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The Money Tree image is a popular symbol used in Feng Shui practice, along with other symbols related to the element of wealth. It symbolizes abundance, prosperity, and opportunity. The tree typically contains three stalks of coins, or eight gold coins tied together with a special red ribbon, which represent good luck and fortune. This ancient Chinese art uses specific arrangements of objects, colors, and materials in order to achieve harmony and balance within homes, offices and businesses. It is believed that connecting with this powerful symbol enhances financial flow and brings luck to those who use it. Aside from its symbolism, the Money Tree image also helps attract positive energy in an area or room that needs abundant wealth. Furthermore, it represents the intention to create stability in one’s finances for years to come. Its presence provides emotional comfort for people looking to gain greater success and abundance in life.

History and Origins

The Money Tree Image is an oriental representation associated with Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement and orientation. It is believed by many to bring good luck and fortune to those who keep it near them or in their homes. This tree image can be seen in several cultures across the world, but its origin lies within traditional Chinese culture and Feng Shui. As far back as the fourth century, Taoist sages used it to summon good luck and wealth. The main symbols within the Money Tree Image are coins or gold ingots, which represent money or wealth; strings of red knots that are believed to ward off evil spirits; pine cone-like representations of fertility; a pottery vase that symbolizes many treasures; and tortoise shells for longevity. The combination of all these components creates the Money Tree Image, which has traditionally been hung inside homes during the New Year celebration for prosperity and abundance throughout the coming year. Some practitioners even bury similar trees in their gardens so that their wealth will increase.

Meaning and Symbolism

The Money Tree in Feng Shui is believed to have extraordinary powers that attract wealth and prosperity. It symbolizes growth and abundance, as the tree’s branches represent reaching for the sky. This imagery visualizes an optimistic future and the possibility of greater financial success in the near future. Many use this Money Tree Image to remind themselves that with dedication and hard work their dreams can blossom in reality.

It is also believed that placing a Money Tree clears energetical blockages and realigns existing energy to provide mental clarity and sharper focus on one’s goals. To take it further, if one were to increase their knowledge of Feng Shui, they could use science-based formulas called formulas to harmonize their environment according to age-old principles; thereby activating beneficial energies associated with this image while transforming the atmosphere at home or work into a more prosperous space.

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Feng Shui practitioners draw power from the Money Tree’s branches to create positive chi (qi) through authentic imagery combined with carefully balanced earth elements like wood, metal, water, fire and earth on either side of its branches which are said to enhance its potency. Furthermore, incorporating additional elements such as coins into its structure amplifies the overall effect exponentially adding strength within one’s space while promoting growth which is essential for attracting wealth in both materialistic & non-materialistic pursuits.

Placements and Representations

The Feng Shui Money Tree image is a powerful tool to manifest prosperity and support wealth accumulation. The tree typically has money coins scattered around the base and often includes the ‘Three Friends of Winter’ — pine, bamboo, and plum blossom — to symbolize long life and good health.

In terms of placement in the home or office, it is best if the Money Tree is visible from wherever you are as a constant reminder of your abundance mindset. The ideal location to place it would be near the main entrance where everyone enters and leaves, such as a hallway or foyer. Additionally, depending on one’s sense of style aesthetic, it can be placed in any room that could benefit from the energy of wealth-building – such as the living room or dining room – taking into consideration its proximity to other metaphysical items like wind chimes, art pieces, mirrors, etc.

In terms of using a Money Tree Image for specific intentions and goals, visualizing it with intent energizes it beyond just an aesthetic piece. Placing an image with cash hanging from it helps attract abundance by sending out vibrant thoughts into the universe that one has enough money to spare for beauty items—and then some! For best practices during this visualization exercise: close your eyes; center yourself; breathe in deeply; think about all your financial dreams coming true; release your thoughts back into the atmosphere filled with joy, gratitude & positivity; open your eyes slowly; smile & enjoy this moment.


The Money Tree Image is a popular Feng Shui symbol used to attract wealth and financial prosperity. Those who use the Money Tree Image typically report a positive change in their financial health through an increase of incoming finances and a decrease in outgoing expenses. The symbolic nature of the tree is said to open up opportunities for financial windfalls, allowing prosperity to flow into all areas of life – spiritual, emotional, and physical.

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Case studies from users of the Money Tree Image have shown tangible results in terms of increased income and better money management skills. Participants reported increases in salary or other forms of cash-flow, such as additional allowance or bonuses. They also reported successfully avoiding unplanned outflows due to more careful budgeting and investment decisions. On the spiritual side, users claimed they felt a greater sense of inner balance and peace that allowed them to make sound economic decisions with confidence. Others noted improved connection with their intuition which guided them towards wiser investments and decision making within their careers or entrepreneurship opportunities they embarked on.

Ultimately, the Money Tree Image is an effective tool for those seeking both spiritual and financial growth. The practice helps bring balance into life by similarly balancing both internal guidance with wisdom and objective action with caution.


Feng Shui Money Tree Image has been an important part of the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui for centuries. Its spiritual significance not only relates to manifesting and attaining wealth, but also signifies abundance and the lifelong pursuit of happiness. Through the positioning of the money tree in various areas, whether in home or office spaces, it is said to bring health, prosperity and good luck. Feng Shui practitioners suggest a number of secret techniques to activate Energy Centers which can be effective when placed in alignment with true intentions. It is essential that one customize the Money Tree according to their own aspirations as no two individuals can functionally use the same design as it needs to be tailored to each individual’s circumstances if they want its power to work optimally. Those wishing to obtain maximum benefits from utilizing a Money Tree should study and incorporate the principles behind this iconic figure into their daily lives, allowing them to take full advantage of its unique symbolism and hidden signals for success.

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