet is thought to attract helpful energies that will help to improve prosperity. If used correctly, it could even lead one towards greater financial gains than they expected.

The symbolism associated with blue also brings hope and faith that something better lies ahead which often gives individuals strength when times become tough. It should also be noted that having some other protective objects like quartz crystals inside the wallet may also help mitigate any negative influences around us while promoting positive outcomes overall when used in conjunction with the right Feng Shui techniques.


Green has long been linked to wealth and prosperity. It is a soothing and reassuring color that promotes energetic abundance, especially in regards to finances. In Feng Shui, Green is connected with the element of Wood energy, which encourages insight and strong character through generosity and compassion. Having the right green wallet can represent a feeling of love for self, allowing us to speak our truth with confidence and clarity.

Feng Shui Wallet Benefits

The use of a Feng Shui wallet can provide some unexpected benefits relating to luck and money. During the Chinese Lunar New Year, every wealthy home has either an emerald or jade horseshoe hung above their front door as a symbol of luck; likewise, wearing or using items associated with proper Feng Shui wallet practices are believed to be auspicious for drawing more success into one’s life.

Wearing or carrying a wallet in these colors could invite more fortune into your wallet as well.

Green Wallet Manifesting

The power of manifestation can be a powerful tool when it comes to achieving financial goals – whether it’s buying a home, paying off debt or simply manifesting more money in general. Carrying an eye-catching green wallet filled with cash amplifies your intentions – like visualizing yourself driving away in your new car – even if that car doesn’t exist yet.

The act of getting into the habit of surrounding yourself with items such as wallets affirms your faith in yourself and focuses on personal growth by embracing abundance in all aspects of your life.


White is a powerful color in Feng Shui that’s associated with the element of Metal. It’s believed to attract wealth and abundance into your life. This color’s connotation is almost universally positive, as it encourages clarity of thought, purity of mind, and emotional stability. Numerologically, white is linked to the number one which symbolizes success, creativity, and unlimited potential.

In terms of designating it as a Feng Shui wallet color for wealth in your home or office space, white will symbolize balance and harmony between the energies of nothingness and everythingness. Adding a pure white wallet to an area symbolizes purification at its highest level – that is necessary for allowing abundance to enter your life through any source (your finances included).

Additionally, this calming white can counterbalance other powerful colors like reds or oranges – which are similarly used for their vibrational frequency when looking to increase financial flow in any given setting. However, while reds or oranges might incite excitement around new opportunities or progressions financially – adding a white colored wallet will provide steadiness so all progresses remains consistent.

Feng Shui Tattoo For Wealth

If you wish to use white only slightly but remain effective in its vibes; you could add an accent piece within your wallet such as including small Moti beads inside – as these are often found close together between coins and cash – creating whites framed pocket setting perfect for wealthy Feng Shui energy powers.

As the Moti beads influence love energy particularly strong; they thus instill calming vibrations near money matters – encouraging security & stability amidst harsh economic predicaments if present recently too.


Black has a significant presence in Feng Shui, and when considered as a wallet color, it evokes strong symbolism of protected wealth. Symbolically, black carries strong associations with defiance and protection from bad luck. For example, wearing black or displaying a black object is believed to attract fortune and guard against misfortune.

In antiquity, black was also identified with life-giving water – an association based on the ancient belief that water in wells would appear black until it bubbled up into the sun and became clear. It is for these reasons that many people choose to use a black wallet for their finances.

The Many Benefits of a Black Wallet

A black wallet reveals much more than just its aesthetic appearance; its properties provide unique advantages when it comes to money management. Here are just some of the benefits you can expect from using a black Feng Shui wallet:

  • Balance between Yin and Yang: Wearing a black wallet helps maintain balance between the forces of light (Yang) and darkness (Yin). This balance maximizes one’s potential for achieving successes.
  • Wealth Protection: Black acts as a shield against poverty – concealing cash holdings, discouraging negative influences, and shielding even small amounts of money.
  • Status Symbol: Whilst the origins of carrying wallets are usually functional rather than fashionable, having one made from quality leather projects status within certain circles.

Money Maximization With A Black Wallet

Making wise financial decisions must be balanced with display similar wisdom with regard to one’s choice of wallet color. After all, if your ambitions are financial freedom driven then it makes sense to include Feng shui in your wealth building strategy. Using a Feng Shui wallet ensures not only physical security but also spiritual protection which may be beneficial to those who want peace-of-mind in their pursuit of riches.


The traditional color for a Feng Shui wallet is purple. This color has many connotations in different traditions and beliefs, but it generally signifies spiritual growth, strength of character and intelligence.

For this reason, many people believe that having a purple wallet is beneficial in helping them to develop spiritually and to become more mindful of their financial situation. In addition to this symbolic meaning of the color, purple can also bring good luck and help increase points connected to an individual’s wealth and prosperity.

Benefits Of Using A Purple Wallet

Apart from the mystical aspect of using a purple wallet as part of your Feng Shui practice, there are some practical benefits involved too. One major plus point about using a purple wallet is that it makes you more conscious about how much money you spend. Having a brightly colored accessory constantly on show makes it easier to track your spending habits as it encourages you to think carefully before making purchases or splurging unnecessarily.

Another way in which using a purple wallet can positively impact on your finances is by providing a psychological boost when handling financial matters. Color has an effect on our emotions so carrying around something bright and attractive has been known to help bring clarity to matters dealing with money, prosperity, business decisions, investments etc., all areas where complete accuracy and care is required.

It may seem like a small detail but the right accessory provides not only aesthetic pleasure but emotional comfort too.

Visualize Wealth With A Purple Wallet

When thinking about investing or financial issues visualizations are an important part of the process as they’re believed to be powerful tools in attracting whatever we desire into our lives – money in this instance. As part of this visualization technique many people have been known to use a little ritual involving their Feng Shui wallet: by seeing monetary symbols such as coins when opening up their wallets these images become reminders or triggers intended to help visualize increased wealth.

Additionally, just simply having something like coins tucked away inside your purse gives the mind some form of assurance that there’s plenty left over for emergency expenses – again underlining why the idea of keeping large amounts hidden can be beneficial at times.


When it comes to prosperity, all colors have different meanings. Red is associated with wealth and courage, whereas gold is traditionally tied to good luck and fortune. It’s beneficial for your wallet to be the selected shade when looking to ensure prosperity according to Chinese tradition and Feng Shui.

Feng Shui values the concept of energy being circulated properly in order for good vibes and positive financial luck to manifest. As such, the color of your wallet matters should you wish to benefit from wealth creativity and success. Refreshing your Feng Shui wallet yearly will not only update outdated fashion but more importantly help maintain a steady stream of wealth energy throughout the year.

As each person’s financial outlook can vary by their goals and ambitions, there’s truly no one-size-fits-all recommendation for which color should be used for your wallet based on Feng Shui principles. Therefore, take time to find a color that speaks best with you as this selection varies from individual person’s values or preferences.

Exploring traditional colors like red, gold or black are among some of the colors acknowledged by Chinese culture as they relate directly with luck, fortune and protection against misfortune respectively; however don’t allow yourself to be held back by the traditional combinations as personalization ties well into Feng Shui principles too. Consider having an array of different vibrant colors used in combination when creating a beautiful tribute artistic piece celebrating the importance of money while providing security.

At the end of day someone’s choice of Feng Shui wallet color remains a personal preference despite its ties with cultural symbolism. Every individual has unique expectations around why they value money so for optimal success make sure going forward that you choose a colored wallet design that resonates with you as ultimately this is who it will reward.

Keep in mind some trial-and-error exploration might need be taken before finding an ideal combination but as we’ve seen there are ever-changing possibilities worth exploring further when considering Feng SShui wallet color recommendations.

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