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Chinese Feng Shui is an ancient belief system that emphasizes the flow of positive energy in the environment. It helps to create harmony and balance in a person’s life and relationship. According to Chinese astrology, 2018 is the year of the Tiger, which is represented by elements wood, wind and fire.

The energy associated with 2018’s Tiger year can be used to boost luck and make positive changes in individual lives. If a person desires success or prosperity, they may engage practices such as placing symbols relating to these goals throughout various locations in their home according to Feng Shui principles. Symbols involving tigers or images representing luck or wealth are commonly used to bring good fortune into one’s environment. Additionally, avoiding clutter and using calming colors are ways for individuals to encourage positivity as well as increase overall feelings of safety inside the home.

As Feng Shui dictates, every year has certain color schemes believed to enhance positive energy within a given space. For 2018, yellow and brown are expected to be auspicious colors for mental clarity, protection from evil influences and strengthening relationships. Further improving interior design during the Year of the Tiger may include plants such as bamboo for health and vitality or banana trees for greater wealth opportunities. Wealth coins placed beneath mattresses or on night stands can bring about luck.

In conclusion, Feng Shui principles help individuals maximize potential luck in their lives during the 2018 Year of The Tiger by making subtle adjustments at home or work spaces in order to obtain balance between five fundamental elements: earth, wood, fire, metal and water; while also utilizing specific colors associated with this zodiac animal. With an application of simple decorating techniques alongside knowledge on topics such as how plants interact with certain energies within a space , one can increase their chances for success when faced with obstacles each new year brings .

Overview of Chinese Feng Shui

Chinese Feng Shui is an ancient art and science that dates back over four thousand years. It is an holistic approach to understanding how energy moves in a particular space, time and direction of a living or built environment. Feng Shui seeks to create harmony between the individual and the environment, by coordinating internal and external spaces as well as specific objects within those spaces.

Feng Shui is based on the principles of Yin–Yang, Wu Xing (the Five Phases), the Ba Gua Map and Bagua Trigrams. By understanding the interplay between nature’s cycles of change and how they relate to man-made structures, one can learn how to organize physical elements such as furniture, lighting, color and sound in order to achieve desired results. This can help promote prosperity in business endeavors, enhance relationships with co-workers and family members, improve learning outcomes or simply bring peace and balance into one’s home or working environment.

The Chinese believed that we all have our own personal energy field, known as chi (or qi). This energy can become blocked or out of balance due to negative influences from external sources such as our location or from making incorrect selections on fixtures for a building when balancing Feng Shui elements. In order to restore balance to your life or business situation, it is necessary for us to be mindful about our selection of architectural features, furniture placement and symbols used in interior decorating.

2018 Tiger Overview: During 2018 the lucky element for anyone born in this year is known as the Tiger. Individuals born under this sign are thought to have strong leadership qualities as raw energy accumulated from natural elements such as wood amd fire fuel determination within their actions – which when harnessed correctly will enable them not only greater successes but also nourishment ranging far beyond what their everyday foundations could provide them with originally. The key thing here with utilizing these strengths is therefore having sufficient knowledge regarding how each Feng Shui or Chinese animal sign interacts energetically – everyone else around you will be able to observe you grow exponentially faster than before…!

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Examining the Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac is a twelve-year cycle system, catalyzed by the 12 animals that include the Tiger. According to this system, each year has an animal and elemental representation associated with it. The year 2018 is represented by the Tiger. As part of this breakdown of the animals, element and inner significance, the Tiger is associated with Fire as its element in Feng Shui 2018. Additionally, it is said to represent a leader figure – one who combines strong courage and determination with warmth and compassion; something that reflects also in Chinese culture today. The color associated with this element is white, signifying powerful Yin energies like protection and inclusiveness. Both wisdom and authority come together seamlessly when this sign appears – allowing the individual opening up to it to give free reign to their ambition and capacity for leadership. Although traditionally viewed as masculine energy, Tiger beings can also personify a balance of Yang energy mixed with femininity which comes from experience and inner knowledge acquired.

The Significance of the 2018 Tiger

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to bring balance into one’s home and environment. It incorporates the elements of the five directions – north, south, east, west, and center – as well as the Chinese astrological cycles to bring energy into harmony. The 2018 cycle ushers in the Year of the Tiger which has particular significance to those associated with this year.

The Tiger is a powerful force in Feng Shui, representing courage and strength. Its presence is said to bring courage and confidence that helps fight against fear and worry. People born in the Year of the Tiger are thought to have strong intuition and be protective of those they care about. They will likely value family ties heavily throughout their lives. This being so, this coming year may be a time for taking risks which involve making changes for improvement in people’s lives and for not allowing any resistance stand in your way. People should also use this energy to their advantage by tackling any difficult task or obstacle head on with no hesitation or doubt. Everybody should approach life confidently with optimism during this period to make it successful. In addition, Tigers represent abundance so don’t forget to indulge yourself from time-to-time!

Chinese Feng Shui Practices

Chinese Feng Shui is a spiritual practice rooted in Taoist and Buddhist beliefs that is designed to harmonize people with their surroundings. It is based on the principles of yin (negative forces) and yang (positive forces) which seek to balance these conflicting elements in an environment to promote health, wealth, luck, love and happiness. Feng shui practitioners believe that every location contains these balancing energies and it is up to them to configure them properly through intentional practices and rituals. Specifically, in 2018 they believe the energies of each direction are affected by the rooster and tiger zodiac signs – each sign bringing unique properties of prosperity and well-being. Therefore, specific yearly altar designs have been developed which incorporate objects associated with the current zodiac sign as well as imagery representing key elements such as wind and water known for its ability to bring good fortune into a home or business. Additionally, practitioners will recommend specific colors including green, red, yellow and black that should be used throughout a space based on predictions within their associated elements of wood, fire, earth and water respectively. Finally, beyond physical objects there exist multiple rituals such as various meditation techniques hand gestures on how to properly “energize” your space in order for it to be conducive for positive energy flow.

How the 2018 Tiger Impacts Your Life in the Year Ahead

The Chinese zodiac for 2018 is the Tiger year, which promises to bring with it tremendous luck in terms of improved prosperity and financial success. As the saying goes ‘fortune favors the brave’, those born under this sign should approach the new year boldly with a steady dose of optimism and determination – building on their already existing successes while empowering them to take risks. Business-minded individuals could experience great breakthroughs and surprise promotions, especially at the start of the summertime. With that confidence in hand, it’s important to still maintain modesty when taking advantage of certain opportunities. By being mindful and respectful of others, cultivating strong relationships is key to ensuring longevity and continual progress in any area of life whether professional or personal.

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The arrival of this new Tiger energy comes after a particularly weakened 2017 Yin Fire year where finances were less than ideal. Despite these setbacks coming into 2018, the bullish Tiger promises overall improvement when it comes to an individual’s finances. It will be more likely that unrequested funds might suddenly arise; however there are cautionary endeavors one should be mindful before making noticeable changes or investments as a result. The true definition of success comes from careful planning, spurring more thoughtfulness around every decision made thus far. For example, if one was severely affected by an economic downturn last year then preparing now by saving funds may lead to incredible prospects in both their personal and professional lives that leads to increased wealth later on down the road in comparison to those who recklessly spend any newfound money straight away – thereby limiting potential growth long-term without establishing feasible backup plans should luck decide otherwise.

Strategies for Making the Most of Your 2018 Tiger Energy

One of the most popular Chinese Feng Shui symbols for 2018 is the Tiger, a powerful force that can bring strength and revitalization when used effectively. This year in particular, tapping into this energy will be all the more important as it has potential to provide an energetic boost that could help you achieve your goals and gain some extra luck. Here are some practical tips on how to make use of the 2018 tiger Feng Shui energies:

1. Create a good-luck atmosphere in your home or workplace by placing items such as statues or pictures of tigers in prominent locations.

2. Burn incense, light candles or use essential oils with tiger scents like cedarwood and dragon’s blood to invoke its power and drive away negative energy.

3. Wear clothing with tiger designs or jewelry associated with tigers to perpetuate its energy into various aspects of your day-to-day life.

4. Hang calligraphy displays around your home showcasing Chinese characters for courage and strength for added protection from misfortune throughout the year.

5. Practice meditation techniques that focus on relaxation, mindfulness and accomplishment of goals to better utilize the positive effects of the tiger’s energies.


The year 2018 is off to a great start! With the arrival of the 8th Chinese Zodiac sign, the powerful Tiger, you can make some positive changes in your home and daily life. Here are some of our concluding tips for channeling the strong energy of the Tiger:

• Place beautiful artwork or sculptures of tigers in your home or office. This will bring its lucky riches and will enhance your personal power.
• Wear shades of red when possible; Red is a strong lucky color associated with luck, success, love and passion!
• Embrace change; The tiger is all about adapting to new experiences and jumping into opportunities that come your way.
• Welcome competition into your life; Tigers don’t let anyone push them around.
• Spend more time in Nature; The raw beauty of nature energizes tigers and helps them find balance.
• Take care of yourself physically; Exercise regularly, practice yoga and meditation, eat healthy food and make time for yourself – keep fit to stay strong like a tiger!
• Get ready to take risks; Step out of your comfort zone this year and trust your instinct on decisions you have previously been unsure about—the Tiger’s intuition should be well utilized!

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