Balcony Feng Shui

Introduction to Balcony Feng Shui

Balcony Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to promote harmony, balance and good luck within the home through environmental design. It originated in China thousands of years ago and is based on the belief that our external environment has a direct impact on our wellbeing. By understanding how energy flows through our homes, we can transform our balconies into beautiful, peaceful sanctuaries that cultivate positive energy. In short, Balcony Feng Shui aims to improve overall health and quality of life by transforming physical spaces into spiritually meaningful environments.

The main practices of Balcony Feng Shui are focused around organization and placement of furniture, fixtures and features. For instance, plants and water features like fountains should strategically be placed in certain directions to create ‘good chi’ (energy that promotes good health and fortune). Color is also key when aiming to achieve the benefits of Balcony Feng Shui as it is said that each color represents a different element, with different meanings associated with them. Additionally, décor items such as mirrors have unique significance when practicing this art form as they amplify energy or deflect negative chi away from a space. Lastly, personal objects are also important pieces when trying to create a space full of positive energy–these might include cherished family photographs or meaningful knick-knacks collected from travels which allow for emotional energies to resonate within the balcony space even further.

All in all, Balcony Feng Shui is an easy way for anyone to quickly improve the look and atmosphere of their outdoor space while cultivating prosperity and well being at the same time. With just some simple changes and minimal financial investment you can make any balcony into a calming oasis that brings joy to all those who dwell within it!

Defining the Elements

There are five elements of Balcony Feng Shui that work together to create a harmony within your space. They are furniture, décor, air flow, lighting, and color. By understanding how each of these elements works in relation to the others, you can create an environment that encourages balance and peacefulness while also acting as your own personal sanctuary.

Furniture: Furniture helps to give structure to the visualization of a harmonious atmosphere on your balcony. Strategically placed furniture pieces can involve visually breaking the space into sections or areas where one can sit, sleep, eat and relax. Consider natural materials such as wood or cane for pieces that will draw positive energy into the area. Additionally, comfort should be taken into account when selecting chairs and tables so that your balcony is an inviting place to spend time.

Décor: Certain types of décor can help promote good energy flow in a balanced way to create a harmonious atmosphere on the balcony. Wind chimes, sun catchers and plants are all great choices for décor items because they can help with energy flow in the environment by utilising their symbolism of bringing lightness and joy to the area. In addition, keep an eye out for items with Earthy tones such as terracotta or leafy green hues as these colours evoke feelings of serenity and wholeness.

Air Flow: Natural air flow is essential for any well-balanced outdoor space which is why windows and doors should always remain open when possible so fresh oxygen circulates the room freely. If there isn’t much airflow in your balcony automatically then install fans or other creative uses like water feature to enhance movement throughout the space. Be sure that direct sunlight doesn’t become a problem either as overheating may affect air flow negatively by providing too much heat to one section of the room.

Lighting: The type of lighting introduced into any Feng Shui design will provide different moods depending on its intensity which is why it’s important when planning out what kinds work best for your space – installation should come secondary right after picking out lights or light fixtures suitable for your needs! Candlelight may be best if you wish for an intimate feel whereas ceiling lights offer more brightness without taking up floor space which might be ideal if you have limited table surfaces available due to portioning off different zones on your deck or patio area .

Color: Colors play an important role within any Feng Shui design because they contribute greatly towards creating balanced environments both physically but more importantly spiritually too! Deeper tones like blues and greens tend to evoke feelings security while pastels bring about lightness and joy – choose whichever ones call most peace within yourself when it comes time pick out shades scheme for walls , furniture , accessories alike so everything ties together charmingly .

Color Scheme

When selecting a color scheme for your balcony space, consider the colors that bring you peace and joy. Neutral colors, such as whites and off-whites, are excellent choices for creating a calming environment. Additionally, these colors can be easily surrounded with pops of accent colors that bring in an energizing burst of life into your balcony space. Accent colors can include soft blues and greens or warm oranges, yellows, pinks, and purples — whichever color palette gives you a good balance between relaxation and stimulation while being aesthetically pleasing to you. While cool colors often create a sense of peacefulness and calmness, warm colors tend to open up energy flow in smaller areas like balconies. Warm tones will also complement plants or vibrant decor items — something not to overlook if desire a trendy bohemian style décor on your balcony. Ultimately when selecting color schemes for your balcony Feng Shui it is important to create balance; choose colors that speak to you but unify the entire space into one cohesive look.

Suitable Furniture for Balcony Feng Shui

When considering balcony furniture for Feng Shui, it is important to think carefully about colour, shape and material. For example, opt for neutral or muted shades such as white, grey or pastel blue or greens instead of garish primary colours. Regarding the shape of the furniture, you may choose curved and rounded items like sofas and armchairs that help promote relaxation and serenity. These are also recommended over overly angular pieces which can disrupt the flow of energy in a particular space. Wood is the preferred material since its natural properties are thought to magnify positive chi while metal should be avoided in Feng Shui as it easily creates negative energy around it.

Ficus Benjamina Feng Shui

Regarding positioning, all furniture should be kept away from all walls but close enough to benefit from them if possible, especially on balconies with limited space. For example, an armchair should be positioned at a 45-degree angle facing the entrance rather than being placed directly along a wall like most traditional seating arrangements. It is also important that furniture does not become a barrier between any open doors or windows as this can block off essential energy pathways. Finally yet importantly, double check that nothing blocks a view out onto the garden or other green spaces outside as this will also lessen positive vibrations flowing into your home.

Merging Aquascaping and Balcony Feng Shui

Balcony Feng Shui and Aquascaping are two popular ways to create a beautiful, harmonious living space. When combined well, these two seemingly separate concepts can significantly enhance the visual appeal and energy of your balcony or outdoor area. Aquascaping is the art of arranging live plants and aquatic features in different shapes, sizes and combinations to portray a pleasing visual aesthetic. Balcony Feng Shui is based on the ideal flow of energy through a space – according to traditional Chinese philosophy – to bring about balance and harmony. To effectively merge these two concepts for a beautiful outdoor space, it’s important to create balance between each element used, as well as taking into consideration the five elements of Feng Shui: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Try incorporating tranquil water features such as fountains or ponds with vivid green plants or flowers like jade stones or bonsais that represent wood. Balance those elements with metal accents such as bronze statues or an arbor adorned with bells. Finally, accentuate the beauty of your space with fire-element items like torches placed near seating. With careful consideration to each suggested Feng Shui element and using aquascaping techniques in your outdoor design layout, you’ll have succeeded in building an inviting outdoor oasis based upon both principles!

Selecting and Placing Plants

When selecting plants for a balcony garden, it’s important to consider their Feng Shui qualities. Feng Shui is all about creating balance, promoting the flow of energy, and achieving harmony in the environment. While many plants will prove beneficial, some are especially useful according to this ancient art. The principal consideration when selecting plants should be the type of energy they attract.

Good Feng Shui choices include bamboo stalks and lucky bamboo shoots since these promote auspicious energy. Try arranging them in groups of nine – as that number is deemed to be very fortunate – or in threes for greater good luck. Both have slender canes which look attractive when placed near windows and balconies where passing breezes rustle their foliage ever so gently with a calming effect.

Hardy cacti and succulents promote financial good fortune and prosperity due to the strong grounding energies they generate plus they’re easy to maintain and can withstand direct sunlight without losing any of their vibrant tones. For extra protection from ‘sha chi’ (negative energy) position a few around the edges of your balcony’s flooring – if there isn’t too much foot traffic or pets nearby, a small-leafed lady palm may also be used.

Those seeking love or wishing to increase career prospects should attempt planting some jasmine which produces sweet-smelling soft fragrance or work with Chinese hibiscus flowers whose bright colors bring out powerful rewards based on attracting positive energies such as care and nurture your dreams into reality through those romantic flames surely guiding along a peaceful way towards creative ambitions alike! Finally, don’t forget live thyme among otherfresh herbal health benefits being reported daily for added freshness & clean air!

Choosing the Right Lights & Other Accessories

Feng Shui is a Chinese system of harmonizing your environment to create a balance and positive energy. When applied to balcony design, Feng Shui can be used to enhance mental and physical well-being in the space. Choosing the right lights is one way to ensure that the balcony evokes a sense of calm and relaxation. Soft lighting, such as string lights and candle lanterns, can bring a tranquil atmosphere to the balcony without being overly bright or garish.

You can also enhance your balcony’s appeal by selecting attractive decorative accessories like wall hangings, wind chimes and planters. Natural elements such as water features and plants can add color, life, and vibrancy to the space. These not only look aesthetically pleasing but offer many health benefits too – from reducing stress levels to improving air quality in otherwise small city balconies. To further energize the area consider adding symbols or images of elements important in Asian cultures like dragons, birds or waterfalls and items associated with renewal like hot air balloons or wishing lanterns. You can also add furniture pieces like comfortable chairs, hammocks and ottomans for relaxation or daybeds for sleeping outdoors under the stars. Finally you can personalize your balcony by decorating it with photographs and souvenirs collected during travels around town or afar!

Principles of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art based on connecting “energy”, or chi, with the environment and one’s home. What we use in our balcony can affect how positive energy is present in our homes, which is why its important to factor Feng Shui into any outdoor spaces.

One of the main principles of feng shui is the Five Elements; metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Incorporating items that represent these elements – such as plants and furnishings – can increase positive energy levels within a space.

The Eight Trigrams are another essential part of Feng Shui. They consist of eight diagrams built from three parallel lines forming either a broken () or solid ____) line. They are associated with specific directions (North East South West) and correspond to eight different life aspects such as Career & Opportunities or Wisdom & Knowledge. With this in mind, it helps to place certain elements in these areas for the utmost Feng Shui success in your balcony space.

Feng Shui Lavender Color

To further improve the happiness and harmony brought by Feng Shui into your balcony area, you should pay attention to what kind of colors you incorporate into your design and decorations. While bright colors like red will stimulate you and difficult feelings, more calming colors such as blue or white can result in feeling more relaxed. In addition to color choice selections, furniture choices also play a vital role in optimizing the flow of positive energy within your balcony space: avoid clutter at all costs! Keeping items organized will not only leave you feeling better about yourself but also bring about more advantageous feng shui consequences when considering balance and harmonization through the application of this ancient science

Unique Ideas

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice for creating balance and harmony in any environment. Balcony spaces are no exception, as Feng Shui principles can be used to create an inviting, relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy the outdoors and take in some fresh air. Here are some creative uses of popular Feng Shui principles to use in your balcony space:

• Use Color & Lighting: Consider bringing in vibrant colors such as reds, oranges, yellows, and purples that evoke a sense of joy and happiness. Also consider using mirrors, candles, or hanging lanterns to bring more light into the space so that it feels bright and alive.

• Incorporate Nature Elements: Add natural elements like plants and water features like fountains or wind chimes to add balance and beauty to the space. Choose plants that thrive well on balconies such as succulents or herbs which will also keep insects at bay.

• Arrange Furniture Strategically: To create a private retreat-like atmosphere, arrange the furniture to create distinct areas within the space – one area with chairs or benches for sitting; another area with floor pillows for lounging; and yet another area with tables for setting up coffee or snacks. Place furniture types together in groupings (like two chairs facing each other), instead of separating them all since this creates more positive energy flow throughout the space.

Clear Out Clutter and Blockages

If your balcony is looking cluttered or blocked, try to clear out as much unnecessary items and blockages as possible. Start by removing any extraneous furniture or decorations that are taking up valuable space. This can help make the area look less cluttered and more inviting. Additionally, look around and identify any barriers, such as walls or railings, that could be obstructing the flow of energy. If possible, try to remove these obstacles or figure out a way to reduce their visual impact. You should also take a look at your curtains or window coverings and make sure they’re not blocking natural light from coming in. Finally, try rearranging the furniture on your balcony if it feels cramped – this will help open up the space and create a better flow between each element while still maintaining balance and harmony in accordance with Feng Shui principles.

Finishing Touches

Once you have chosen the appropriate location for your balcony Feng Shui design, it is time to add some essential elements to complete the design. This can include adding hanging items such as chimes or windchimes to attract good energy or colorful flags for decorative purposes. You can also add other elements such as potted plants, a birdbath, or a fountain to promote good health and prosperity. Mirrors are also believed to help reflect positive energy and control the flow of energy in a space. When using mirrors, be sure to place them in a position where they do not reflect another building or windows as this is believed to be bad luck. Additionally, consider placing flat rocks on the floor to give your balcony Feng Shui design texture and depth. Finally, incorporating a table setting with candles, bowls of natural items such as stones or shells, and other decor gives your balcony a warm inviting feeling that will bring positive energy into your space.


Balcony Feng Shui can be an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience. To get the most out of your balcony’s Feng Shui, try to keep the following key points in mind:

1. Pay attention to elements within your balcony. By incorporating both water features (such as fountains or ponds) and natural elements like plants, stones and sculptures, you can create a peaceful and harmonious environment on your balcony. You will want light to be balanced between natural daylight and candle-or lamp-light at night.

2.Aim for harmony in terms of color schemes in your balcony. Choose colors that make you feel comfortable – consider neutrals, pastels or very light tones – but don’t forget to have some nature-inspired accents like rocks or stones!

3. Incorporate meaningful pieces into the balcony design. Choose pieces that evoke pleasant feelings when looking at them; this could be photos, paintings or other artifacts that remind you of good times.

4. Place furniture with functionality and comfort in mindfirst; choose furniture that is comfortable but not cluttered, giving you the space to move around easily while still feeling cozy!

5.Think about how the corner dividers are organized – triangular dividers are a great way to direct traffic – behind them, put items you don’t wish to be seen immediately then hide them by a decorative curtainor wall mural for privacy if needed! Lastly do not forget about creating pathways or lines of energy flow which travel through each element on the balcony for balance – when walking avoid walking over furniture – instead having designated pathways creates better vibes !

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