Dragon Statue Feng Shui Blue

Introduction to Dragon Statue Feng Shui Blue

Dragon Statue Feng Shui Blue is an auspicious symbol of wealth, strength, power and good fortune. In Chinese culture and Feng Shui, the Dragon is renowned for its courageous spirit and devotion to protecting its family and community. The blue dragon statuettes made from crystal are considered most powerful when used in the home as a means of providing protection from danger, disease or evil spirits.

History & Significance: The dragon statue Feng Shui blue has a rich tradition dating back thousands of years that is rooted in Chinese mythology. According to these stories, dragons were believed to possess magical powers that could be summoned through an offering of prayers and sacrifices by those seeking protection or help with their financial problems. It was believed that these magical powers would provide help in times of need, ensure success in important matters and attract luck and prosperity into one’s life.

Key Considerations: When choosing a Dragon Statue Feng Shui Blue it is important to think about where you should place it within your home in order to create the best energy flow. For example, if your goal is prosperity then you will want to place it near your front door or entrance way so that it can bring positive energy (Chi) inside your home. Additionally, you should pick a design that features details like five claws or silver scales as these have been shown to be more powerful than plain designs.

Benefits: There are many benefits associated with Dragon Statue Feng Shui Blue such as increased protection from evil influences, increased luck and prosperity within one’s life or home, improved Qi energy flow throughout one’s home/office environment, improved work ethic/productivity when placed at work/study areas as well as aiding with better sleep quality/prevention of nightmares when placed beside the bed area.

How to Select the Best Dragon Statue Feng Shui Blue

When selecting a dragon statue feng shui blue for your home, there are several important factors to consider. The size of the statue is important in relation to where you plan to place it. Dragon statues come in a variety of sizes and picking the one that best fits with the scale of the room is important.

The position of the dragon statue should also be taken into account, as this has implications for its ability to attract luck and prosperity. For example, if you want to improve your wealth luck, placing a dragon statue facing east or southeast is recommended. Conversely, if you’re looking for love luck, displaying the statue facing west or northwest is best.

It’s also worth noting that dragons are believed to be highly auspicious when placed in certain places around the house – such as at the front door or near a water feature – so think carefully about where it can be displayed effectively. In addition, make sure you pick a material that will last; bronze and ceramic are widely considered to be the most suitable materials for this type of statue.

Where to Place a Dragon Statue Feng Shui Blue

Dragon statues in Feng Shui are used to bring powerful and ambitious energy into a homes. The color blue represents wisdom, knowledge, and protection, which makes it a great choice for any dragon statue.

A dragon statue Feng Shui blue should be placed in an area where you want to attract wisdom, protection and luck. This could be your main entrance or near the front door, as this is a sign of good fortune. You may also place it near the main living area to bring success and wealth into the home.

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In order to create an even stronger effect with your dragon statue Feng Shui blue, you can add other auspicious items such as mirrors, coins or chimes nearby. Additionally, Be sure that your dragon is facing inward or toward any door or window in the house so that its positive energy can be utilized properly. Avoid having your dragon face any sleeping areas as this could negatively impact your restful nights sleep!

Colors and Symbols of Dragon Statue Feng Shui Blue

The Dragon Statue Feng Shui Blue is a powerful symbol of luck, power and strength in Chinese culture. This dragon is often placed at the entrance of dwellings, offices and classrooms to overcome negative energies and encourage positive personal energy. The blue color of this dragon statue symbolizes knowledge, wisdom and protection. It’s believed that those who interact with its energy will benefit from heightened awareness of the environment around them, an increased sense of intuition and improved ability to problem-solve. Further, when people look upon the dragon statue feng shui blue it encourages psychological well-being by calming restlessness or easing worries. It can inspire hope for victory over difficult or uncertain situations. It also represents guardian energy that brings strength and courage during times of adversity or change. The dragon statue feng shui blue can be seen as a protector against harm, intrusive thoughts or envy from outsiders. By activating its energy through meditation, one could manifest abundance in their lives in all forms; spiritually, financially or physically .

Tips for Healthy Placement of Dragon Statue Feng Shui Blue

When using a dragon statue feng shui blue, we must remember to place it correctly for maximum benefit. This can involve careful consideration of the energy or chi that the dragon may bring into your home or office. Here are some tips for healthy placement of a blue dragon statue:

1. Placement – Position the Dragon in an area conducive to positive energy flow — typically this is near an entrance door or corner, either facing outwards in protection and guardian mode or inward if you wish to bring powerful Yang energy inside. Avoid insecure positions such as hallways.

2. Color Coherence – Use other blue elements and objects inside your living/work space to increase the positive effects of the dragon’s placement. The use of blue clothing, bed linen, wall artworks and plants will further activate its benefits while offering additional peace and balance in the setting.

3. Meditate and Honor – Take a moment to meditate when placing the statue and be mindful of not just your intention for its placement but honoring your dragon’s presence and power too. Gently thank it for holding that space for you when you complete positioning it in its best spot – this conscious acknowledgment will ensure optimal Qi dispersal in all areas around it.

4. Clear Negative Chi – Refresh stagnant areas with sage smudging or simply washing the area with salt water before placing the statue if necessary to clear out any negative Chi from previous users all around household objects, furniture, walls etc..

Common Mistakes in Placing a Dragon Statue Feng Shui Blue

When placing a dragon statue feng shui blue, there are some common mistakes people make that can weaken the positive energy of this powerful symbol. Avoid facing the dragon’s mouth towards anyone in the household as it is believed to symbolize a negative force and bring negativity into the area. Additionally, avoid the back of the dragon being facing any doorways as it could represent danger entering. It is best to keep the dragon at least 6 feet away from all doorways for maximum protection. Place the dragon away from windows so there will be no drafts or outside influences coming through. Make sure not to place any plants around the statue because they could contain negative energies that would weaken its power. Finally, make sure never to place any red items near the statue, as red can be seen as an indication of anger within Chinese culture.

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DIY Dragon Statue Feng Shui Blue

Making a dragon statue Feng Shui Blue at home is easy, economical, and fun! Start by gathering supplies. You will need blue paint to color your dragon, some kind of medium (such as clay, wire, or plaster) to create the shape of your dragon, and an assortment of items for details such as small stones for eyes and feathers for whiskers. Once you have all the necessary supplies, you can begin assembling your dragon. Begin by sketching out the basic shape of your dragon before beginning to sculpt the sculpture. Be sure to pay special attention to details such as long flowing whiskers or curling tail strands. Once your base shape is complete, use your paint to begin coloring in pieces starting with the darkest blues first and then gradually lightening up toward white. Finally add any additional details that you have chosen such as small stones for eyes or feathers around its neck or head. Hang it near the entrance of your house or place it in the corner of a room for extra good luck!


The dragon statue Feng Shui Blue outlined above has numerous benefits. Having a Feng Shui Blue Dragon Statue in your home can help boost the overall positive energy in your space, and attract wealth and abundance. As well as improving the quality of any room’s ambiance, this powerful blue dragon can act as a guardian angel or protector. In addition, having it in your garden will also bring protection against evil spirits.

The Dragon Statue Feng Shui Blue is also thought to promote harmony within family relationships, reduce stress levels, create better concentration and encourage decisive action. If you place it near the entrance to your house or business, it can have a calming effect on visitors. Furthermore, it is believed to bring clear communication and good health to those who live among it.

When considering acquiring a Dragon Statue Feng Shui Blue for yourself or someone you care about, there are some things to keep in mind. Always ensure that it is placed somewhere secure and above ground-level where its energy is less likely to be disturbed. Ideally choose one made from natural materials such as jade or quartz with an intense brimstone finish for optimal results. Lastly make sure that the dragon has all its necessary elements – eyes open, eyebrows furrowed and wings spread apart – facing away from you for enhanced protection qualities. Keeping these few guidelines in mind will help guarantee that your Dragon Statue Feng Shui Blue experience is both enjoyable and beneficial.

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