10 Feng Shui Ceramic Maneki Neko White Both Paws Raised


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of arranging space to balance the energies of a person’s environment. It has been used for thousands of years in architecture and interior design to bring harmony, positivity and luck into the home or work environment. The Ceramic Maneki Neko is one decorative item that is often used in Feng Shui to bring luck, wealth and protection into a space. The white-colored Maneki Neko with both paws raised offers a special way to balance energy within your home or garden as it symbolizes good fortune, protection, abundance and protection from misfortunes.

Benefits of Adding the Maneki Neko to Your Home

The Maneki Neko, also known as the “Beckoning Cat,” is a symbol of luck and good fortune in many East Asian cultures. The figure depicts a cat with one or both paws raised, often wearing a bib collar with bells. The Feng Shui Ceramic Maneki Neko White Both Paws Raised can bring positive energies to one’s home which will manifest in many forms that could include protection from bad luck, improved health, increasing wealth and financial stability, and attracting love. Additionally, the attractive ceramic figurine can add an eye-catching aesthetic to any living space or office! Displaying it in a visible area such as near the entrance of the house or workplace will provide its owner with the greatest luck and happiest life.


The White Maneki Neko, often called the ‘Lucky Cat’, is a popular icon used in Feng Shui and is believed to bring prosperity and good luck. The cat’s signature pose (both paws raised) is believed to invoke fortune and attract success. It is said that the more traditional colors of gold or ceramic define the extent of luck, with white being seen as the most powerful symbol of all!

Finding a White Maneki Neko isn’t very difficult – they are easy to acquire from many sources such as boutique stores, spiritual gift shops, antique dealers, home furnishing stores, and even some big box retailers. Online sources like Etsy and eBay have a range of them for sale too. There are also specialised catalogues dedicated to White Maneki Neko that contain various styles like contemporary modern style or traditional luck-attracting cats designs. No matter your preference, if you’re looking for aWhite Maneki Neko statue to add some fortune and prosperity in your life, there’s sure to be one that suits your needs perfectly!

Unique Varieties and Designs to Match Your Home Decor

The Ten Feng Shui Ceramic Maneki Neko White Both Paws Raised gives you a unique, decorative piece to bring good fortune into your home. It is an auspicious symbol for prosperity in Chinese culture and it will add charm to any room. This ceramic cat statue has its front legs raised, both of its paws open, and the overall design projects good luck energy. It has been hand-painted and glazed with a white finish; this neutral color makes it easy to match with any decor style or color palette. With its intricate details and use of diverse colors, it is a beautiful addition to your space while being a meaningful symbol of luck. Place this adorable statuette on top of your table or desk as an eye-catching centerpiece that also brings you wealth and abundance.

Legendary Legacy

The now-famous Maneki Neko, more commonly known as the ‘lucky cat’, has a long and interesting history. According to legend, this popular good luck charm originated from a poor monk in Tokugawa Japan who was saved from starvation by a white cat. After being saved, he returned the favor of good fortune by turning the cat into a clay figurine commonly known as Maneki Neko.

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Maneki Neko figurines are said to bring good luck when given as gifts and come in many shapes, sizes and colors. However, 10 Feng Shui ceramic Maneki Neko with both paws raised is thought to bring the most success and wealth in terms of fortune. This variation was modeled after those worshiped at Toshogu Shrine associated with Ieyasu Tokugawa who many know as the founder of their culture of modern Japan which still endures today. Even today it can be found in almost every Japanese home or business as a representation of faith in ultimate good fortune and prosperity!

The Proper Placement and Use of Maneki Neko for Feng Shui

The traditional Maneki Neko ceramic “lucky cats” with both paws raised is a widely used tool in Feng Shui. According to the legend, it was created by a monk who had been given many monetary gifts by people who were inspired by his holy spirit. As a result, the Maneki Neko became an important symbol of luck and prosperity for many cultures around the world.

In Feng Shui, the proper placement and use of a Maneki Neko can be beneficial for different spheres in your life. You can place it as decoration near or at the entrance of your home or business as both a welcoming sign and symbol of protection from evil influences. It will invite positive energy into your home and help manifest all that you desire including success, love, health and good luck. At your office or workspace, you can display several pieces around to boost productivity or creativity and create harmony between yourself and others. In addition to its decorative purpose, Maneki Nekos placed strategically throughout a home are variously believed to increase wealth, bring abundance and improve overall happiness.

Symbolic Significance

The white color in a Maneki Neko ceramic figurine is said to be highly auspicious and represent a powerful blessing. Many people believe that it will bring in prosperity, good luck, peace, protection, and wealth. Furthermore, some say that the white also has a cleansing quality like pure snow or peace.

Having both paws raised is said to bring even more power and luck into your home. Here, one paw represents welcoming success while the other welcomes abundance. The combined meaning of both paws raised signify a welcome for health, wealth and abundant glory at home. People believe it will bring in the highest blessings to your home from all directions including spiritual protection from evil forces.

How to Choose the Right Maneki Neko for you and Your Feng Shui

When it comes to selecting the right Maneki Neko for your Feng Shui practice, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Firstly, if you’re planning on placing the figurine indoors, then always make sure that you choose one with both paws raised, such as our 10 Feng Shui Ceramic Maneki Neko White Both Paws Raised. This is because this type of Maneki Neko symbolizes good fortune and wealth coming from both sides.

In addition, if you’re looking to invite luck and prosperity into your home or office space, ensure that the colors of your Maneki Neko correspond with the dominant colors found in your space. For example, if your home interior leans more towards white and beige colors, then our 10 Feng Shui Ceramic Maneki Neko White Both Paws Raised may be the perfect choice for you!

Feng Shui Guide To Color

Finally, it’s always good to research the different meanings associated with each type of Maneki Neko as this will help you select one that specifically caters to an area of your life that requires improvement – be it luck in relationships or money matters. In some cases, positioning these figures in certain parts of a room can serve to enhance good feng shui even further!

Care Instructions for Preserving Your Maneki Neko

1. Minimize Dust Collection: To ensure that your Maneki Neko stays in tip-top condition, it is important to keep the dust at bay. You can do this by cleaning your Maneki Neko regularly with a clean, dry cloth and then wiping it down with a slightly damp cloth so that any grease or dirt is removed before it can be absorbed into the ceramic.

2. Regularly Check for Signs of Damage: It is important to also periodically inspect your Maneki Neko for signs of damage such as cracks or chips. If you notice any damage it is best to take steps immediately to repair the item before it gets any worse or otherwise ruins its look and charm value.

3. Handle With Care: Once you have taken measures to minimize dust collection and damaged, make sure that you always handle your Maneki Neko with care when cleaning and storing it. Every time you pick up your Maneki Neko, support it from the bottom rather than just grabbing onto its limbs; this will help avoid any stress being applied to the pottery joints which could cause cracks over time. Additionally, avoid dropping the item on hard surfaces as this could also lead to cracking or damage in other areas of the ceramic design.

4. Optimal Storage Conditions: Last but not least, be sure to only store your Maneki Neko in conditions that are optimal for preserving their appearance and charm value over time; this includes away from direct sunlight (which can cause fading on certain colors) and in an environment free of heavy moisture levels or moisture buildup due to humid weather conditions (which can create further damage).

Final Thoughts

The Maneki Neko, often referred to as the “lucky cat” in English-speaking countries, is an iconic cultural symbol found in Japan and much of Asia. It’s believed that having a Maneki Neko in your home can bring luck and fortune. The porcelain cat figure, which is most often portrayed with both paws raised, represents the duality of good luck and wealth. The white color of this 10 Feng Shui Ceramic Maneki Neko White Both Paws Raised figurine adds to its special appeal. It’s a perfect piece for those who are looking to bring luck into their life and home. Whether placed near cash boxes or entrances, this ceramic statue will become an important part of any household. Not only is it visually pleasing but it carries with it many positive vibes that come from its rich roots, making this item just as valuable as the luck it promises to bring in return. By imbuing your home with its assurance of fortune, you will find yourself surrounded by lasting good energy for years to come.

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