Arowana Statue Feng Shui Placement


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice and philosophical system with the goal of creating harmony between humans and their environment. For centuries, many people have used Feng Shui to improve the luck and abundance in their homes or offices. It is believed that the positioning of certain items can promote well-being, good luck, and the positive flow of energy.

One such object that is believed to represent positivity in feng shui is an arowana statue. Arowana statues depict an ancient Chinese fish symbolizing prosperity, luck, personal power, strength, wisdom and protection. This statue is sometimes referred to as “the Dragon Fish,” signifying immense wealth and abundance as dragons are one of the most powerful symbols in Asian culture. When placed correctly around a home or office space according to the guidelines of traditional feng shui principles, these statues are said to bring in financial success and abundance into a home or working space. It is important to note that an arowana should be placed facing outward towards the door so it can see any incoming guests or visitors – this symbolizes protection from outside energies or misfortune entering into your space. Additionally, there should be no other objects blocking the view of the fish as this could obstruct its perception on incoming positive vibrations from outside sources. Furthermore, for more harmonious energy flow throughout your space you should consider placing either two smaller sizes fishes facing each other on both sides of a desk corner or one large one atop a table in front of your workspace – it will serve as a beacon for prosperity into even greater heights!

Benefits of Arowana Statues in Feng Shui and their Limitations

The Arowana statue is a widely-used symbol of power, prosperity, and success in modern day Feng Shui practice. It has been said to bring courage, protection, wealth and abundance when placed correctly according to the principles of Feng Shui. This can be done in two ways – by placing the Arowana statue in the sector that corresponds to your desired goal or function, or by facing the energy of your chosen direction toward the doors or windows of your home.

Placing an Arowana statue in a room is believed to deflect negative energy and create a protective barrier against potential harm or misfortune. The statue should be placed at ground level, no higher than three feet from it. The tail should face outwards while its head should face either upwards or towards whatever it is guarding. Additionally, placing one or more statues around the home provides benefits like aiding mental clarity and focus during work or study tasks, as well as bringing physical luck for athleticism and relationships.

However, it’s important to remember that all forms of home décor are subjective – not everyone will immediately find them attractive nor agree with their metaphysical capabilities. Furthermore depending on one’s geographic location there may be local laws advisory against having such objects in public spaces, so take caution and research accordingly. Ultimately though if you feel that having an Arowana statue contributes positively both aesthetically and spiritually to your environment—get creative with placement!

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Placement of Arowana Statues Around the Home

When it comes to placing Arowana Statues around your home for Feng Shui purposes, it is important to understand their symbolism and location. The Arowana is a symbol of prosperity and protection; it is believed to bring wealth, protection from disasters, luck, and the power of healing. Because of this, when incorporating an Arowana Statue into your Feng Shui practices, the most beneficial areas in which to place them are:

1) Main Entrance – Placing a Statue at the main entrance of your home encourages positive energy to flow in every time somebody enters.

2) Spine of Home – Position one along the “spine” of your home as this will support peaceful energies across all areas in the household.

3) Bedroom – Place an Arowana Statue on either side of the bed to protect you from negative influences and problems during rest.

4) Wealth Corner – An Arowana Statue placed in the “wealth corner” signifies material gains and opens up opportunities for accumulation of wealth.

5) Living Areas – Position one near sitting areas inside the home such as studies or living rooms with an emphasized focus on business-related endeavours. This helps with successful career opportunities coming your way.

In addition to location suggestions, be sure that you select a high-quality statue that is pleasing aesthetically — this will amplify its Feng Shui qualities. Additionally there are certain variations in aesthetics that invoke extra special attributes depending on what kind of good fortune you are seeking; glorious golden/diamond-like Arowanas represent wealth whereas natural green colours correlate to improved health outcomes.

Feng Shui Principles & Tips to Consider When Placing Arowana Statues

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that uses energy and balance to promote harmony, prosperity, and well-being. When decorating with an arowana statue, there are several Feng Shui principles you’ll want to keep in mind in order to reap the most benefits. First of all, it’s best to place the Arowana near your entranceway, facing outward into the room. This will help ward off negative energy and welcome good luck into your home or office. Additionally, when you place the Arowana on a shelf or table, try choosing a location that is away from direct sunlight or drafts as this could potentially damage it. Alternatively, you may also consider placing it in a spot that aligns with one of the eight trigrams of the Ba Gua — such as Northwest for mentorships and mentors — for additional balancing and energetic support. Other Feng Shui tips for using an Arowana statue include placing multiple statues together (preferably facing each other) for partnership luck; adding them near fish tanks for extra prosperity; and dressing them up with coins or other tokens to gain deeper insight into areas that require improvement. Remember that each placement should feel right to you—so use your intuition! Ultimately, when placed appropriately and energetically attuned to with intention—Arowana statues can be beneficial partners in transforming any space into an environment of positive growth and flow!

Health Benefits of Arowana Statues in Relation to Home & Life Balance

Feng Shui is deeply rooted in traditional Chinese philosophy and involves the placement of objects around your home or living space in order to promote good health, harmony, and balance. One object in particular that can be utilized to bring about such balance is an Arowana Statue. It is believed that placing an Arowana Statue around one’s home can bring about many positive benefits.

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One of these benefits is improved luck and wealth. According to Feng Shui, its presence will encourage prosperity and abundance into one’s life by increasing the flow of positive energy. This type of statue also has the power to protect one’s home against misfortune and negative energies coming from sources such as people, places or situations surrounding it.

In addition to improving luck and wealth, an Arowana Statue can also help with physical well being by removing negative energy buildup and bringing a sense of stability throughout the home. Placing a statue in areas where stress might be higher than usual can actually help alleviate tension and create a more relaxing atmosphere for family members. The presence of the statue should remind everyone that there is serenity within our environment even when chaos ensues outside to minimize potential discord within relationships or scenarios.

Finally, having an Arowana Statue around your living space offers psychological support to individuals facing issues regarding personal development such as low self-esteem or lack of courage. The artwork symbolizes power, strength and determination which should aid in bringing people out of their comfort zone so they can work towards success without fear of failure or ridicule from others. It especially helps those who feel alienated or unaccepted on behalf of societal societal standards understand that even if they are seen as unconventional it doesn’t mean they are any less capable than those who abide by them; they just need to embrace their unique path in life rather than try fit into what society has deemed appropriate for them.


The seemingly mystical power of an Arowana Statue can not only be harnessed for decorative purposes, but also in the power of Feng Shui to create wealth, health, and happiness. Placing this symbol in the right place is incredibly important and following the tips outlined throughout this article will ensure that placement is properly considered in both a home and work environment. The dramatic energy associated with the Arowana statue inspires and elevates all those around it – making it the perfect piece to bring balance into any space. When placed strategically and directed opportunely, the potential of this powerful statue for inspiring positive change in our lives is limitless. Utilize its positive energy to attract wealth, health, prosperity, wisdom and luck; look no further than your own Arowana Statue for a tool that encourages progress towards successful outcomes.

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