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David Flores Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice believed to bring balance, harmony, and health in order to promote success and wellbeing. It involves the use of rearranging or reorienting items within one’s home or office in a certain way so that energy flows through the space properly. Flores has studied this practice for over 35 years and is one of the leading experts in the United States. He offers comprehensive consultations, seminars, and workshops which can help individuals understand how the Chinese principles of energy and Feng Shui can be applied to their everyday lives. The various services provided by David Flores involve selecting ideal locations for furniture, artwork, furnishings, colors, as well as rituals that are said to enhance relationships and create abundance. Additionally, he offers onsite visits where he can assess your environment as well as provide tips on how to make improvements that will bring health, stability and prosperity into life. By using these services at home or work it is said to increase one’s peace of mind while creating a sense of balance and focus among those current inhabitants of the location. Furthermore, when practiced regularly it is thought that all aspects of life improve by channeling positive energies leading to enhanced performance and happiness.

Exploring the Roots of David Flores Feng Shui

David Flores Feng Shui is a modern practice of ancient Chinese spatial and placement principles. Flowing from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it’s an art and science rooted in keeping chi – or “life force energy” – balanced throughout the home or office, thereby influencing the flow of energy in all of our lives. The idea behind David Flores Feng Shui is that by understanding and honoring the natural elements of life — water, wood, fire, earth, metal — one can align their living or workspace to manifest not only physical well-being but spiritual fulfillment as well.

By finding ways to harmonize people with their environment through thoughtful choice of colors, shapes and designs as well as placement of furniture and organizational items, David Flores encourages his clients to optimize their space for optimal health, wealth, fortune and peace in order to be more prosperous in every area of their life. In order to identify what is needed for these desired results, David Flores employs traditional methods such as calculations utilizing a compass in combination with the eight cardinal directions and five elements theory which he developed himself over the last several decades. Additionally, special formulas like pa kua – the eight-sided mirror – are also used to determine areas needing adjustment. Utilizing this specialized formulary system enables him to make precise recommendations on floor plans, architecture/building layout design , furniture arrangements and decor elements enabling his clients achieve ultimate balance.

Core Concepts & Beliefs of David Flores Feng Shui

David Flores Feng Shui is a unique and dynamic approach to this ancient Chinese art. It proposes that the human being, his/her environment and nature exist in harmony, as part of a greater interconnected web of life forces. Working with the wisdom and systems of traditional feng shui, Flores adds elements from modern science such as biomimicry, quantum mechanics and chaos theory.

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The Core concepts & Beliefs of David Flores Feng Shui include the principle that environment, energy and materials interact to create an atmosphere within any space. The goal is to create environments that are harmonious and balanced so that individuals take advantage of energetic cycles in order to live beneficial lives. To achieve this aim, one must first use environmental design techniques to maximize the flow of beneficial energy (chi) among different areas while minimizing conflict areas. In addition, certain materials are incorporated to enhance the positive effects of chi on people in their environment. Finally, various meditation and creative visualization techniques may be used to bring about desired outcomes – incorporating biomimicry from all forms of life in nature – from microbes to plants – can also help create a balanced living space for all those involved.

Applying David Flores Feng Shui to Your Home and Environment

David Flores Feng Shui is an ancient practice of improving energy flow in homes and businesses that originated in China centuries ago. According to David, it is important to keep the chi, or energy, positive by clearing away physical clutter as well as visual distractions that impede the free movement of chi. By adding items like living plants, fresh-cut flowers and purified water elements to a room or business, one can increase the attractiveness of their space which helps balance out and harmonize negative forces. This can be done through rearranging spaces, creating better attention for certain focal points, minimizing glare from electronic appliances, and using colors to create symmetry. Additionally, using Feng Shui principles and objects may help to unblock restrictions from personal goals or work growth. Committing to mindful habits such as setting intentions before starting a new task or taking a break from screens can also have a powerful effect on transformation in life. Implementing David Flores’ teachings will awaken one’s senses and attune them to energetic change in their environment that will lead to spiritual prosperity.

Ideas for Incorporating Feng Shui Objects and Artwork

Feng shui is an ancient practice that encourages the harmonious balance of energy between physical and metaphysical elements. Incorporating feng shui objects and artwork into spaces helps create a feeling of relaxation, concentration, productivity, and good luck. David Flores is a renowned feng shui practitioner who has developed several strategies for mindful living through his commitment to this practice.

One way to incorporate feng shui elements into your home or office space is with choosing pieces of artwork or photography that depict these principles in their composition and subject matter. For example, you can use serene scenes from nature such as mountains, lakes, rivers, forests or flowers to bring peaceful energy into your life. Additionally, images of animals symbolize courage and resilience so adding artwork featuring these creatures will evoke positive vibes throughout the space. You can also hang mirrors to increase positive chi or keep fresh flowers for continual renewal of energy in the space.

Another way to include feng shui ideas is by incorporating carefully selected furniture pieces that promote healthy chi flow throughout your space. Choose sofas with curved shapes instead of angular ones as they are easier on the eyes while remaining comfortable during long sitting periods. Soft seating options like bean bags provide instant comfort while remaining unobtrusive when not used. Use bookshelves along walls for storage that allows easy access to reference materials when needed without taking up too much space. Lastly, place natural elements such as plants around furniture configuration points to bring refreshing energy all day long.[1]

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Utilizing David Flores Feng Shui to Improve Your Life and Well-Being

David Flores Feng Shui integrates ancient Chinese principles – such as the five element theory – with modern-day living to help create an environment in which individuals can live their life at its fullest potential. Through the use of placement and designs in interior spaces, he advocates for creating balance, harmony and peace. As a Feng Shui practitioner, David will work with you to assess your home, office or outdoor space, and recommend adjustments to bring more energy flow and pleasantness into the area. He uses a variety of methods including energy mapping, talisman creation and Five Element Color Schemes to provide solutions best fitting your individual needs. Additionally, David often recommends adopting decluttering practices that allow one’s own chi (personal energy) to thrive. With this method of design you can achieve greater mental clarity, improved relationships and satisfaction with physical health. Ultimately the goal is to create an atmosphere where positive growth menifesting physical, emotional, spiritual and financial wellbeing is possible.

Balancing the Yin & Yang of David Flores Feng Shui

David Flores Feng Shui is a form of Chinese metaphysical thought that seeks to balance the Yin and Yang of energies within a space. The concept behind it is rooted in the idea that, for a living space to truly be harmonious and balanced, it must have the correct balance of both Yin (passive) and Yang (active) energies flowing through it. According to David Flores, everything from colors, furniture placement, architectural elements, artwork, and even plants can affect the energy of a room. He suggests that once all these things are in alignment with one another they can create a powerful harmony that has both physical and emotional benefits. Additionally, he places special emphasis on controlling doors and windows so backflows do not exist and all opportunities for new energy arrive with ease. Ultimately, David Flores’s goal is to help people create more successful home atmospheres by encouraging them to practice thoughtful Feng Shui unifying designs.


The benefits of practicing David Flores Feng Shui are innumerable. By utilizing the methods of this ancient Chinese practice, we can gain insight and inner understanding of how to make our environment one that supports greater harmony and balance in our lives. David Flores has taught us the importance of harnessing the natural energies between a person and their environment to create harmony and order. Through Feng Shui, individuals can benefit from promoting healthier relationships, unlocking personal potential, and improving physical settings for increased productivity. People have found personal transformations through David Flores’ teachings on Feng Shui, leading many to incorporate it into their regular lives. Its widespread application has led many to reap its wide variety of advantages within both their internal and external respective environments. Therefore, it would be wise for all of us to lay down some foundations of feng shui in our lives for much-desired peace and tranquillity like David inspires within all his lectures.

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