Feng Shui Bedroom Mirrors

Feng Shui bedroom mirrors have long been used by practitioners as a tool for improving the energy flow throughout a room, or home. It’s believed that if you strategically place a mirror in a particular area, specific spiritual energy can be channeled in order to create harmony within the space. When done correctly, feng shui bedroom mirrors can do wonders for your emotional and physical wellbeing.

One of the most commonly used techniques with feng shui mirrors is the placement of large, full-length mirror near your doorway. This is thought to draw positive chi into your home as well as ward off any negative influences from entering. Mirrors can also be placed on each side of the bed to invite more love and peacefulness in the bedroom.

Placing two round or oval shaped mirrors above your headboard so they reflect on each other is believed to amplify that energy even further. It’s very important however, to make sure that these two reflective surfaces remain out of sight when laying in bed, otherwise it will cause unwanted stress and anxiety.

Mirrors are an amazing way not only to energize the area but also add a beautiful touch of decor to any room. Large-scale floor mirrors can easily become one of the focal point elements within any bedroom while leaning mirrors look fantastic tucked away into an empty corner, bringing light and life into all dark areas in your house.

Longer wall mounted versions offer major storage benefits as they often include storage compartments behind them which allow for quick access while staying hidden away from sight at all times; plus those extra rooms are always great for some extra clothing space too.

Benefits of Incorporating Feng Shui Bedroom Mirrors

Feng shui bedroom mirrors are a great addition to any home looking to bring balance and harmony. Mirrors have long been associated with Eastern aesthetics, as they create an elegant and luxurious atmosphere while also fulfilling functional purposes.

Feng shui is all about creating a healthy environment for those living within to cultivate positive relationships and reduce the occurrence of negative energy. With this in mind, strategically placed mirrors can help improve the space’s Chi energy, allowing the inhabitants to benefit from improved levels of relaxation and clarity.

With the right placement, Feng Shui bedroom mirrors can provide numerous beneficial effects throughout the room. The most common way to use them is to create expansive reflective surfaces that enlarge the space’s sense of depth and openness.

Large hallway mirrors are perfect for this effect, introducing a sense of spaciousness into even smaller bedrooms – allowing more natural light in and filling the room with Chi energy for grounded relaxation and calmness. Alternatively, you could utilize mirror panels behind your bed or side tables that reflect back images of indulgence such as candles or houseplants – providing comfort when needed without overloading on visual stimuli like overly decorative pieces may do.

Not only will adding one or two well-placed Feng shui bedroom mirrors maximise personal restfulness within the space but it will help open up conversations between inhabitants too. When decided carefully what image you’d like reflected (such as a calming landscape or interesting artwork), it’ll act as an inspirational piece that encourages meaningful dialogues between yourself and your partner instead of arguments or disharmony – simply refocusing their attentions elsewhere by drawing focus on something new.

So long story short – the benefits gained from incorporating Feng Shui bedroom mirrors truly make them a win-win if chosen thoughtfully; providing both visual pleasure & heightened relationship vibes.

Factors to Consider for Choosing the Right Mirror

When selecting a mirror for your bedroom according to feng shui, there are certain factors to consider. Here is a list of the most important aspects:

  • Location – Mirrors placed in the bedroom must be placed at a distance from the bed and door.
  • Size – The mirror should not be larger than any other furniture in the room and should also not reflect your face directly when you are lying in bed.
  • Material – Mirrors made with metal frames or edges should be avoided as these can produce too much vigorous energy. Woodenframes are best.

The placement of the mirror in relation to the bed and door is essential for it to properly activate its associated energies. It should not be positioned opposite the door, as this invokes much Xi energy which brings bad luck into the house. However, it does need to be located between two of what we call auspicious sectors-these are areas where we experience positive Chi flow throughout our homes.

One such sector is known as ‘the inner wealth’ which extends from right behind the person facing towards south; this produces success and prosperity even when this sector echoes with a dark corner, making use of feng shui mirrors activated by placing their reflecting surfaces on that wall maximizes natural changes and works as an incredible feature. Placing mirrors facing bedroom windows could activate too much negative energy so windows must remain free of these furnishings whenever possible.

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Finally, decorative mirrors can bring beauty and shine for dark places if hung correctly against walls that don’t contain windows or doors on them; allowing us to benefit from their positive vibrations without bringing toxicity into our environment or creating imbalance in our home’s atmosphere.

Identifying the Optimal Spot for Your Mirror

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice based upon the belief that objects in the home can influence its energy. According to this practice, mirrors are often used in the bedroom as they reflect light, expand spaces, and bring luck. When it comes to placing mirrors in the bedroom, however, there are a few key guidelines to keep in mind.

Things To Consider

  • Mirror size: Feng Shui experts suggest that large mirrors aren’t ideal as they can present an excessive amount of energy.
  • Mirror shape: An oval or round mirror is preferable as their natural curves help direct energy throughout the space.
  • Mirror placement: The wall chosen for your mirror should neither be above or on the same wall directly opposite your bed. Additionally, you should strive to avoid positioning your mirror across from windows.

Additional Tips

In addition to considering size and shape when selecting a Feng Shui mirror for your bedroom, you should also factor materials into your decision-making process. Mirrors crafted from natural materials such as bronze or silver are thought to attract more of the good kind of energy desired by Feng Shui.

Furthermore using natural materials rather than synthetic replicas ensures that your bedroom isn’t subjected to any adverse electromagnetic radiation when exposed to sunlight hitting the surface of themirror during daylight hours.

When hanging your mirror in place you should also take care not feeling overwhelmed by a room full of reflective surfaces formed from several pieces of artwork hung side by side or at angles which create a sense of overabundance and unwanted intensity in visuals within what is intended for relaxation and sleep only.

Maximizing open space through creative use of other décor items within both near and far distance be it shelves or paintings will add visual interest without leaving you feeling trapped within an endless expanse of reflected images created with one numerous ones.

Utilizing Feng Shui Mirrors to Create Good Vibes

In feng shui, mirrors are thought to be extremely important when it comes to balancing different elements in a space. More specifically, the bedroom is an area of the home that should be calmed and given attention to as it is known to be the most intimate and private room in the house.

Mirrors can have a special reflective quality when used properly and incorporating them into your bedroom can bring about more restful nights of sleep and greater overall harmony.

Do Specific Mirrors Help Create Good Vibes?

Although there are no specific types of mirrors that provide better vibes than others, there are certain characteristics you may find helpful in choosing a mirror according to feng shui principles. First and foremost, ensure that your mirror is clean and free of any stains or smudges as this can reflect disruptions within your energy field.

Additionally, since mirrors can magnify objects around them, it is important to pay attention to what is being reflected in the mirror itself – things such as electrical equipment or sharp corners from furniture can create chaotic energy with their reflection so they should be avoided. If placed correctly, most any type of mirror can help create positive vibes for your bedroom by amplifying whatever energy resonates from it.

What Is The Best Placement For A Bedroom Mirror?

As far as placement goes, these often depend on individual preferences but some general guidelines do exist that may prove useful in creating harmonious vibrational patterns throughout your home. One idea is placing it opposite your bed, facing outward so you will see yourself as soon as you wake up-this helps encourage self-awareness and positivity at the start of each day.

Another suggestion would be hanging one horizontally over the outside portion of a bedroom door on its hinges instead of directly inside – this helps project chi (energy) outwards throughout your home rather than containing it inside one single space. Regardless what position a mirror is placed in, make sure that its surface reflective abilities pull out natural light from outdoors which will boost positive energy circulating around your space even further.

Creative Ideas for Enhancing the Room with Feng Shui Mirrors

Feng Shui bedroom mirrors can be a great way to revitalize a tired looking or dated room. They can provide multiple benefits such as creating visual depth, reflecting and dispersing natural light, and increasing the flow of energy through your living space.

Each type of mirror has different qualities in terms of how it is placed in the room based on its size, shape, and material; this article will explore some creative ideas for optimizing the effects of Feng Shui bedroom mirrors.

The Use of Round Mirrors

Round mirrors are an excellent choice for creating positive energy flow because they represent wholeness and fertility. Placing a small circular mirror near the entrance can reflect negatively charged energies from outside away from your living quarters. This will ensure that only balanced and positive energy enters into your home. Similarly, larger round mirrors placed in the corner can help disperse stagnant energy while also reflecting natural sunlight across the room, creating bright spaces and lifting moods.

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Small Feng Shui Mirrors

Small Feng Shui mirrors are ideal for maintaining order in the room by eliminating energy clutter. In particular, they make great wall decorations because they are not intrusive like larger mirrors but offer effective symbolism and decoration at the same time.

Similarly, placing small mirrored tiles around heavy furniture (such as a bed or dresser) helps increase air circulation throughout the room while also providing mental clarity. Small framed pictures with reflective surfaces can also be used to amplify life force energies within certain areas of your home while subtly adding an eye-catching decoration feature to your wall decor.

Adding Depth with Mirrors

Large floor-to-ceiling mirrors are a great way to add visual depth to any room without taking up too much space or costing too much. If placed correctly they have the added benefit of making small rooms look larger than they actually are which is a great tip for if you’re tight on space or want to maximize floor area usage.

These types of large sized Feng Shui bedroom mirrors should be positioned so that it reflects pictures, art pieces, colorful objects or flowers that create positive vibes throughout the household to promote relaxation and peace of mind. For example sitting facing a huge mirror with no reflection offers an enhanced sense of harmony while opening up pathways for relaxation during downtime spent alone or together with loved ones enjoying quality time together in one’s own environment – perfect.

Pitfalls to Avoid when Incorporating Feng Shui Mirrors

When it comes to incorporating mirrors into the bedroom Feng Shui style, there are a few key pitfalls that should be avoided. Every multiple mirror arrangement should be highly usable and functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Not considering the practical aspect too much can lead to a confusing, reflected environment that isn’t comfortable or useful to inhabit.

First of all, if two facing mirrors are placed opposite each other, it is important to avoid having these reflect a bed or even the entire space of the room itself. This creates too much energy in an area built for rest, resulting in poor sleep quality and a disrupted energy flow.

Keeping bed reflections away from mirrors is particularly vital in bedrooms where single beds are used as this creates an instability in relationships over time instead of encourages them.

Secondly, one should also take care on where mirrors are placed around the bed itself. Having them reflecting any of the doors will result in unsettled energy being present while using other furniture found nearby like tables and dressers can bring an excessive amount of wealth attributing energies towards it that may disrupt interpersonal relationships.

To Summarise

  • Avoid having two opposing mirrors reflect the bed or room
  • Place no mirrors reflecting any doors
  • Avoid placing mirrors near other furniture
  • Ensure multiple mirror arrangements are both aesthetically pleasing and practical


The ancient Eastern practice of Feng Shui is all about creating a harmonious and balanced environment. No matter where you live or how your bedroom is intended to be used, by making use of the principles of Feng Shui, that space can become one that’s perfect for relaxation. Using mirrors in the bedroom, particularly around the bed, can help make the area more tranquil and inviting so this is an important part of Feng Shui design.

Mirrors are associated with water and reflectivity in Eastern culture, enhancing both calming energy but also amplifying light, helping to set a peaceful atmosphere. When placed correctly within a bedroom space they can be powerful tools for positive energy flow. This reflects everything from softly lit shadows to peaceful feeling scents floating through a room, helping to create an intimate and soothing atmosphere perfect for sleep.

One technique used frequently in bedroom Feng Shui design is avoiding placing large mirrors directly across from the bed; since these inherently need to be facing each other it causes a disruption in your slumber if you happen to wake up during the night.

Instead opt to decorate around smaller mirrors that will not be too reflective – think wall hangings coupled with handcrafted tapestries behind them – or even place decorative mirrors on end tables on either side of your bed frames as opposed to headboards if that works better for your space layout wise.

Other ways to employ mirror placement strategies within Feng Shui-style bedrooms involve using them as clever deflective tools when cleverly placed behind dressers or shelves instead of having them face outward into the room filled with furniture items or decorations; this will help direct energy away from intense reflection points while still utilizing their presence as beautiful pieces within their environment.

Additionally these mirrors can also be used around closets and entryways since a lot of visual energy moves through those areas quickly and requires just a touch of positive reflection or balance brought by their protruding glass mounted surfaces.

With careful crafting and thoughtful design choices applying any techniques surrounding Feng Shui design may very well bring harmony anywhere it’s needed most – including the bedroom.

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