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Feng Shui Art Studio is an amazing space for those interested in holistic design. The studio is run by a team of skilled artisans who specialize in the intricate and beautiful ancient Chinese art form, Feng Shui. Here, you can find unique pieces that exemplify Chinese culture in their décor ranging from delicate paper cuts to vibrant paintings. The walls of Feng Shui Art Studio are lined with colorful works of art on display, while the shelves and tables are stocked with artisanal crafts crafted with care by the studios professionals. Customers can not only view the various works of art but also take home some amazing pieces to enhance their own individual environments. From providing guidance on the correct positioning of furniture to designing custom-made installations specifically suited to your lifestyle, this place has it all! In addition to artwork, the studio also offers books related to Feng Shui, allowing customers to learn more about the philosophy behind it. Whether you’re seeking a deeper understanding of this ancient practice or just want some unique décor to brighten up your home or office, Feng Shui Art Studio is definitely worth checking out!

Our Team

Feng Shui Art Studio is home to a team of talented and passionate creatives who are dedicated to making art that has a distinct look and feel. Our team includes professional photographers, digital illustrators, videographers, and graphic designers. Each brings unique skills and experience to their craft. We work together to craft artistic visuals for the modern world.

Our photographers use natural light and creative angles to create stunning photographs. From weddings to family portraits, our team is able to capture our subjects in timeless pieces of art. Our digital illustrators have mastered a wide range of techniques from abstract watercolor-like creations to intricate vector designs that are sure to draw attention. Our videographers deliver convincing cinematics through thoughtful composition and effective editing techniques often capturing motionless moments mesmerizingly onscreen. Lastly, our graphic designers create captivating graphics with clean lines and bold colors which stand out in any environment allowing customers’ brand visibility with impeccable style and visual appeal.

Together we specialize in adding dimensionality through traditional means such as chalkboard lettering or tattoo like illustration as well as producing printed materials including book covers, posters, catalogs etc along with developing web header images, website graphics & logos that help build a strong identity across all kinds of platforms used for marketing . Our commitment lies in helping clients create something beautiful whether it be through creating simulations for an architectural project or shooting an entire scene from scratch; you can rely on Feng Shui Art Studio for delivering powerful visuals!

Our Vision & Inspiration

At Feng Shui Art Studio, we strive to bring art into the everyday lives of individuals from all walks of life. Through unique design principles and thoughtful instruction, we plan to create an inspirational learning space where our students can realize their creative potential. We see art as a powerful tool that has the power to not only bring joy and beauty into people’s lives, but also open up dialogues between cultures and create meaningful connections with others.

In order to achieve this vision, we focus on providing comprehensive art services including classes, private lessons, online workshops, portfolio consulting and exhibition opportunities. Our goal is to offer a wide range of innovative solutions that will help our students align with their creative ambitions and unlock their full artistic potential. Additionally, our team of experienced teachers are passionate about crafting engaging curriculum designed to cultivate growth for both new and returning students alike.

Finally, we aspire to offer our students more than just art education; but rather an opportunity to become immersed in a vibrant community that is dedicated to elevating art in all its forms. From facilities design to unique guest lectures- every aspect of the studio is crafted with purposeful intention in order cultivate holistic artistic development- nurturing diversity of thought, inclusion and respect for everyone who enters this sacred space focused creativity.

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Art Gallery Showcase

The Feng Shui Art Studio is proud to introduce our latest collection to the world. Our team of skilled artists have created a diverse range of art pieces that capture the philosophy and spirit of Feng Shui. This one-of-a-kind art showcase displays a selection of oil paintings, mixed media creations, sculptures, and photography that blend several Eastern and Western styles.

From ancient ink wash paintings to modern abstracts, there is something for everyone in our latest collection. Look for traditional symbols used in Feng Shui such as the bamboo plant, dragonfly, and waterfall — all thoughtfully rendered across canvas and stone with vibrant color palettes. Additionally, explore handcrafted furniture sprinkled with classic Chinese motifs in enhance any home decor. Discover life-like portraits painted by our upcoming artists–a unique opportunity to embrace emerging talent from this part of the world!

We invite everyone to join us in celebrating this stunning new collection at our upcoming exhibition on Friday evening at 7 pm sharp! The event will include live music performances as well as dancing performances representing various cultural backgrounds from around the world. Appetizers catered by local vendors will be served throughout the evening as you enjoy this exclusive selection of artwork from Feng Shui Art Studio. We look forward to seeing you there!

Creative Processes

Feng Shui Art Studio offers a unique approach to art-making. The studio emphasizes creative processes that tap into your individual ideas and techniques, allowing you to create personalized experiences suited to your own style. Through guided meditations, color studies, and other visual tools, the studio encourages exploration of themes such as joy, peace, harmony, connection and energy. Whether through drawing and painting or sculpture, printmaking and ceramics; all of these activities help to build a bridge between concept and experience. With the guidance of an experienced mentor or coach, students are able to work through any roadblocks they may encounter during their journey. By helping others understand how their ideas fit into the bigger picture, these mentors provide clarity in developing artistic works with feeling and emotion. As a result, each individual is able to not only produce beautiful pieces but also gain a better understanding of self-expression.

Community Involvement

At FFS Art Studio, we are dedicated to giving back to more than just our local community. As a small business that is passionate about helping and inspiring other people, we have made it our mission to participate in many volunteer efforts within our neighborhood and beyond. We have supported and sponsored several events that promote art and creativity amongst young children, as well as those focused on child welfare and education. We are passionate about providing financial assistance to initiatives such as these and actively look for ways to use our resources to benefit disadvantaged communities in any way possible. Additionally, our studio is active in contributing donations of art supplies and materials when volunteers or local organizations ask for help with specific projects or initiatives – whether they be mentoring activities or workshops that engage the public in creative dialogue. By doing this, we strive to make a positive impact on society and the environment through creative expression.

Internship & Apprenticeship Programs

Feng Shui Art Studio is now offering internship and apprenticeship programs for aspiring artists. Through this program, participants will have the opportunity to learn the intricacies of Feng Shui art in a creative environment. During their experience, they will be mentored by experienced artists who specialize in the principles of modern Chinese art known as Feng Shui.

Interns and apprentices will be able to dive into immersive projects that explore traditional Chinese painting styles and brush techniques. They will develop an understanding of space design and construct handcrafted masterpieces with materials sourced from nature. Additionally, interns and apprentices will gain an appreciation for aesthetics and cultivating mindful living during workshops with renowned artists. Through interactive classes, they’ll get close-up views into the process of creating balance between relaxation, concentration and inspiration.

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The interns and apprentices at Feng Shui Art Studio will also have access to seasoned educators who can provide insight on holistic philosophy – from meditation practices to Yin Yang principles – as well as various spiritual art forms featuring organic elements such as bamboo shoots and rocks from the sea. Participating in this program provides a chance to dive deep into spiritual teachings that are at the core of traditional Asian philosophies, such as Zen Buddhism or Taoism. With ample support from instructors, interns and apprentices can hone their creativity through interactive installations using stone carvings, wood blocks or bamboo scripts among other materials found nature. Additionally, these participants can benefit from experiencing international cultures through unique travel excursions which invite an opportunity for self-reflection while gaining invaluable outside perspective that is often seen as enhancing one’s creativity.

Call To Action

The Feng Shui Art Studio is a place where you can find your creative zen. We offer classes, workshops and seminars designed with the intention of inspiring our community to unleash their inner creative. Our range of classes cover various themes such as basic drawing and painting, color theory, and life workshopping in an effort to help individuals explore, discover and refine their artistic potential. No matter your skill level or background, joining us will provide you with the tools you need to express yourself through art in fun, meaningful ways. With step-by-step guidance from our team of experienced mentors, you’ll be building a beautiful portfolio of works – pieces that truly represent who you are as an individual. Our studio also offers open access to materials and resources so that you can keep exploring after classes have finished. Whether you’re looking for a way to express yourself artistically for the first time or if your current practice needs some stimulating guidance, let the energy and creativity of Feng Shui Art Studio be your antidote. Join us today and unleash your inner creative!


The Feng Shui Art Studio has proudly served artists of all ages and abilities for many years. With its focus on creative expression, it has become a beloved part of many local communities. As the studio enters its last month of operations, we will be celebrating the power of creativity everywhere with a series of special events and activities.

Throughout the remainder of our run, we will be offering workshops that foster artistic exploration, celebrate diversity in the arts, and help to create connection between the different participants. We want to reinforce the idea that everyone can access their creativity — no matter who they are or where they come from. In addition to these workshops, we will also be holding several film screenings and talks which will feature diverse artists spotlighting their work in small but powerful ways.

This final month at the Feng Shui Art Studio will be a celebration not only of us, but also of everyone whose art has made an impact on both large and small scales. We hope people from all over the area join us to honor this momentous occasion while looking forward to all the possibilities that creative expression can bring us!

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