Feng Shui Bedside Tables


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to harmonize a person’s environment with the energy of nature. This art of placement guides us in how to best arrange our homes so that we can reap the most benefit from the natural flow of energy, a concept believed to be essential for good health and well-being. This belief system has been evolving for over 3,000 years, guided by many important principles.

One such principle focuses on bedroom furniture and bedside tables in particular. Feng Shui recommendations are designed to create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere within the bedroom, allowing its inhabitants to rest comfortably during sleep. According to Feng Shui experts, bedside tables should be placed two feet from each side of the bed frame, as this helps create an even balance of energy when lying down. Furthermore, it is recommended not to point any furniture towards the beds as this could block positive energies from entering at night be more disruptive than calming. Alternatively, you can place artwork or mirrors on either side of your beds in order keep energies balanced and help reflect some of life’s moments while bringing harmony and serenity into your space. The type and size of your bedside tables should also be taken into consideration since they will have a direct impact on flow within the room – you want items that offer easy movement but don’t clutter up the area too much. Finally, make sure your table decorations are meaningful as they will produce strong vibes when situated near our head while sleeping.

Essential Elements for the Perfect Feng Shui Bedroom

Feng Shui bedside tables are the perfect addition to any bedroom. When selecting a bedside table, there are three key elements to keep in mind: colors, shapes and furnishings. The color of the table should be one that works well with the bedroom’s overall color scheme – this will create harmony in energy flow throughout the room. It is also important to choose a shape that complements the shape of the room – for example, if the room is square shaped, a round bedside table would add a sense of balance and harmony. Finally, when choosing furnishings for the bedside table look for pieces that foster a sense of peace and relaxation such as art pieces or soft lighting fixtures. Create multiple layers of texture by layering on items such as candles, books or flowers to make your feng shui space inviting and calming. Pay attention to each element you choose when creating your ideal bedside environment and you will be sure to reap all the positive benefits that come with excellent feng shui practices!

Choosing the Right Bedside Tables for Your Bedroom

Feng shui bedside tables play an important role in the bedroom, as they not only provide a place to keep beloved items, but also encourage harmony and balance within the space. Before selecting your table, it is important to find a design that suits your style and needs.

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Bedside tables can be made of many different materials ranging from wood to metal. Each material has unique advantages and drawbacks for the overall flow of energy. For instance, wood is often associated with comfort and offers a welcoming atmosphere. However, metal is believed to provide strength and protection. Additionally, furniture pieces such as rattan or bamboo tend to offer an airy feel while still bringing warmth into space.

When shopping for feng shui bedside tables, consider choosing one that reflects the particular look you are hoping to achieve in the room. If you would like a minimalistic aesthetic opt for sleek lines and modern designs. Alternatively, if you prefer something more classic, antique-style furniture may be more suitable. There are also plenty of designs that combine materials such as glass and wood with stylish detailing for added charm. Furthermore, take into account how much storage you need from your table – from drawers to shelving units – in order to maintain tidiness in your bedroom.

Tips for Arranging the Ideal Feng Shui Bedside Tables

In Feng Shui traditions, the placement of your bedside tables is just as important as their overall design. Ideally, you should place the bedside tables on both sides of your bed and arrange them symmetrically. This will promote balance and harmony throughout your bedroom and create a peaceful atmosphere.

It’s also important to note what direction your side tables face, since this can influence the flow of energy in that area. For example, if the tops of the table are facing outward towards the door, this may cause an excess of yang or active energy which can lead to excessive noise or disruptive energy in your bedroom. If you prefer a calmer atmosphere, try placing one side table to each side of your bed with their tabletop facing inward towards each other.

Additionally, don’t forget to consider distance when it comes to arranging ideal feng shui bedside tables. The closer they are together, the better they will be able to unite energies coming from two different directions; however, you want to make sure there is still adequate amount of space between them for energy circulation. Also be mindful not to place furniture too close to the doorframes or windows for optimal flow within the room. Lighting and plants are also highly recommended additions for creating ideal feng shui bedside tables as these can help generate positive chi and promote a peaceful atmosphere throughout your home.

Feng Shui Accessories

Feng Shui bedside tables are a great way to help create a peaceful and calming atmosphere in the bedroom. The traditional ones generally include candles, picture frames, flowers or plants, books, sculptures and other soft decorations. Candles can be lit for soft lighting helpful in relaxation as well as creating positive energy within your sleeping space. Picture frames of loved ones provide sentimental value and can bring loving vibrations into the room. The addition of fresh flowers or plants are known to influence positive emotions due to the connotations of life and beauty that they hold. Books provide sources of knowledge and wisdom which makes great nighttime reading after long days full of activity. Sculptures and other soft decorations help to add texture and interest to the table while contributing a sense of balance to the environment. All these aspects work together to enhance your bedroom’s Feng Shui energies. Furthermore, adding pieces that represent something meaningful in one’s life may elevate its artistic merit as well as carrying good luck with them into their bedroom. Artwork long thought to improve chill vibes through its ability to convey themes like serenity, strength, power and positivity should also be invited onto bedsides for a powerful Feng Shui boost. You could even consider hanging simple art directly on your walls for this purpose too! Finally avoid clutter such as piles of unorganised items on top or left lying around inside drawers in order to let Chi energy move freely throughout your bedroom space; ensuring harmony between yourself, its surroundings and all the lovely Feng Shui bedside items you’ve chosen!

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Final Touches

The finishing touches for your feng shui bedside tables will determine how successful your endeavours are. Investing in soft lighting, such as an LED lamp or a wall-mounted light, will create a soothing atmosphere. Utilizing vibrant colors like blues and purples to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation further contribute to the calming and nurturing ambiance that you should strive to achieve. Additionally, you can use mirrors or artwork to cultivate positive energy while engaging in spiritual practices around your knickknacks such as incense, plants, or essential oils that help amplify the essential healing properties of feng shui. Wind chimes near open windows are also beneficial as they increase focus on mental clarity and emotional intelligence; not to mention their beautiful tones have also been proven to be immensely restorative to our minds and souls. Finally, if you’re aiming toward spiritual growth, using crystals like amethyst or quartz around the area is said to increase good luck within our lives. With the addition of these pieces all working together your bedside table could be the catalyst of good fortune in 2021!


The introduction of Feng Shui bedside tables into the bedroom can be a great way to create a peaceful sleep environment. By using these tables, you can achieve balance and harmony in the bedroom. Properly positioning them alongside other furniture will help create an atmosphere that encourages a feeling of happiness and well-being. Not only this, but Feng Shui bedside tables can also enhance the overall look of the bedroom, helping to create a visually pleasing environment that reflects your own personal style and taste. When used correctly, these tables can help bring balance and harmony to your bedroom. This in turn may lead to increased restful sleep which is essential for good mental and physical health. With their wonderful combination of practicality, beauty and symbolism they are certain to add a touch of elegance to any bedroom space.

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