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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese concept that dates back over 3,000 years to the Han dynasty in China. It is a holistic approach to harmonizing with one’s environment and enhancing life by creating positive energy flow. Through the use of proper elements, tools and principles, Feng Shui enables people to create a balance between their spiritual life, internal energies, and external physical environment. Feng Shui attempts to bridge the gap between spirituality and materialism while improving human lives through creating personal harmony with the surrounding environment. Its primary focus is to have individuals gain access to qi or chi which translates as ‘life force’ or ‘energy. The good energy should then be enhanced and cultivated in order for individuals to experience peace of mind, improved health & vitality and spiritual fulfillment while they are surrounded by their physical environment.

Who is David Xuan

David Xuan is a renowned and much sought-after Feng Shui expert who has worked as a practitioner for 30 years. During this time, he has consulted with some of the best and most successful leaders in business, government, and entertainment. He began his Feng Shui practice by studying under the great Grand Master Cheong Chi Sun and still consults under his master’s guidance today.

David is one of only a few practitioners in the world that can trace their journey from being trained under the traditional Chinese geomancy school directly to consulting clients globally. He is dedicated to preserving Chinese classical Feng Shui practices. In terms of his practice, David focuses on the ancient sciences including Yi Jing (I Ching) divination and Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Star Feng Shui). He champions the principles of balance, good fortune and harmony, which he believes will bring an abundance of wisdom, luck and health to his clients.

Over the decades, David has consulted corporate giants like Sony Pictures, The Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts Group as well as prominent international politicians during various election campaigns; helping them navigate strategic decisions regarding location relationships and security. His expert advice has been featured around the world on television documentaries such as History Channel’s ‘Mysteries at The Museum’ in addition to magazines like Men’s Health and Hong Kong Economic Times Weekly Magazine.

David was also recognised with two awards at an naming ceremony organised by World Academy for Culture Heritage and nominated for North American Pinnacle Awards in 2012 for Best European Information Media for his documentary work at BBC whereby he evaluated over 20 sites & monuments associated with both British history & culture using authentic principles of feng shui knowledge from Eastern Tradition. In 2014 , David was also honoured with a 2015 “Eco Hero” award from Green Economy Coalition of Organisations (GECO) for his commitment to positive changes in China through preservation & respect for traditional epistemology .

Feng Shui Front Door Side Of House


The potential benefits of incorporating Feng Shui into one’s home are vast. These include, but are not limited to, improved energy flow and spiritual harmony. Increased energy flow can be observed in various ways such as having the ability to focus better, feeling more energetic throughout the day, and improved concentration levels. Improved spiritual harmony can also be proposed by Feng Shui — elements in the space create a sense of enhanced peace and serenity making it easier for people to connect to their inner selves along with any higher power that they may believe in. Additionally, Feng Shui encourages using items with positive energies which uplifts the atmosphere of any room creating a comfortable yet relaxed vibe which always helps when it comes to activities like reading or meditating. Finally, incorporating Feng Shui could improve overall quality of life as well as promote good health and help regain a healthy balance between both physical and psychological wellbeing.

Applications in Your Home

David Xuan’s teachings of Feng Shui can be applied to a variety of spaces around the home. This includes bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas, and offices. By applying these principles to the home, you can improve energy flow and create a calming atmosphere that can have an overall positive impact on your wellbeing.

In the bedroom, David Xuan recommends displaying items with yin energy such as plants, painting or artwork depicting warm colors (reds, oranges and yellows) and finding soothing scents like lavender or jasmine to promote relaxation. Additionally, rearranging furniture away from sharp edges and sleeping with the feet pointed towards the door are two possible changes that may help bring more peacefulness in a bedroom space.

For living room areas, Feng Shui tries to foster a level of comfort while balancing it with practicality through neutral colors such as calming blues or greens that invoke feelings of serenity. Mirrors should be placed so they don’t reflect clutter or messes but rather add decoration through open windows allowing natural light in also helps infuse positive energy into these types of rooms.

Modernizing a dining area by adding low-hanging warm lights above tables is another great way to make guests feel welcome while creating positivity within any house when coming together over meals. Accompany these subtle touches with sparse vegetation either hung up high on open walls or placed symmetrically across table settings for even more balance within this environment.

In an office setting below can encourage mental focus and cultivate creativity in slightly different ways than other rooms in the house by using furniture strategically and actively seeking out pieces of art inspired by modern movements instead of decorative wall hangings for example. Introducing sensible flora into this space helps maintain a sense of freshness without overwhelming electronic devices which will efficiently spur productivity!


“I was skeptical of the power of Feng Shui when I first heard about it. I had no experience with it, so I was a bit apprehensive. But I decided to give David Xuan’s teachings a try and I am glad that I did. After following his advice, my business flourished and has been very successful ever since. His deep insight into the principles of Feng Shui and how to apply them to everyday life have been essential for me in achieving remarkable successes.” – John K., Texas

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“After working with David Xuan on my home and workplace, I have experienced an incredible increase in energy and focus throughout the day. No matter what else is going on, it seems like things just flow more fluidly when my space is balanced and aligned according to his teachings. I highly recommend that anyone interested in improving their quality of life look into taking courses or receiving a consultation from him.” — Monique A., California

Key Takeaways

David Xuan’s blog post is all about applying the Chinese practice of Feng Shui to your life and harmonizing your environment for success. He discusses how understanding the principles of Feng Shui can help you create the life you want by using energy patterns and cosmic balance. He also provides tips on making simple adjustments to everyday items in order to harness positive energy, as well as key elements to consider when setting up a successful home or office environment. He encourages readers to explore further with his teachings and learn more about how they can use Feng Shui to lead a more joyful, peaceful, and prosperous life.


David Xuan, who is considered a master of Feng Shui, is an international author and director of the XuanKong Flying Star School in Singapore. He is a highly sought after speaker and consultant in matters of Chinese astrology, geomancy and metaphysics.

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