Calculate Feng Shui Birth Element

Introduction to Calculate Feng Shui Birth Element

Calculating your birth element with Feng Shui involves understanding the five essential elements of nature: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each day of the week is associated with one of these elements. The birth element of an individual corresponds to their special characteristics stemming from the associated element. According to Feng Shui, a person’s birth element is determined by their date of birth that falls within a sun cycle every 10 days.

The Birth Element you belong to dictates your character and personal qualities. The goal in using this knowledge is to maximize the positive potential residing inside each individual and ultimately fostering harmony in their personal and professional life. A person’s Energy or Qi must be in sync with the natural vibes surrounding them for personal balance and good fortune; this is where Feng shui comes into play by harmonizing energies in space through proper placement of objects according to the birth elements. For example, someone whose element is fire should position themselves among items that also contain fire energy such as red fabrics and mirrors to bring in good luck, health, and wealth.

Breakdown of the 5 Elements

Wood: wood is associated with the season of spring, growth, and new beginnings. People whose Birth Element is wood tend to be creative and inventive, as well as sympathetic and helpful. They are good communicators, are passionate about their work, and strive to better their environment.

Fire: The element fire is associated with the summer season and liveliness. People associated with the fire element have great energy and dynamism as well as ambition and determination to achieve what they set out to accomplish. They deal quickly with things and thrive in active environments.

Earth: Earth is associated with the late summer months and acts as a bridge between fire and metal elements. Those people whose Birth Element is earth have great strength in flexibility, patience, caution, justice and practicality. They always strive for stability within their lives but can become too rigid at times due to these values.

Metal: Metal element people are said to be analytical thinkers who focus largely on objectivity over emotionality in any given situation. They thrive when they focus on structure or rules while generally exhibiting qualities of control, achievement-orientation, organization, decisiveness, efficiency and more within their lives.

Water: Lastly water represents autumn bringing fluidity into any given situation (and life). Those whose birth element revolves around water are typically very compassionate individuals who gravitate towards helping others however way they can. They prefer making decisions that come from intuition rather than intellect; thus they go by gut feelings first before anything else.

In-Depth Look at Your Element

The five Feng Shui Birth Elements determine what type of energy a person will bring into their home. They are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Each one of these elements has characteristics and properties that affect their environment.

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To identify your Element, you can ask yourself questions about your life such as: do I find it easy to make decisions without overthinking? Do I prefer the outdoors to being indoors? Am I sensitive and reactive to changes around me?

If you find yourself answering yes to these questions then you likely belong to the Fire Element. People with this type of Element will bring warmth and enthusiasm into their homes. They like charging ahead without overanalysis and often thrive on positive motivation from others. The colors red and gold are associated with this element and should be used in decorating a home with these types of people in mind.

The Earth Element is the opposite of Fire in many ways. Individuals who possess this element take a slower approach when making decisions, they prefer coziness over expansive space and are generally patient with helpfulness towards those around them. Their desired colors tend to be yellows and its lighter shades–allowing for a soothing atmosphere in many cases.

Metal Elements enjoy structure, allowing them to have strong mental discipline while striving for perfection in what they do. These types of people may appear detached but they also strive for justice so they can maintain personal stability within themselves and ultimately the home that they live in. Shiny metals or white color schemes work best with this element due to the reflection enhancing energy throughout their space..

Water Elements are dreamers – chasing redemption for future endeavors but enjoying each moment as it comes along (think YOLO). While loyal, they can take longer than necessary though not on purpose because their heads always seem up high above the clouds searching for inspiration which causes surefootedness but slight delays away from action-oriented nature of others –– blue or black colors work best because they allow their minds wander while keeping an organized look throughout their home during its transformation with ‘flair’ aesthetics by Day 1 done!

If you’re looking for someone who moves swiftly – never too far behind nor too far ahead -Wood Elemement works like clockwork! Those blessed with this element kind strive for ambition in both life success yet maintaining balance between social responsibilities & personal ambitions no matter how hard it may seem. Green colors & plants make sense as it allows natural flow of oxygen prosperity throughout their household energizing them on whatever tasks awaits daily living routines (little chores here & there made easy peasy!).

Enhancing Your Element

To enhance your Element with Feng Shui, there are several important steps to take. Firstly, identify your elemental energy based on your birth date according to the Chinese zodiac calendar. Then, think of ways to incorporate those elements into the home in order to bring balance and harmony. For example, if you’re an Earth element person then you would want to add elements of earth – such as terracotta pottery or wooden items – that help to create a perfect Feng Shui atmosphere in the home.

Once items of your birth element are incorporated throughout the space it’s important to consider how each room of the house is being used and if needed, adjust objects or decor within each room according to where and how they will best distribute chi (also known as life force energy). In addition, one should make sure that no negative energy exists by removing clutter and scanning for any bad influences including plumbing issues or broken water pipes that can steal away valuable chi from your home. Finally, adding fragrant plants and flowers helps attract positive energy into the home too!

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Common Misconceptions

One of the most common misconceptions about Feng Shui Birth Elements is that they can be used to predict one’s future. This is not true, as the basic principles of Feng Shui suggest that a person’s luck and fortune are determined by their own actions and the rules of nature; thus, the Birth Element is simply an analysis tool to help guide one on his or her journey.

Another misconception is that all people born in a certain year have the same elements. However, this varies depend on the exact time and day each person was born, which also affects the element associated with them. Additionally, some years may have multiple elements assigned to it, so it is important to look at all relevant information when determining one’s birth particular element.

It is important to remember that, regardless of any predictions of good or bad luck associated with a particular element, if one does not act on their own aspirations, these predictions are likely to remain unfulfilled. Thus, in order to make use of Feng Shui Birth Element knowledge properly, it is necessary for each individual to create an action plan that aligns with their goals and work towards achieving them responsibly.


Examining your Feng Shui Birth Element can be really beneficial for personal growth and development. Knowing your element not only provides you with a deeper understanding of yourself, it also allows you to use traditional Feng Shui methods to create harmony in your life. Taking into account the energies associated with each element can help you to balance the forces in your environment, allowing for positive energy flow and overall wellbeing. By implementing strategies that correspond to your element you can create positive changes in all aspects of life, ranging from health, relationships, wealth and career. This can enable you to navigate life more effectively and respond more appropriately to daily challenges. Overall, it is important to understand your Element as it is an important tool for creating balance and inner harmony.

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