Dining Room Mirror Feng Shui


Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that helps to create balance and harmony in an environment. The practice of dining room mirror feng shui can be exceptionally beneficial for the energy flow of any home. Placing a mirror in the dining area is thought to be effective in reflecting good energy throughout the space and increasing positivity and abundance. This not only has the potential to improve one’s family life but also keep negativity from entering their home.Mirrors contribute to open up and brighten up a room by reflecting natural light, creating an illusion of more space and expanding areas of a home with limited square footage. Moreover, mirrors can also add a decorative feel when reflected with lights from wall sconces or chandeliers. By strategically placing a mirror that reflects an eye-catching landscape or object, it will bring positive energy into a home while making the room feel larger when carefully placed across from furniture pieces such as a buffet or long table.

Understand the Basics

In feng shui, the dining room is an important place to consider as it is said to affect the emotional wellbeing of a home. Also, in traditional Chinese Feng Shui, the placement of mirrors in certain areas can be used to enhance the flow of energy within a space. To understand how to apply feng shui principles to the use of mirrors in a dining room, it is important to understand several concepts connected with the use of mirrors and feng shui.

The main elements associated with feng shui are water, metal, earth, wind, and fire. Each one represents different energies that influence how we live and interact with our environment. Mirrors can act as an amplifying tool for each type of energy depending on their selection and placement. It is believed that when placed correctly they can serve as powerful tools for positive change, encouraging positive chi (energy) flow throughout a home or room.

Symbolically speaking, mirrors can also offer protection against negative energies. They create a reflective barrier that keeps away any external ill-intended energies or influences from entering a specific space like your dining room. That’s why it’s recommended that you place a mirror somewhere near your dining table where you will be able to catch someone else’s reflection first if they enter the area.

In terms of directions while making decisions regarding feng shui orientations for placing your dining room mirror it is beneficial to take into consideration which direction will bring in most favorable energy – these depend on many factors like location within house and certain energetic quality associated with each direction but mostly south east section would most come out beneficial. All considered when adding a mirror into your life incorporate mindful decision making based upon research so this addition may positively benefit atmosphere at home rather then creating unwelcome repercussions resulting from unwisely chosen mistakes

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Placement Matters

When incorporating a mirror into your dining room, the placement of it is paramount to achieving good Feng Shui. The best placements for mirrors are typically on the wall opposite the entryway, as these will reflect and multiply the energy that comes in. Make sure that reflecting objects or images do not obstruct an eater’s view or disturb the calmness of any mealtime. Additionally, avoid placing mirrors directly behind your back when seated.

Another option is to hang a mirror across from a window, which can provide further depth and light while also creating beneficial chi energy. If possible, ensure that the mirror reflects views of natural scenery (such as gardens outside), as this can bring life force into your space and enhance vigour and wealth luck. Avoid having multiple mirrors facing one another – this can create too much yang energy and disturb the flow of chi within a room. Generally speaking, choose softer materials for larger mirrors (such as antiqued glass) for more harmonious reflections that avoid any feeling of restlessness or tension at mealtimes.

Types of Mirrors

Round Mirrors – Round mirrors are said to draw energy and wealth into the space. If a round mirror is placed opposite the entrance to your dining room, it will bring energy into the room.

Octagonal Mirrors – Octagonal mirrors are believed to be excellent for creating balance and harmony in the space. They can be used from a variety of angles, allowing you to create different effects.

Landscape Mirrors – Landscape mirrors are thought to have a calming effect in any space. They’re often used to reflect nature scenes like flowers, trees, and water for a grounding effect.

Finding Balance

Adding a mirror to the dining room can not only provide a functional advantage of helping to increase the overall light in the room, but it can also be used to create balance and order. According to Feng Shui principles, mirrors help to bring balance and harmony into a space by symbolizing “two-ness” in its reflective energy. To use mirrors for best Feng Shui results in your dining room, consider the position of the mirror carefully and make sure it’s placed strategically. Ideally, keep the mirror facing an open area rather than directly facing the door or a window. This will help ensure that the space is balanced and inviting and creating calming vibes in your eating area. Additionally, you want to avoid placing mirrors over family photos or artwork as these should not be reflected. Finally, adding plants around your mirror will further enhance its power of reflections by offering additional life force energy from nature – completing your dining experience.

Benefits of Mirror Feng Shui

Adding a mirror to a dining room’s feng shui decor can be beneficial in many ways. First, having a mirror in the dining room can create interesting light and reflections in the room, making it more pleasant and inviting to be in. Additionally, mirrors are said to bring prosperity, joy and balance into a home according to feng shui practices. They also act as powerful symbols of protection and are believed to double the available energy within an area. Mirrors placed near the dining table can reflect clear intentions for manifesting success as well as amplifying goals you’re working toward with your family or roommates. Lastly, having mirrors surrounding your dining area encourages energy to move throughout the space rather than becoming stagnant. This could give rise to positive conversations around the table and increase motivation for maximum productivity when eating together.

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Case Study

One of our clients lived in a small dining room with four walls and no windows. She found it difficult to feel comfortable in this space due to the lack of natural light, as she felt like there was no connection to nature. To remedy this, we suggested she hang a mirror on one wall.

The mirror allowed the energy of the space to circulate more effectively, creating an uplifting environment in which to dine. The round shape of the mirror spread the energy evenly throughout the room, energizing the entire space and making it appear larger than it actually was. Additionally, because there were no windows present, the reflected light served as a substitute for natural light, allowing her to enjoy a sunnier atmosphere while still being indoors.

Within days of hanging up the mirror, our client reported feeling more relaxed in her dining area and feeling as though she was connected with something much bigger than her own world each meal time. Furthermore, her family members have commented that they all feel energized by spending meals together since they began using Feng Shui principles within their home. This is evidence that reflects how effective Feng Shui can be when introducing mirrors into a living or work space!


In conclusion, the practice of utilizing mirrors in the dining room to evoke positive energies and elegance is an ancient Chinese tradition with a long history. Mirrors can be used to make a room feel bigger, help manifest love and abundance, bring in more light and energy from the outside, reflect prosperity and clarity into the space, and create a beautiful atmosphere for dinner parties. With this knowledge, one can begin to determine what kinds of mirrors work best for their own unique needs.

Thank you for considering incorporating mirror feng shui into your dining space!

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