Feng Shui Aquarium Joey Yap

Introduction to Feng Shui Aquarium Joey Yap

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that combines philosophy, astronomy, and geomancy to create an environment of balanced energy in homes and businesses. Developed by the famous Feng Shui master Joey Yap, it is designed to bring harmony and balance into people’s lives. One of the main methods used by Yap is the placement of an aquarium within a home or office space. Aquariums carry symbolic Feng Shui elements such as water, plants, fish, and light that can help to enhance positive energy flow throughout the area.

The purpose of creating a Feng Shui Aquarium following Joey Yap’s principles is to promote positive Chi energy – also known as “good luck” – in any environment. In addition to proper positioning and sizes of the aquarium, careful selection of appropriate objects within it must be planned, such as rocks, plants, and even quite ornaments like figurines. Also important are details around the arrangement of lighting and types of fish chosen for inclusion in the tank; these all influence the level at which desired energies are generated in an area through the aquarium’s power. Aside from being pleasant aesthetically speaking, these elements together can harmonize and re-energize any living or working space.

In addition to aesthetic benefits and providing equilibrium to environments through proper placement according to Feng Shui principles overseen by master Joey Yap, placing a Feng Shui Aquarium in one’s home or office more broadly symbolizes growth for that specific family or business. By strategically combining symbolism with position and shapes according to ancient knowledges practiced by those seriously committed to improving their lives with this type of artistry means results can be experienced swiftly when done right through enhancing visible states of well-being amid their households or colleagues – all while taking advantage today’s modern science-backed understanding regarding aquarium maintenance which increase its efficacy further when utilized accordingly.

History, Culture and Symbolism of Feng Shui and Aquariums

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice of aligning one’s environment to promote harmony, has been around in some form or another since around 1000 BC. It is believed that wherever we are in our homes or offices creates and sustains a particular energy flow due to our physical, emotional and spiritual connection with surroundings. Aquariums are a popular tool used in Feng Shui as they promote a balance of yin and yang energies within living spaces. In Feng Shui, the aquarium symbolizes wealth and good luck. The idea behind it is that the viewing glass reflects back positive energy into our environments while the water is said to be reflective of material wealth. Additionally, harmonious movement of fish within the tank creates a soothing mood for those in vicinity. Furthermore, having an aquarium can help with purifying air quality by producing oxygen and absorbing odors from your home as well as raising humidity levels which helps reduce dryness from heater usage in wintertime.

Different Types of Aquarium Joey Yap and Their Uses

Feng Shui Aquarium Joey Yap is a technique of placement, design and arrangement for homeowners who want to use the power of Feng Shui to bring balance and harmony into the living space. It is believed that an aquarium can bring positive energy and good luck into a home and work as a source of calming energy.

There are various types of Feng Shui Aquariums, each designed with artistic features like bridges, pagodas and lanterns. These structures are meant to produce positive energy flows that positively affect the people in the surroundings. The most important aspect of these aquariums is the element of water, which is beneficial in activating wealth luck, career luck and more depending on how it’s used.

Some sets offer several layers within their designs; this allows you to create different effects depending on where your aquatic plants and fish land when placed in the tank. An aquarium can also be customized depending on its length, depth or type of material chosen to build it out of; this ultimately affects the vibes within it. Some may opt for an aquarium with mirror backs which gives a doubling effect–thought to free up Qi energy in abundance and bring harmony when displayed in public places like lobbies, offices or retail outlets.

Lastly there are paludariums (or terrarium-aquarium hybrids) available; these display shallow water pools next to dry land logs and rocks; perfect for frogs, turtles, salamanders and other amphibious creatures! The polished stones next to water provide soothing sound waves that relax both mind and body, while creating aesthetic atmosphere that promotes great overall Feng Shui ambiance within your home or office.

Essential Aquarium Placement, Size and Shape to Optimize Chi

Feng Shui Aquarium placement, size, and shape are all important for optimizing the chi available to a home. Placement of the aquarium is what helps bring the necessary balance from the outside environment into your home or workspace. An ideal location for a Feng Shui Aquarium is close to an entryway or in an area where guests interact. This allows the chi energy to flow freely around the home and open spaces in it.

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The size of an aquarium can also be important when following Feng Shui principles. A large tank is more likely to activate powerful chi energy that can travel throughout your space, while a smaller tank may not have as much effect on the atmosphere. Additionally, an aquarium should match proportionally with its surrounding environment; too big or too small will disrupt the effect of chi within its surroundings.

Lastly, the shape of an aquarium is just as significant as its size and placement within a space. Rectangular tanks are what bring stability and strength from external influences when placed correctly in areas such as main entrances, living rooms, waiting rooms or foyers; however, round-shape aquariums are better suited for room corners to attract compassion and nourishment for any living occupants in them. Furthermore, square-shaped tanks are associated with protection and success, thus these types of aquascapes should be placed near areas focused on career growth or prosperity such as offices and workplaces.

Benefits of Incorporating Aquariums into Your Feng Shui Practice

An aquarium is an important addition to any feng shui practice since it brings a refreshing, vibrant energy to a home or office space. Not only can it be aesthetically pleasing, but it can also influence the flow of Qi (energy) throughout a space. By encouraging the movement of Qi in this way, the occupants of a room will benefit from a greater sense of wellbeing and enhanced concentration. Aquariums can also help bring prosperity and health luck to its owners. The use of fish with auspicious colours and patterns such as red, gold, white and black have been linked to the strong regenerative powers within certain types of feng shui.

It is often believed that an aquarium filled with nine different varieties of fish will bring beneficial energies in each sector related to the specific area being activated by the aquarium’s placement. An example would be having three goldfish in each corner and one large fish in the center, thus representing energizing water for all eight sectors—the cardinal points plus center. Additionally, placing certain crystals or stones within the water can magnify their effects on Qi and further enhance their metaphysical properties. For instance, Tourmaline facilitates higher vibrations while Quartz promotes clarity and overall healing, among other properties.

Choosing the Right Aquarium Accessories for A Positive Chi Flow

According to the teachings of Feng Shui and Joey Yap, when constructing an aquarium, one should carefully consider the selection of accessories. All accessories must work together in order to create harmony, peace, and a balanced flow of positive energy or chi. Aquarium decorations can include classic sculptures, water plants, colorful rocks, sand and pebble substrate, as well as various fish species. The ideal aquarium would have an even distribution of elements that are thought to bring prosperity when arranged properly.

It is important to have an understanding of the five feng shui elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood) when selecting accessories for an aquarium. It is believed that incorporating elements from all these five realms will help balance the chi energy within the space. Additionally, color plays a key role in creating a happy and conducive environment for chi within the aquarium. Colorful accents such as red coral rocks can be used to represent Fire element; natural-coloured rocks or driftwood can be used for Earth element; white gravel or beach sand can represents Metal element; ceramic structures or ornamental aquatic plants make strong representations Water element; and dark blue stones are associated with Wood element. When selecting fish species, it is essential that they should fit into one’s personal vision while also exhibiting characteristics based on their colours on how they interact with their home environment.

Feng shui practitioners also recommend adding Chinese symbols such as coins and carrots made from carefully sculpted jade to further induce a positive chi flow within one’s home aquascape tankscape design – these are said to radiates luck and fame around one’s living quarters thus improving overall spiritual health is improved upon drastically. As such rotating geometric shapes placed in odd numbers may provide beneficial effects too—yin yang Mantis shrimp tank set up brings wealth fortune auspiciousness into ritualsfor those who practice this philosophy regularly. Furthermore considering items such as crystals or turtle statues thought to invoke energy paths or electromagnetic frequencies while filled abundance with love support stability that many appreciate.. Lastly decorating glassed walls dividers barriers separating species different types locally cultivated produce added energy change direction levels which brought fulfillments depending intended effect area covered based desired outcome.

Step-by-Step Guide for Setting Up the Perfect Feng Shui Aquarium

1. Choose the Right Location: First and foremost, it is essential to choose a good location for the aquarium in your home or office. Consider the factors of good feng shui such as yin-yang balance, luck path direction, interior elements, prosperity area, etc. before finalizing a spot.

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2. Get the Right Shape and Size Aquarium: You should be mindful while picking the right size and shape of aquarium that will unite with other Feng-Shui elements in the space. Its size should be between 3” to 6” in stone measurements as it is believed this range is suitable for activating positive energy chi flow. Round and hexagonal shaped are believed to be best suited for Feng Shui aquariums keeping in mind Chinese numerology and Bagua principles

3. Use Appropriate Accessories: It goes without saying that using a couple of auspicious Chi Lin (Chinese Unicorn Fish), Koi fish; colorful Arowana fish, along with some attractive plants make an attractive combination to enhance visual aesthetics of your aquarium. Additionally, you can also add appropriate accessories like rocks, tree stumps, bamboo flutes or rings inside their water houses with careful consideration to ensure they reside in harmony while bringing prospering ‘qi’ energy flow into your living spaces.

4. Install Water Follies: They not only enhance visual appeal but create air bubbles releasing negative energy from your environment into surrounding atmosphere making it an ideal choice if you have challenges in removing clutter from ongoing problems in life.

5. Place Mirrors Carefully: Place mirrors carefully as per Feng Shui rules as faulty placements may lead to more energetic disturbance within your space instead of creating soothing atmosphere around you.

6 . Position Appropriately : To bring balance between ‘Yin-Yang’ energies inside space make sure aquarium is placed at proper place according to scientific positioning technique called “ Flying Star Theory” coming from classical ancient China beliefs which encompasses 45° angles while situating it against walls either vertically or horizontally at certain positions giving you advantage over maximizing its potential within surrounding environment through controlling life force so that positive cosmic energies may emerge when directed into right spaces within house waiting to explore nature’s energizing power enveloping both individuals and environment within its sphere of influence while bringing abounding luck flow & Joys!

Considerations for Different Feng Shui Aquariums for Different Spaces

When selecting a feng shui aquarium for different rooms or spaces, there are several points that must be taken into account. The size of the aquarium will depend on the space available and the amount of energy you want to create in that room. If you have plenty of space, consider purchasing a larger model, as this will provide greater visual impact and generate more calming chi for the area. The placement of the aquarium is also important, as it should be situated in an area where it can be easily viewed from all angles. Aquariums with multiple doors positioned in different directions may be ideal if your room or space has many entrances or exits. Additionally, you should take into account the contents of the aquarium itself, such as the type of fish and plants you would like to include. Certain types of fish are believed to bring prosperity, while others can promote good health or connectedness with nature. Similarly, plants have their own meanings associated with them and should be chosen carefully to maximize your desired outcome in the space.


Feng Shui Aquarium Joey Yap is one of the most powerful forms of feng shui solutions when it comes to achieving balance and harmony in the home. It can help to optimise chi flow, create a harmonious atmosphere and purify the environment. With this ancient Chinese practice, the fish tank has been transformed into an ornament of power, bringing good luck, health, wealth and career success. When used properly and guided by Joey Yap’s extensive knowledge on how to achieve optimum placement effectiveness, this feng shui solution can guarantee excellent results for its users.

The incorporation of Feng Shui Aquarium into any home transforms the interior into a highly energised space that exudes vibes of fortune and serenity. With its positive energy flow, it works to bring peace and tranquillity throughout any establishment, ensuring those residing within experience a peaceful life without any disturbances or problems arising. Alongside many other feng shui practices such as door placement & colour selection, using an Aquarium Joey Yap will optimise their effectiveness.

It’s clear that implementing an Aquarium Joey Yap in your home is guaranteed to provide amazing results when unlocking the power of this amazing ancient art form. With its calming presence and energetic powers that promote wealth and healing energies throughout the environment, this fasciniating practice should be applied by all those looking to reap its full benefits for betterment in all aspects of life.

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