Feng Shui Mirrors In Bedroom For Love

Feng shui mirrors in bedroom for love can be used to create a romantic atmosphere and encourage positive energy. This ancient Chinese practice of placing a mirror in the bedroom helps to attract good luck, kindness, and love.

Feng shui reflects certain philosophies, including the belief that human beings are part of nature and all energies interact with one another. By strategically placing feng shui mirrors in bedroom for love, couples can create an intimate environment that supports their connection while optimizing their happiness.

How Feng Shui Mirrors in Bedroom Can Increase Love and Happiness One of the most important concepts behind feng shui is the Va Chi cycle, which states that where you place something will make a difference between having a successful or unsuccessful relationship. Therefore, it is best to use two mirrors facing each other in order to increase harmony and love between partners.

Mirrors not only bring together whatever energy they reflect but also instill enthusiasm helping to spark interest and passion. Additionally, by using different shapes such as round or oval-shaped mirrors one can further add an extra spark to the romance in the air.

Winning Combination: Mirror + Red Objects For Positive Energies Decorating your room with red objects can also work very effectively when combined with feng shui mirrors in bedroom for love. Since this color is associated with passion, it has been long believed to have magical properties by promoting positive feelings between lovers.

Using both elements together symbolizes strength; yet with softness allowing couples to feel more connected on an emotional level while bridging the gap between them spiritually. Moreover, adding red objects or accessories near mirrors increases their power even further resulting in better understanding amongst couples and eventually helping them achieve happiness.

Definition, Principles and History of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to harmonize individuals with their environment. The principal behind feng shui is that humans are connected to and affected by the energy of the environment they live in. Mirrors, a popular tool used in feng shui, are believed to enhance its beneficial energy while also repelling negative energies and objects that may harm the individual.

The original principles of feng shui date back thousands of years and traditionally involve the placement of furniture and objects in relation to a person’s well being. These practices were incorporated into both home design and public architecture in various regions across Asia, such as China, Japan and Vietnam.

Using Feng Shui Mirrors In Bedroom For Love

Mirrors are commonly used in current feng shui practices for both residential and commercial settings. One application is the use of mirrors in bedrooms to increase the love vibrations associated with relationships.

This involves placing two mirrors facing each other on either side of the bed; it is believed this reflects light and good chi around the bedroom while repelling any toxic or adverse chi from entering it. It can also help with peaceful sleep for couples, as this symbolizes two souls entwined together throughout their dreams evoking feelings of love connection – each waking up feeling refreshed with a strong loving bond between them.

Another typically recommended mirror use is to hang one above your dresser or head board centerpiece mirror; this encourages creative quality time between lovers inside their own personal sanctuary, away from external distractions. The idea is that spending time reflecting on positive things brings soulfelt moments which lead to deepened romantic connection.

Furthermore, mirrors help create romantic vibes due to its reflective properties symbolizing harmony within a relationship’s dynamics as these vibrate around most areas in your bedroom telling you “you’re history matters” – effectively bridging past present & future generations effortlessly through Love/Light casts directly from Heavens touches.

Final Thoughts

When incorporating mirrors into a bedroom for increased love energies remember not all rules stipulated by traditional eastern/western practices have concrete basis – so rather than following notions strictly use what resonates with your intuition so it works best for yourself & those closest too you like family/friends/lovers alike. As everyone has unique needs & receptive sorts which should be honored rendered all sense sacred being blessed coming home:)).

Types of Mirrors That Maximize the Benefits of Feng Shui

It is believed that placing mirrors in your bedroom can have a positive effect on your love life. This is primarily due to the use of feng shui, an ancient practice of manipulating space and energy to promote health and balance. If done correctly, incorporating mirrors into your bedroom can help attract love and increases chances of finding long-lasting relationship.

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To make the most out of your Feng Shui mirrors you will need to choose one that is right for you. Here are some popular types:

  • Standing Mirrors: Standing mirrors make a great choice when it comes to Feng Shui as they free up wall space allowing more positive energy to flow around the space. It is important to place them in a strategic location in order for them to be more effective.
  • Wall Mirrors: Wall mirrors are also believed to promote romance when placed strategically. They reflect light and enhance the ambient atmosphere, increasing feelings of love and passion.
  • Hanging Mirrors: Hanging mirrors offer many benefits such as providing reflections from different angles, thus making bedrooms look bigger than it actually is. They also provide privacy which makes it ideal for couples who want an intimate sleep environment.

Apart from the positioning of the mirror, one should also consider its shape and size as this plays an important role in promoting love in a feng shui way. Round or oval-shaped mirrors are considered best as they represent harmony while square-shaped mirrors are said to create discordance or Daoism.

How to Place Feng Shui Mirrors Correctly in the Bedroom

If you want to create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom, you may consider using Feng Shui mirrors. By placing these special Chinese mirrors in strategic places, you will be able to block negative energy coming from outside sources while attracting positive, good luck energy into your home. Knowing how to properly place Feng Shui mirrors is the key to creating a serene and balanced living space.

The best places for placing Feng Shui mirrors are on the wall opposite of the bedroom door, or on either side of it. Placing them across from the door ensures that all of the energy entering through there won’t disturb you since it will be reflected back out.

If there is an exterior window in the same wall as the door, then put two mirrors symmetrically on each side; this is so they will block any threatening Chi outside and reflect away what would otherwise come into the room. Additionally, if your bedroom has sliding closet doors nearby, you should also place a mirror on either side of these doors for extra protection against negative energy; this helps to insulate your interior space from interference.

Another way to utilize Feng Shui mirror placement is by facing away from a couple’s bed towards a wall which can help with diffusing any arguments initiated by an outside source such as too much sun exposure or noise coming in from next door neighbors. As a result, having such protections creates an atmosphere that allows couples to peacefully resolve issues together without being disturbed by unwanted energies or elements present within their environment.

In addition to that, when strategically placed throughout different rooms within one’s home; these mirrored surfaces can help create harmony between all those who live there and bring about good health and happiness overall.

Tips for Selecting the Right Mirror for your Bedroom

  • Choose a round or octagonal mirror to represent the energy of love and affection.
  • Choose a mirror with softer tones to ensure that it reflects calming energy in your bedroom.
  • Ensure that your chosen mirror is hung or placed opposite your bed to reflect positive energy in the room.
  • Use soft lighting in the room when opting for mirrors without frames or use hard light sources if you opt for framed mirrors

Creative Ways to Incorporate Feng Shui Mirrors in Bedrooms

The art of Feng Shui is one used for centuries in order to create balance and harmony in the home. When it comes to the bedroom, many practitioners believe that incorporating Feng Shui mirrors is extremely beneficial for love and relationships. Mirrors in the bedroom are thought to be powerful tools to attract positive energy and create an atmosphere of love. So, what are some creative ways to incorporate Feng Shui mirrors into your bedroom?

Firstly, if the primary purpose for using mirrors in your bedroom is to attract love, one should ensure they’re placed strategically so that when entering or leaving the room you’ll experience a reflection of yourself or your partner. To do this, hang them above two nightstands on either side of the bed-they shouldn’t touch each other, and should be spaced evenly apart. This set-up encourages self-love while simultaneously fuelling intimacy between couples.

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Another effective way of using mirrors in a bedroom is by placing them behind a cozy armchair facing outwards towards the door. This does wonders because it literally reflects enterprising energy right back to you-every time you sit or stand up from the chair, energetic support will be sent right back at you.

This imaginative method also transmits abundance and blessings as you move about within your space whereas built-inslike French windows are ideal for grounding purposes due to their permanent nature; they reflect undisturbed stillness by creating an image that remains eternally unchanged so they can also play a big part when it comes to keeping harmony within relationships too.

Lastly, these reflective surfaces can also be used to bring luck into one’s private life as well as sex life. Polygonal shapes like hexagons help pave way for more intimate activities-so don’t shy away from adding them here & there around your abode.

With all this being said – remembering not too place large ones on walls adjacent to each other (as this will lead malefic chi) – creativity is surely key when attempting such methods as these. Get designing & start harnessing the power of positivity today.

Caring for Feng Shui Mirrors to Maintain their Power

Feng Shui mirrors are believed to bring specific powers, including love. Traditionally, a couple would hang a Feng Shui mirror in both partners’ bedrooms to reflect back the romantic energy and feelings shared by them. Here are some tips for caring for these special Feng Shui pieces:

  • Keep the mirror polished regularly, as dust on the surface will disrupt its power
  • Avoid having direct sunlight hit the mirror as it might cause irreparable damage
  • Do not position the mirror near doorways as this can create negative spiritual energy and attract bad luck into the home

In addition, it is important to choose the right type of Feng Shui mirror. For example, concave mirrors are usually more suitable for bedrooms than convex ones, as they amplify love energies better than their counterparts. Similarly, round or square mirrors that have faceted edges help to disperse energy evenly throughout your bedroom., compared to those with only straight lines at their sides.

Furthermore, colour plays an essential role in setting up a positive atmosphere within your bedroom using Feng Shui mirrors. It is advisable to lean towards vibrant hues and stay away from overly dark shades when selecting a framing material for your mirror to ensure that maximum amounts of light can shine through. Similarly, when you hang a metal framed-mirror opt for either plain brass or gold since those shades symbolize warmth and tenderness.


When it comes to maximizing love in the bedroom, employing Feng Shui principles can be an advantage. One of the key ways to invoke positive energies associated with affection and partnership is through the incorporation of Feng Shui mirrors into your bedroom space. By strategically placing these reflective surfaces, you can greatly enhance romantic energy in your private chamber.

For optimal results, your choice of mirror should reflect good quality in terms of both material and design. It’s preferable to look for models crafted out of leaded glass gleaned from natural sources such as cut quartz stones.

Spherical-shaped mirrors are especially conducive to infusing a loving atmosphere within the room. You may also wish to consider hanging a heart-shaped mirror above or near the bed as this celebration of mutual commitment will generate increased affection in the space.

Additionally, if you wish for even stronger powers of attraction when using a Feng Shui mirror then you could opt for doubling up your decor elements with two separate mirrored surfaces placed side by side at right angles when hung on walls near to one another. This adds an extra dynamic to create stronger force fields associated with conjugal bond and yearning between partners and fosters unconditional love – that held between couples throughout time immemorial.

Moreover, strategically placing two couples photos (often referred as ‘couples frames’) between them allows further amplification of creative energies which help foster loyalty and faithfulness within relationships.

Ultimately, by making enlightened decisions and using all these Feng Shui sensibilities in combination you can reap rewards far exceeding those realized from simply putting mirrors in the bedroom ostensibly for adore.

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