Red In Bedroom Feng Shui

Red in bedroom Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that encourages the use of red color and other colors associated with it to create an aura of positive energy in the bedroom. This practice originated from the teachings of Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu who believed in balancing yin and yang or dark and light forces of nature to achieve harmony within a space.

Red is believed to be associated with power, passion, joy, enthusiasm and success, all elements considered favorable for a bedroom. According to Feng Shui belief, these properties can be awakened when red is introduced to a bedroom in a careful manner.

Benefits Of Using Red In Bedroom Feng Shui Red in bedroom Feng Shui offers multiple benefits most notably increased energy levels which can lead to improved wellbeing and better concentration. Through the use of red tones, it can create feelings of invigoration directing us into increased productivity levels throughout our day.

Additionally, it can increase awareness that leads to insight and understanding of our thoughts making us more compassionate with ourselves. Moreover, this practice also works on amplifying healthy relationships and partnership energies in a home allowing couples or family members experience joyful moments together.

How To Use Red In Bedroom Feng Shui To correctly bring out the powerful effects of red in bedroom Feng Shui without making it overwhelming on yourself or your guests, it is essential for you to understand its spiritual properties first. It is recommended that you start out small by adding small touches like pillows in red shades or thick scarlet curtains to balance other colors already present inside the room.

Additionally, placing items that are shaped as objects resembling fire such as candles can help replenish positive chi into your space while keeping all elements balanced at the same time.

To further promote energy flow indoors, there are simple DIY projects you could try hanging pictures with distinct images or painting walls with calm shades of maroon. Remember however that when introducing colors into your living space ensure that each has its own purpose rather than suffocating your bedrooms’ aura with too many hues at once; just because a certain color looks brilliant does not mean you have overdo using it.

Understanding The Colors Used In Red In Bedroom Feng Shui

Red is an excellent color to use in Feng Shui when creating a pleasant and balanced environment within the bedroom. When used properly, red can add energy, passion, and love to this part of your home. It is important for anyone looking to tap into the power of red in bedroom feng shui to have a basic understanding of the colors associated with it.

Primary among those colors are hues associated with fire energy-reds, oranges, and purples. These intense hues represent passion and stimulation; they can be used to amplify any existing fiery emotions or used to restore balance if there’s too much yin energy present. However, because these vibrant shades of color often evoke strong feelings, it is essential not to overdo it; too much fire energy can be just as unsettling as too little.

When selecting decor for your bedroom according to the principles of feng shui, try pairing red with calmer hues like blues or even lighter shades of gray. This will provide an equilibrium between opposing energies and evoke a comfortable atmosphere while promoting positive feelings. Combining fiery reds with softer colors will also counteract any forced emotion that would come from having too much fire energy in one room.

A good tip is to incorporate pops of color such as throw pillows or artwork that feature both yin and yang elements together-lightness (blue) and darkness (deep purples). Doing this will introduce harmony between the two sides which will promote relaxation and well-being in bedtime rituals like sleep or reading on the bed.

Rules For Using Red In Bedroom Feng Shui

Red is a vibrant and energizing color and can be used to liven up the bedroom. When using red in bedroom Feng Shui, however, it is important to keep in mind some basic rules:

  • Avoid having red all over the room as too much red would be overwhelming.
  • It is important that the hue of your chosen red should be harmonious with other colors in your bedroom.
  • Bigger pieces like comforters or rugs containing red motifs should be predominantly neutral to maintain equilibrium in the space.

In terms of placement and balance, Feng Shui recommends using other colors within the room to ‘balance’ out energetic bursts from overly stimulating bolder colors like Red. If you wish to place a bright pop of Red in your bedroom, add accents like pillows, plants or paintings for soft touches.

Shades of pink are perfect add-ons for this purpose if you want to ease down the intensity of red. Take advantage of indirect lighting fixtures which will reflect off whiter surfaces making any bold color choice more palatable in a public space such as a room.

Feng shui also suggest not using too many items with just one color. Therefore if you choose red for an area rug or bedspread then use hues from a different analogous color like yellow or orange to adorn accessories like table lamps, lounge chairs or wall art etc.

Feng Shui Bedroom Paintings

Other shades of these similar toned colors can appear elsewhere leaving enough contrast between the two shades while still creating harmony on a deeper level. Even though it stimulates passion and energy presence of excessive amount of red should be avoided at any cost instead try adding small traces from its analogous colors such as mauve and rose which will still give same kind of passionate feeling maintaining peacefulness throughout the room décor.

Choosing The Right Colors To Maximize The Benefits of Red Feng Shui

Adding a splash of red to a bedroom’s feng shui is said to help restore balance and energy in the area. This bright color is associated with good luck, joy, and happiness, making it an ideal choice for those looking to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere. Red is also linked with wealth and protection from malign influences. When used correctly, this decorative hue can enhance the positive characteristics of each living space.

When using red in the bedroom, keep in mind that there’s a fine line between creating an inviting atmosphere and overwhelming the senses. Too much red can have an overpowering effect on visitors, so don’t go overboard when decorating with this bold color. Stick to lighter shades to evoke feelings of relaxation without overloading the room with energy. Here are some tips for using red in your bedroom:

  • Open To Opportunities – A single wall covered in soft red tones can help attract new opportunities into your life.
  • Lighter Hues – Pastels or lighter shades will add a touch of warmth and passion while not declaring too loudly.
  • Accent Pieces – If painting isn’t an option, adding touches of red with accent pieces such as candles or bedding can help bring balance to any bedroom.

Bedrooms are typically considered quiet retreats where we recharge our batteries after long days at work. Red offers enough intensity to wake you up while its uplifting qualities make it more soothing than energizing. Balance is key when incorporating this vibrant color into any design scheme; by arranging furniture strategically or selecting just one feature wall, you can use this hue judiciously while still receiving all its potential benefits.

In addition to providing colors for walls, consider accessorizing with different shades of red; select items like pillows and other decorative accessories to give the room more personality without overloading it with vibrance. Neutral colors like white provide excellent complementary backdrops for more intense elements like bright pink accents or a deep burgundy throw rug.

With careful consideration placed on every detail and combined with balancing neutrals – such as tables and side chairs painted a contrasting shade of white – will create harmony within your space while embedding it with popular Feng Shui elements – the power of Red.

Placement Tips For Incorporating Red In Bedroom Feng Shui

Red is often associated with passion, strength, and intensifying energy. When using red in bedroom feng shui, it’s important to note the placement of the color to make sure you’re creating a tranquil atmosphere conducive for restful sleep. Here are some tips for incorporating red into your feng shui decor.

The best place to add red into your bedroom feng shui design is in the south-western corner of your space to strengthen relationships and bring about positive energy This area of the bedroom has traditionally been known as the “Relationship Corner” because it has many healing properties that can nurture, revitalize, and strengthen relationships between two people.

Red artwork or décor pieces such as paintings, sculptures or pictures featuring family or loved ones can be used to bring balance and positivity into this area.

Adding a throw blanket in a shade of red or pink in this section of room is also believed to assist with energies related to upcoming events related to relationship matters like engagements or weddings.

Another way red can be incorporated into bedroom feng shui is through items that carry strong symbolism such as items hung from thread or surrounded in metal (boxes, trinket dishes). These objects should have meaningful representation such as lucky coins, pearls strings and so on.

Placing these items in either the North Eastern (wisdom) or South Eastern section of your space (wealth) will help bring about more inner harmony and appropriate levels of activity towards achieving goals related to wealth accumulation or studying purposes respectively. Utilizing wall hangings/sculptures made from natural stone with subtle hints/tones of pink/red colors can add an eye-catching detail while still adhering to traditional Feng Shui principles.

Finally, if opting for bedding/textiles focus on pale shades of pink combined with off-white linen pieces which will emit calming energy that supports good energy circulation throughout the bedroom walls along with hues such as coral which promote serenity and luck according to belief systems underpinning traditional Feng Shui philosophy.

Red candles are especially recommended for bedrooms and consist of earth tones instead of bright passionate hues so their vibrations remain balanced within an indoor environment while still bringing positive energy into a bedroom.

Avoiding The Risks Of Poorly Executed Feng Shui

When it comes to bedroom Feng Shui, one of the most important rules is to avoid having red in the room. Red is seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity, but it can bring too much yang energy when it’s overused, leading to restlessness and disrupting sleep. However, while red should be avoided, there are still ways that you can use it in your bedroom without causing any problems.

Colours That Can Create A Balance

For example, you can still have some red accents in the form of artwork or bedding. It’s important to pair them with other colours that have a calming effect such as light blue, white or green. These colours provide a balance so that the excess energy isn’t overwhelming for you or your partner.

Feng Shui Bedroom Love Corner

Natural materials can also help create a more balanced atmosphere. For instance, adding natural wood frames around art pieces or using wooden furniture will give your space an organic feel that can help to counterbalance the yang energy of red.

Where To Place Red Accents

In terms of placement, its best to keep red accents away from the bed itself since this will further reduce their impact on your sleep cycle. Instead, focus on areas such as the windows (for curtains and curtains rods), side tables, wall hangings and even lamps – just make sure that they don’t clash with existing decor elements in order to ensure harmony throughout the room.

Use Avoiding In Moderation

It’s important to remember that while totally avoiding red altogether is usually advised for bedrooms due to its yang energy, you don’t necessarily need to completely eliminate it either – just use it sparingly and make sure everything else in your space has calming elements as well. This will ensure that you’re not overstimulated during your slumber hours.

Ideas For Utilizing Red In Bedroom Feng Shui In All Kinds Of Spaces

Red is a powerful and energetic color in home design, but it can also be used with great results in bedroom Feng Shui. Red has often been associated with passion and love and when well-balanced, red can transform dull bedrooms into vibrant and invigorating spaces. Here are some ideas to help you harness the power of the color red in your own bedroom feng shui design:

Paint Your Walls Red

A great way to introduce a vibrant pop of energy to your bedroom is by painting the walls red. Whether you opt for a brighter or more muted tone, painting your walls red will create an inviting and upbeat atmosphere that helps evoke calmness as well as romance.

In addition to wall colors, it’s important to pick furniture pieces that have complementary colors and textures that won’t clash with the red walls. Seek out pieces with warm tones like honey browns or variations of tans/golds against walnut wood frames.

Create A Focal Point With Bold Accessories

For smaller bedrooms, statement accessories will create the most impact without making you feel cramped. Consider using red accents like throw pillows, bedding and curtains to add visual interest without taking away from the room’s other main elements such as the furniture and flooring.

You could also try incorporating lively patterned sheets or blankets with stripes or florals for more dimension. The key here is to use bold yet subtle pieces in order to prevent overstimulation but still achieve a warm and cozy look.

Utilize Natural Elements To Balance Out The Color Red

natural elements is essential for keeping balance between commercial designs and traditional principles in Feng Shui design principles. Accent items like wood or plants can bring energy while also grounding the space so it doesn’t feel too chaotic from only having red elements throughout it all.

You can even layer rugs on top of others for extra warmth during colder winter months so that your bedroom has texture along with strong aesthetic detail. Green plants also bring fresh oxygen into an area which helps contribute towards overall well-being mentally (and sometimes physically).


Red is an incredibly powerful color in Feng Shui. It represents luck, wealth and success – all positive energy to have in your bedroom. Incorporating red into your bedroom’s Feng Shui can help bring these positive elements into your life, but it should always be done carefully and tastefully.

When it comes to incorporating the color red into your bedroom using Feng Shui, one of the most important things to keep in mind is balance and moderation. Too much red can cause chaos and unrest within a space, while too little can leave you with a dull, boring atmosphere. Finding just the right amount of this fire element is essential for optimal results.

One method of incorporating red without overdoing it is to add pops of color through small accent pieces like lamps, throw pillows or art prints on the walls. A great way to use these items for maximum positive impact is by strategically placing them behind headboard or directly across from where you sleep.

This placement allows the vibrant energy of the color to energize you in a more contained manner as opposed to flooding all areas with it at once. Additionally, any bedding with shades of scarlet or magenta can be used as well – just make sure any design on the bedding isn’t too overpowering or distracting, since this could counteract its effects and create unwanted stress while sleeping instead.

Finally, don’t discount the power of nature when displaying red within your bedroom’s Feng Shui setup: fresh flowers are a great way to bring vibrant energies inside without compromising style or ambiance. Bright blooms such as roses or poppies instantly bring joy into a space through their gorgeous colors and fragrances; additionally, they offer extra benefits like clean air throughout your room in order for you to breathe easier while catching some shut-eye.

No matter which option you chose – accent pieces, bedding or flora – just remember that careful consideration of balance is paramount when attempting to successfully incorporate Feng Shui within your bedroom decor.

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