Feng Shui Colors for Studio Apartment

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When it comes to designing a studio apartment, many people turn to Feng Shui as an area of inspiration. The ancient Chinese practice focuses on energy flow, and the use of certain colors can play a big role in enhancing the feeling of balance and harmony for living spaces. Here are several recommended Feng Shui colors to incorporate into your studio apartment:

• White: White is associated with cleanliness, openness and positivity. Using white helps bring a sense of calming peace to your home, which is particularly beneficial in studio apartments that can often feel cramped or cluttered.

• Gray: Gray is another powerful color for bringing energies of serenity and clarity to any space within the home. As an earth tone it also symbolizes warmth and intimacy without taking away from the soothing quality that white offers.

• Green: Green reminds us of nature and reflects growth, life and tranquility. Use green accents throughout your studio apartment to radiate feelings of abundance and good health.

• Blue: Blue is a great choice for bedrooms as it promotes relaxation and stress relief. It also encourages reflection, so consider painting any meditation areas with this hue.
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Green Color In Bedroom Feng Shui

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Examples of other Feng Shui principles that can be applied in a studio apartment include:
1. Using specific colors to create a sense of balance, such as yellow and brown to activate the earth element and bring grounded energy into the space.
2. Placing furniture in strategic positions, such as in respect to front doors or windows to ensure good energy flow throughout the room.
3. Placing objects correctly to either protect from or encourage luck, generally having items that promote wealth, health and relationships on one side of the studio apartment and items associated with obstacles on the other side.
4. Teluric isolation, which involves creating an environment where any negative “ether” entering will have no direct contact with people living or working inside – this often means ensuring furniture is not placed beneath beams, having heavy non-porous objects around the edges of rooms and avoiding horizontal lines visible in straight angles throughout the room.

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Resource Section:

• Feng Shui Color Guide: How to Use Color to Harmonize Your Life – http://www.fengshuimagazine.com/feng-shui-color-guide/

• Top 10 Decorating Tips Using Feng Shui Colors – https://freshome.com/feng-shui-decoration/

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Ask a Professional Section:
For ideas on how to use Feng Shui colors effectively in a studio apartment, we recommend consulting with a professional who is experienced in the principles of Feng Shui and design. The following are some suggested professionals who may be able to provide advice on this topic:
• Eva Chung – Certified International Feng Shui Professional – http://www.enterpriseartsinc.com/evachung.php
• Lisa Mastropietro – Certified Professional Organizer & Home Stager – http://lisamastropietrointeriorsolutions.com/
• June Miesenberger – Certified Architectural Interior Designer & Feng Shui Consultant – https://balancespacesnyc.com

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